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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Robbed, Threatened and Murdered : The Top 5 Most Dangerous Holiday Destinations

17 Sep 2009 08:45 Africa/Lagos

Robbed, Threatened and Murdered : The Top 5 Most Dangerous Holiday Destinations

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, September 17/PRNewswire/ -- All holiday goers want to enjoy a carefree time. Sadly, too often holiday goers get caught up in unsafe and unpleasant situations. The holiday review website Zoover has compiled a list of holiday destinations that are best avoided if you want to enjoy a carefree and much earned vacation.

1) Durban, South Africa

In South Africa some cities are unable to guarantee your safety. Especially the harbor city of Durban is notorious as far as personal safety goes. A. Dijkhzuizen has the following warning: 'Be careful, don't just get into a taxi. You could get ambushed, robbed etc. Taxi chauffeurs are regularly murdered, especially those driving busses or vans'.

2) Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

This South American metropolis is known for its criminal activity and corruption . The reason Jeroen van den Bos won't return to Rio de Janeiro, in his words, is: 'At first glance it appears to be a beautiful city but in reality it's polluted and we were robbed at gunpoint of our money, sunglasses and sports shoes in the Ipanema suburb. The police did not make us feel any better or safer'.

3) Nairobi, Kenya

The capital of Kenya displays a large discrepancy between the wealthy and poor. Bert has the following to say: 'Kenya and the capital Nairobi are beautiful but terribly criminal. Make sure that you take a taxi at night or are escorted at night because 'going out' without such safety precautions is foolish'.

4) Playa el Agua, Isla Margarita

This popular coastal destination is becoming increasingly unsafe. 'Very dangerous, we could not even leave our compound. Several people were robbed, and I mean with a gun to their head', according to Wendy who spent her holiday there.

5) Caracas, Venezuela

In the capital city of Venezuela, poverty is sadly the cause of much criminal activity. Tonny Oosterwaal experienced this first hand: 'I was robbed at gunpoint which caused my wife to faint', he told Zoover. is an independent and free holiday website where holiday destinations and accommodations are reviewed. Zoover is active in The UK as well as Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, The UK, The Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey.

Source: Zoover

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Ranet, truet og myrdet

Bestjålet, truet og myrdet

Rånade, hotade och mördade

Beroofd, bedreigd en vermoord

Beraubt, bedroht und ermordet!

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