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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nigerian Journalist Attacked during Political Clash

15 Apr 2010 12:43 Africa/Lagos

Nigerian Journalist Attacked during Political Clash / Channels TV Cameraman Felix Vincent taken to Hospital

ABUJA, April 15, 2010/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- A cameraman working for Nigerian broadcaster Channels Television was assaulted on Tuesday in a clash that erupted following an attack on the vehicle of the Action Congress (AC) governorship candidate in Ekiti State, according to local media reports, and Channels Television News Editor Ronke Raji.

Felix was attacked when he attempted to film the violence. He sustained a deep cut to the head and was taken to hospital.

In a telephone conversation with IPI, Raji said: “Some thugs were trying to attack the politicians. Felix was trying to film the attack.”

IPI Press Freedom Manager Anthony Mills said: “It is unacceptable that journalists be attacked simply because they are doing their job. We call on the authorities to launch an investigation into the attack and to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice.”

Asked about the current environment in Nigeria for journalists, Raji noted: “It is better than it was under military rule, although there have been a few cases here and there. But there are no more arbitrary arrests.”

In March, as reported by IPI, two sports journalists – a South African and a Nigerian - were abducted along with their cameraman while travelling to an airport in Owerri city near the Niger Delta region, an area notorious for kidnappings.

Gunmen stopped the bus carrying media professionals from the South African sports channel M-Net SuperSport as it travelled through Imo State. The cameraman managed to escape the following day. His two colleagues were released a few days later.

Source: International Press Institute (IPI)