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Thursday, December 9, 2010

WikiLeaks: Shell planted spies in Nigerian government offices

Photo Credit: Off Shore Energy Today

She said the GON [government of Nigeria] had forgotten that Shell had seconded people to all the relevant ministries and that Shell consequently had access to everything that was being done in those ministries,” said Robin Renee, the US ambassador, in October 2009 after meeting with Ann Pickard, then Shell’s vice-president for sub-Saharan Africa.

The WikiLeaks cables have revealed that multinational oil company Shellwas spying on the Nigerian government and in fact actually knows everything about our government that most of the citizens do not even know.
Shell planted a spy in every government office in Nigeria!

I have ignored the WikiLeaks scandal, because the revelations were not the most prevailing issues affecting Nigeria at the moment and the washing of the dirty linen of US government secrets in public is no longer news. But I have to report this shocking aspect of the cables that Shell was not only drilling and selling our crude oil, but was also spying on us.

The big question is:
Who are the spies working for Shell in government offices in Nigeria?

WikiLeaks: Shell ‘knows everything’ about the Nigerian government

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