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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London is burning, but children are still dying in Somalia

London riots. Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Is the Arab Spring of Blood spreading to the UK as London is engulfed in the inferno of arsonists and looters on rampage? But as London is burning hundreds of children are still dying in the famine ravaging Somalia.

Who was the 29 years old bloke that was killed in exchange of gunfire with police in Tottenham in the twilight of last Saturday?

Would the death of that man be enough to enrage the hundreds of lunatics burning and looting in Birmingham, Canning Town, Manchester, Salford and still spreading?

Well, the pangs of dying children are echoing from Somalia.

Releases displayed in Africa/Lagos time
8 Aug 2011
14:58 Dr. Jill Biden Arrives in Kenya to Visit Dadaab Refugee Camps, Highlight the Need for Aid in the Horn of Africa
05:41 Somalia / Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) welcomes news of Al Shabaab vacating Mogadishu
5 Aug 2011
13:38 Somalia / Radio Simba presenter gunned down in Mogadishu
13:08 Helping Somalia recover and develop: European Commission to invest extra €175 million in governance, education and food security
13:21 IOM Appeals for US$ 26 Million to Assist Victims of Famine and Drought in the Horn of Africa
12:35 One African voice call on the humanitarian situation in the Horn of Africa
4 Aug 2011
15:15 Famine in Somalia Ignites Parliamentary Action
13:06 Sweden / An additional SEK 50 million in humanitarian aid to Somalia
11:48 Somalia: emergency relief for over a million people
08:41 Pledging conference for the Horn of Africa / African Union stands in support for the victims of drought and famine in the Horn of Africa
3 Aug 2011
06:14 Background Briefing on Somalia and Delivery of Humanitarian Assistance
11:00 Humanitarian Emergency, Horn of Africa - Italian Cooperation aid
2 Aug 2011
20:53 AmeriCares Emergency Aid Shipment Headed for Somalia
12:23 Horn of Africa - Italy to step up aid to Somali refugees
12:08 Drought in Horn of Africa / AUC Deputy Chairperson calls for coordinated efforts in Mogadishu and conveys AU's commitment to support afflicted populations and states
07:01 Somalia / Website reporter pardoned and freed in Puntland