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Nigerians Will Enjoy the Best of Dubai's Jumeirah Hotels and Emirates Holidays

Jumeirah Hotels, Emirates Holidays and Dubai Tourism Invite Nigerians To Experience Dubai's Most Luxurious Resorts. 

  Things you didn’t know about Jumeirah Zabeel Saray… 

• The main inspiration behind the façade and design of the hotel exterior is the city of Istanbul itself. The designs inspiration came from the Doma Baha palace (pronounced Dolma Bakhsha) in Istanbul

• It took a team of 45 Turkish interior designers to complete the interior of the resort within 6 months. The vision was to celebrate a return to the golden age of the Ottoman Empire.

• The TUGHRA, a symbol of Ottoman power used by the Sultan as an imperial signature for government documents, and can be found on the face of the building at its grand entrance.

• The world’s largest Bohemian crystal chandelier hangs in the central hall. A gift from Queen Victoria, it has 750 lamps and weighs 4.5 tonnes.

• The grand featured water fountain at the entrance to the lobby is designed in the shape of an Islamic star and is a popular photography point for tourists and visitors to the resort.

• The floor design within the lobby consists of white and black marble from Turkey with 13 turquoise Ottoman stars, a dominant feature in Ottoman art.
• The opulent ottoman surroundings of the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray include silk chandeliers, Swarovski Crystal chandeliers as well as Islamic stars and pointed arches in the design with with many features inspired by the Dolmabahce Saray and Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.
• The designs of the 405 rooms are a combination of European and Arabic style, with an Ottoman representation. The bed covers are made of a traditional Ottoman fabric called KEMHA and all resort rooms come with spectacular sea views or views of the iconic Palm Jumeirah.

• All guest bathrooms feature unique deep sunken marble bathtubs with hand-painted domes on the ceiling. The size of the bathtubs are 106 x 198 x 49.5 cm
• Within the resorts grand imperial suite lies the golden imperial bath tub which measures: 2.68m², can fit approximately 20 people inside and hold 2000 liters of water!

• The ultimate in luxury, extravagantly majestic, the Grand Imperial Suite is spread over an expansive 310 square metres of Ottoman-inspired opulence on the Imperial floor, the suite occupies a prime position on the highest level of the resort with spectacular views of Palm Jumeirah.
• The resort is home to 38 elite Royal Residences which capture the spirit of the Ottoman Empire, elegantly combining high levels of service, opulence and privacy, these are home to many VIP’s and favorite among celebrity guests.

• Talise Ottoman Spa is the largest SPA in Dubai and one of the largest in the world with over 8,000 square metres (80,000 foot), offering 44 treatment rooms, indoor thalassotherapy swimming pool, sauna’s, steam bath, adventure shower, Jacuzzi, snow room and relaxation area… including 3 huge traditional Turkish hammams.

• The spa door weighs 600 kilos and is hand-painted Turkish oak, delicately treated with turquoise paint to give it an aged look and feel. It took 10 people over the course of two days to paint the wood in order to accomplish an authentic style.

• Since opening in 2011, the Talise Ottoman Spa has won over 20 international awards

• Jumeirah Zabeel Saray played host to Nicole Scherzinger as she filmed judge’s houses for X Factor UK!

• Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol was filmed in the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray prior to its opening in 2011. Look out for the stunning Indian Palace scenes towards the end of the movie!

• MusicHall Dubai opened in January 2013 at the hotel’s Mehteran Theatre. The popular concept, which comes from Beirut offering nightlife entertainment from rock, reggae and jazz, to Arabic, gypsy and Latino, music from every corner of the globe is showcased with a distinctive blend of more than ten live acts per night.

• Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is home to a private cinema the seats up to 30 people. Throughout the day, movies are played for in-house guests and the venue can be hired for unique events.

• The newest edition to the resorts restaurant portfolio is The Rib Room, which exclusively features mouth-watering selection of finest steaks and different meat cuts in Dubai, including John Stone dry- aged grass fed Irish beef, Australian 1824 grain fed beef and Master Kobe Wagyu pure breed cuts. The menu represents the Best of British isles and sources a selection of their meat from the Lord New borough estate in Wales, UK, producing many organic and sustainable raised meats.

• The luxurious Jumeirah Zabeel Saray has 3-times more gold-leaf than the Burj Al Arab & 30,000sqft of natural marble!

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