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Friday, March 20, 2009

Alder Consulting is Responsible for the Failure of the Nigeria: Heart of Africa Project

“We intend to source money from the public sector, which is government, private sector and the people of Nigeria. Re-Branding Nigeria is not a jamboree for spending money. We intend to account for all funds.”
~ Prof. Dora Akunyili

It is shocking that over N1 billion was wasted on the ill-fated Nigeria: Heart of Africa project. The honourable Minister of Information and Communication said, N750 million was appropriated for the “Heart of Africa” project in 2007, N308 million was allocated to the project in 2008 and N299 million has already been spent out of the N308 million. And N150 million has been appropriated for the Nigeria: Heart of Africa project in 2009. But believe it or not, the National Assembly is ignorant of any budget for the Nigeria: Heart of Africa project!

How can the elected lawmakers be ignorant of the budget of a national project that was conceptualized by Alder Consulting as a duly registered contractor of the Federal Government of Nigeria?

The Heart of Africa Project

In 2004, the Federal Ministry of Information & National Orientation was desirous of a cohesive image programme for Nigeria that would promote the country’s national brands while at the same time, address the negatives.

To accomplish this, Alder Consulting conceptualised what is known as the Heart of Africa Project (aka the Nigeria Image Project), a programme for Nigeria's image management and economic progression.

In developing the overall framework for the project, we conducted a Brand Asset Audit of Nigeria and evaluated the strengths & weaknesses of those assets. (This was done to identify strong and credible Nigerian brands to be marketed). We also executed extensive research to identify Nigeria's brand eroders and their effects.
Based on the results of the Audit and research, a detailed implementation plan was developed by Alder which was adopted by the Ministry. A logo (and other graphical elements) was designed for the Heart of Africa Project. The implementation plan was subsequently presented to various stakeholders using customised multimedia presentations and Cds.

Marketing materials were designed including internal/external marketing
communication materials (print adverts, billboards, marketing brochures and other publications) and a budget and comprehensive media plan were developed. During the course of the Project, we were called upon to script a series of CNN advertisements. An advance website for the Project was also developed by Alder.

The programme is currently being implemented under the auspices of The Federal Ministry of Information & National Orientation and Alder has been retained as consultants on the project. A Business Support Group has been constituted for the Project from the Private Sector.
~ Alder Consulting

The hundreds of millions of naira appropriated to the Nigeria: Heart of Africa project have been spent and Nigerians have the right to know how they were spent.

The millions of naira of public funds appropriated to the project must have been misappropriated?

Alder has questions to answer and the management of Alder and the previous ministers of the Ministry of Information and Communication must tell Nigerians how they spent over N1 billion on their White Elephant project.

Those who embezzled over N1 billion under the camouflage of the Nigeria: Heart of Africa Project are not invisible spirits and the new Minister of Information and Communication should probe the committee that was responsible for the failure of the last re-branding project and not sweeping it under the carpet. Nigerians should not be taking for a ride again.