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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tiger out of the Woods with Majority of Viewers Reporting Apology was Sincere

19 Feb 2010 21:45 Africa/Lagos

Tiger out of the Woods with Majority of Viewers Reporting Apology was Sincere

-- Viewers split as to whether apology changed their perception of Woods --

FLEMINGTON, N.J., Feb. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Results from a national media study among 1,090 Americans revealed that the majority of viewers (60%) indicated that Tiger Woods' apology was sincere after viewing a video clip from his press conference earlier today.

The study was conducted today by HCD Research using its® website, to obtain viewers' perceptions of statements by Tiger Woods during a press conference this morning in response to his extra-marital affairs. To view detailed results go to:

Viewers were split on whether Woods' statements changed their perception of him, with 52% reporting that their perception of him had not changed; 31% indicating that their perception had changed in a positive way; and 17% indicating that their perception of him had changed in a negative way. In addition, the majority of viewers (64%) reported that Tiger Woods' apology was sufficient.

"Our automated response curves revealed that male and female viewers' sincerity levels were fairly consistent," commented Glenn Kessler, president and CEO, HCD Research. "The one exception occurred when Mr. Woods made comments denying the presence of any domestic violence, during which men perceived him to be less sincere than women in regard to those statements."

Among the findings:

Do you think that Tiger Woods' apology was sincere?

Yes 60%
No 40%

Has this press conference changed your perception of Tiger Woods?

Yes, I have a more negative
perception of Tiger Woods 17%

Yes, I have a more positive
perception of Tiger Woods 31%

No, my perception of Tiger
Woods has not changed 52%

Do you think the apology that Tiger Woods gave was sufficient?

Yes 64%
No 36%

While viewing the video, participants indicated their perceived levels of sincerity by moving their mouse from left to right on a continuum. The responses were recorded in quarter-second intervals and reported in the form of curves. The participants were also asked to respond to post-viewing questions.

HCD Research is a marketing and communications research company headquartered in Flemington, NJ. The company's services include traditional and web-based research. For additional information on HCD Research, access the company's web site at or call HCD Research at 908-788-9393.® ( is a media measurement website that provides the media and general public with a venue to view Americans' perceptions of popular and controversial media events and advertisements.

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Source: HCD Research

CONTACT: Vince McGourty, HCD Research, +1-908-483-9121,

Web Site:

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