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Thursday, March 25, 2010

14 U.S. States Go To Court Over Health Care Reforms and Democrats Receive Death Threats

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

14 U.S. States Go To Court Over Health Care Reforms and Democrats Receive Death Threats

14 U.S. states Tuesday March 23, 2010, filed lawsuits against the reform of America's $2.5trillion health care system. 12 Republican attorneys general and a Democrat James "Buddy" Caldwell of Louisiana filed a joint lawsuit that the legislation was a violation of state-government rights in the U.S. Constitution and would stretch the lean budgets of many states. The plaintiffs are from Florida, South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Louisiana, Alabama, Michigan, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington State, Idaho, and South Dakota. A Virginia's attorney general filed a separate lawsuit.
“I am confident the court is going to declare the new health care law unconstitutional,” said Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum whose lawsuit is against the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Treasury, and the Department of Labor.

Vice President Joe Biden who whispered 'This is a big f****** deal' into President Barack Obama’s ear as he hugged him after the historic ceremony at the White House and the White House press secretary Robert Gibbs who tweeted: 'Yes, Mr Vice-President, you're right' will have more to deal with now that the majority of Republicans are fuming and threatening the life of many Democrats in Congress.

In fact 25 percent of Republicans think President Barack Obama is the Antichrist and a Muslim masquerading as a Christian.

A coffin was placed on the lawn of Rep. Russ Carnahan's home outside of St. Louis, Missouri. The Washington Post reported Wednesday the details of the Republicans backlash against the comprehensive health care reform law. The offices and homes of many Democrats have been attacked by vandals instigated by the Republicans since an Alabama blogger, Mike Vanderboegh prompted his readers to throw bricks at the windows of Democratic headquarters across the country.

The FBI and other security agencies are already investigating the threats against House Democrats. Blogs and online forums circulated invectives of protesters such as those of several GOP lawmakers who stood on the balcony of Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Capitol last weekend holding up signs of "Kill the Bill" and Tea Party protesters yelling "No! No! No!" and one screamed, "Nancy, you will burn in hell for this!"

More millions of Americans will benefit from the reforms? See A Final Weekend of Whoppers?

Republicans backlash against those who voted in favour of the Health Reform bill should not degenerate into violent attacks against lawmakers who agreed that the health insurance reform will provide more security and stability to those who have health insurance, coverage for those who don’t, and will lower the cost of health care for millions of families, businesses, and ends the worst practices of insurance companies in the United States of America.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima