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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nigerians in UK inspire British Author’s new book for Children

Nigerians in UK inspire British Author’s new book for Children

A new book Tópé Arrives is about a Nigerian orphan who was forced against his will to continue his life in England. It is a Nigerian story written by a new British author Wendy Hue who told me why she wrote this emotionally compelling children’s book that has been endorsed by Richard Damilola, the father of Damilola Taylor, the 10-year-old Nigerian child murdered on his way from Peckham Library on November 27, 2000, in south London in 2000. The book was on the long list of the The Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition.

Tópé is suddenly orphaned and against his will he has to leave Nigeria. Worried about starting a new life in England, he feels he is an outsider in his new school. It is a time of tears and tussles. Will his nimble football skills and precious wooden boat somehow help him to carve out a new beginning? Will he ever again be able to believe in himself and drum in with the dundun drums his renewed sense of fun and pride.

The book is specially for 7 - 9 year olds and already selected for Centre for Literacy and Primary Education book fair in London on the 24th June 2011.

Wendy Hue has a lot to say on her book, how Nigerians she has known for years in the UK inspired her literary genius in the writing and her unique multiethnic family among other important facts of her colourful life.

'Tópé Arrives' is just one of many, many stories that I have written.
The reason I decided to move with 'Tópé first was because he kept getting a lot of interest from mainstream publishers and also a literary agent I had about 5 years ago, however he never quite got published by them. Then the manuscript was long listed in The Times/Chicken House 2011 competition and I thought 'you know what - let me take this project in to my own hands' as from what I can see there is a real close net of who decides what books get published and end up on our shelves for all of our children. Children of different ethnicities are dispersed around the globe now and I believe we can no longer think insular, but must think wider because of this. We also have 4th, 5th etc generations of children now who are born and reared in different countries to that of their mother, father, grandparents, great grandparents and so on.

I also believe there is still a real under-representation of books for 'all of our children', where they can all be the main protagonist, the hero, or the fairy queen etc. I do not think we are quite there as yet in terms of having books that represent the complement of ethnicities in many countries, due party I suppose to the migration of peoples from one part of the earth to another today.

In terms of writing 'Tópé Arrives' about another culture, I felt confident enough because I have many, many amazing and wonderful Nigerian friends and worked in Peckham, South London for over 20 years (where there is an enormous and wonderful Nigerian community) so became very familiar with Nigerian culture. As the book, which was originally written, but not edited at that stage, is for young readers I did not want to force too much information about Nigeria in the book. I just wanted that information to trickle through with a light stroke of a paint brush. I hope I have done justice to this.

I can also let you know that I worked with two (not even one) excellent editors, one in particular who is an expert on diversity in children's publishing - Laura Atkins and she worked tirelessly with me to polish up the manuscript. I also commissioned a fabulous illustrator who has one some really wonderful line drawings inside and a beautiful front cover. Zara Slattery is the illustrator. All of this has and getting the book published has been at a total cost to me, but I am passionate about my writing and have persevered. I cannot wait for book number two to come out now, which is 'Ria - Sisterly Plaits' about a young black British Caribbean girl. I am of Caribbean ethnicity, but this story will not be autobiographical.

I have just left working in local government in London after almost 22 years and had been there for so long. I am a part-time university student in my final year, but finish next year as I have been also working fulltime. This year I have studied 'Global Politics and Postcolonial Worlds' and 'Cultures of Consumption'. As a family we also regularly have young children from all parts of the globe come and stay in our home on short stays when they are visiting England. I am a married mother of three children, my son Marlon is 23 and daughters, Hannah 19 and Emily 13. My father (who is part Chinese) came to this country (UK) when he was enlisted to fight in World War II for the British Royal Air Force when the Caribbean as were many other countries, part of the Commonwealth. He and my mother who came here in the 1950s remained thereafter. With my father's work we always moved around and lived for 3 years in Cyprus in the Mediterranean when I was growing up and also I was born in Germany because of this, amongst many, many places in the UK. As a family (I have 6 wonderful brothers and two lovely sisters) we have a multiplicity of ethnicities as we have African heritage in us as well as Scottish, Irish, Chinese and so on... - very global - one world!

On my literary ambitions, I have already paid with a publishing company for book number 2, but am now wondering if I should just try and set up my own publishing company to move with books thereafter. I am keen for far more representation and transparency in our world of children's books globally, and all of my books embrace inclusion and diversity...

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

Click here to order "Tópé Arrives" from Amazon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trailer of the Week: Unlawful Killing of Princess Diana

The Unlawful Killing was finished on 9 March 2011, after three years of research and production, culminating (after a decade of delay) in an Inquest held at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Keith Allen (father of Lily Allen) was at the centre of the inquest, covertly observing proceedings in the courtroom and amongst the press. His groundbreaking documentary recreates key moments from the inquest, and demonstrates how the cover-up was perpetrated. It shows how vital evidence of foul play was hidden from public scrutiny, how the royal family was exempted from giving evidence, and how journalists, particularly those working for the British media, systematically misreported what was happening.

This is not about a conspiracy before the crash, but about a provable cover-up after the crash.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Squatters seize Gaddafi London mansion

Squatters vow to occupy the multi million dollar home of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's son until the property's assets are returned to the Libyan people.

© 2011 Reuters

Thursday, February 10, 2011

3rd African Gas Forum coming up in London

Must read Platts Survey: OPEC Pumps 29.57 Million Barrels of Oil Per Day in January..

10 Feb 2011 04:47 Africa/Lagos

Africangas forum

THE HAGUE, February 9, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- Organised & Hosted By: or

Date & Venue: 31st March-1 April 2011, Radisson Mayfair Hotel, London

Register now

Sponsor Contact:

Separately Bookable Events: Fees Exclude 20% Vat as per UK Law

3rd African Gas: 1 April 2011: GBP 750 per person

3rd Africa Gas Business: Strategy Briefing: 31st March 2011, GBP 995 per person

Combined Fee: Briefing & Conference: GBP 1,450 per person

37th PetroAfricanus Dinner: Thursday 31st March 2011: GBP 250 per person (Members: GBP 150) - Guest Speaker: Dr Alan Stein, Managing Director, Ophir Energy: “Exploring Africa: Reflections From Downunder” – insights from a player with gas discoveries offshore in West and Eastern Africa.

Our 3rd African Gas 2011 builds on our unrivalled track record in and on Africa, deep industry knowledge-base, extensive executive networks across the African Continent and worldwide on Six Continents, direct business and advisory experience in over 45 countries north and south of the Sahara, and over three decades of Advisory Practice and research in the global oil and gas business.

Africa's gas-LNG game has come of age, with over 30 African countries holding gas resources, and 20 now with proven reserves, with more entering into production, and gas discoveries both proliferating and often large, some of world-class dimension. Companies have upgraded their gas portfolio, redesigned strategies and enhanced investments in domestic and pipeline export gas, targeting Atlantic LNG markets and Europe-destined gas consumers, as well as GTL in selected locales, in some instances synfuels for local offtake, and engaged in a widening list of gas-power projects with independent private power, across a range of related cross-border markets. Meanwhile, corporates, investors and financiers now target the gas-rich Maghreb and the Gulf of Guinea (with many gas monetisation projects in the pipeline, along with LNG ventures), Southern Africa's offshore and onshore in shale gas and CBM, as well as the highly-promising East African frontier margins offshore and for onshore gas-power, soon probably to be a focus for potential LNG ventures for Asian markets.

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Tim Okon, Group General Manager, Corporate Planning & Strategy & Chairman, Gas Master Plan, NNPC, Nigeria

Malcolm Brown, Senior Vice President, Exploration, BG plc

Carol Law, Exploration Manager, East Africa & Caribbean, Anadarko Petroleum Corp

Dr Duncan Clarke, Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners, South Africa

Bolaji Osunsanya, Chief Executive Officer, Oando Gas & Power, Nigeria

Peter Clutterbuck, Deputy Chairman, Orca Exploration, Tanzania

Yasser Tousson, General Manager Finance, Apache Corporation, Egypt

Dr Alan Stein, Managing Director, Ophir Energy, Perth

Steve Mills, Commercial Manager, Petroleum Agency SA, South Africa

Gabriel Bujulu, Petroleum Engineer, Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation

Senior Executive, Ghana National Petroleum Corporation**

Kevin Hart, Chief Executive, Bowleven plc

Scott Aitken, Chief Executive, Seven Energy, Nigeria

Radwan Hadi, Chief Executive Officer, Victoria Oil & Gas

Jeff Greenblum, Chairman of The Board, EnerGulf

Rogers Beall, President, Fortesa International Senegal, Senegaz-Africa Fortesa Corp.

Edwin Bowles, President & CEO, RJ Energy

Semyon Astakhov, Head Africa, TMK Africa

Prior to the Forum is our 3rd Africa Gas Business: Strategy Briefing (Thursday 31st March), reviewing gas assets and portfolio potential in over 100 companies, from Africa and around the world, companies looking for farm-in/outs, new ventures, investors and wider deal-flow. With Presentations by Dr Duncan Clarke, Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners, Africa's leading strategist, and author on the Continent's oil and gas industry, providing an in-depth & unique set of insights on the gas industry and corporate business strategies, as well as Government gas policies and investment strategies of the National Oil Companies and Licensing Agencies - in the Maghreb, Western, Eastern, and Southern Africa. Delegates receive access online to Presentations, with 750 Images, that reveal the changing shape of Africa's gas game in dynamic evolution, the players involved & their portfolio and how the competitive gas world is shifting, and likely to be the cutting edge of the hydrocarbons industry in Africa over the next decade and beyond.

Source: Global Pacific & Partners

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