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Thursday, July 2, 2009

LAWMA is Corrupt

LAWMA Workers

LAWMA is Corrupt

The Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has been accused of gross abuse of power and financial crimes by the majority of the resident of the most populous state in Nigeria.

The residents have frowned at the bills LAWMA demanded they must pay for services not rendered.
LAWMA employed the service of several contractors for the disposal of waste in the state, but the residents alleged that these contractors have already asked them to pay bills before the commencement of their operation.
“Imagine, LAWMA asking tenants to pay twelve thousand naira for waste disposal when no LAWMA waste disposal truck has come to carry the refuse in our estate. LAWMA is using these so called contractors to extort levies from residents,” complained one of the aggrieved residents.
“Is LAWMA asking us to pay before service? When many of the waste disposal trucks used by LAWMA break down daily on the street and have been causing obstruction to traffic,” said another resident.


Many waste disposal trucks used by LAWMA have been abandoned on the streets for days with the stench from the refuse causing pollution of the atmosphere and residents hissing in disgust and disapproval of the incompetent management of LAWMA in Lagos state. Many Lagosians are questioning the criteria used in the procurement of the services of these so called waste management contractors.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Inside Lagos

Last Wednesday June 17, 2009, at the head of the bridge at the canal before the rowdy Obalende Bus Stop, I saw the corpse of a stone-cold dead young woman fully dressed in blouse and skirt. But nobody seemed to notice or care about her. Traders and shoppers were too busy and most commuters did not want to gape or mope at the horrific sight. I was moved to report it to one of the workers of the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) nearby, but he was not even alarmed and continued with his normal work at the bus stop. Then the following day, at the Onikan end of the canal, I saw a homeless teenage boy sleeping peacefully like an angel in disguise in filthy rags. Passers-by were going to and fro and I was wondering if anyone of them could be bothered or concerned about him. People simply passed by and went on their way. This is Lagos, where most people live in self-denial of the horrific sights of human predicament and continue their merriment in romantic escapism. Most of them have very low appreciation of life with little or no respect for human dignity. They live in conceit and deceit.