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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nigerian Born American Artiste Outragiuz Storms Nigeria


19 Jan 2010 01:23 Africa/Lagos

Nigerian Born American Artiste Outragiuz Storms Nigeria

LAGOS, Jan. 19 /Nigerians Report - Nigerian born American crossover artiste Ouragiuz is in Lagos, Nigeria, to promote the latest singles from his first album. The title of the album will not be revealed until the official release.
“The title of my album is going to be a shocker and the design is really outrageous,” said Outragiuz, who was on the top ten chart of Channel O Countdown for seven weeks and received over two million text messages from fans.

Outragiuz has been performing for eight years and started from Denmark before relocating to America in 2003. He has also had gigs in Germany and Sweden. In US, he has been performing in Atlanta, South Carolina, Florida, and New York City.

The tall and macho fair complexioned Outragiuz has been interviewed on the popular Silverbird TV and Superscreen TV in Lagos with over ten million viewers.

The unique tattoos on his body have attracted so much attention and Outragiuz has explained the reasons for these tattoos. The most attractive is the tattoo of Jesus Christ crucified on his upper right hand which is a testimony of his Christian faith. The other tattoos represent different important things in his life.

DJ Humility of the popular Rhythm 93.7 and other DJs say his songs are passionate and captivating.
They have given thumbs up to Outragiuz for his outstanding talent, class and style.
"He is as good as Wale and other acclaimed Nigerian born music stars," said his publicist, Mr. Hope Obioma Opara, the CEO of Supple Communications Limited and Publisher of the popular Supple magazine in Lagos.
His love ballads and R & B songs will surely hook listeners, especially, Love Addiction, Lonely is the Night and Key to My Heart.

Outragiuz is looking forward to the release of his singles and live performances in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja before returning to the US.

Source: International Digital Post Network (IDPN)

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