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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Nomadic Fulani Woman in Nigeria

This is an itinerant nomadic Fulani woman who is a native herbalist hawking on the streets of Lagos in Nigeria. I met with her in front of my office on Thursday April 28, 2011. She allowed me to photograph her and she is just one of the numerous nomadic Hausa Fulani women who have been hawking medicinal herbs for decades.

About the Hausa Fulani people:

rimary language: Fulfulde (90% speakers)
Second language: Hausa
Third language: Tamajaq

People Name: Fulani
Primary Language: Fulfulde
Ethnologue Code: FUE
Dialects: Kano-Katsina-Bororro (Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria), Bagirmi, Sokoto The Fulani people of West Africa are the largest nomadic group in the world.

Total People: 15 million Fulani with 100,000 Wodaabe
Urban Percent: 10% Fulani
Countries: Niger 1 million; Mali 1 million; Cameroon 700,000; Burkina Faso 500,000; Benin 230,000; Sudan 100,000; Togo 50,000; Central African Republic 25,000; Ghana 5,000; Nigeria 11 million. (Wodaabe: more than 40,000 in Niger and about 25,000 in Chad).