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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Foreign Secretary Statement on the Conflict in Sri Lanka

David Miliband

31 Jan 2009 11:36 Africa/Lagos

Foreign Secretary Statement on the Conflict in Sri Lanka

London, 31/01//GNN/ --

FOREIGN AND COMMONWEALTH OFFICE News Release issued by COI News Distribution
Service. 31 January 2009

Commenting on the Sri Lankan government's recent announcement the Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, said:

"The announcement that the Sri Lankan government will allow safe passage
for civilians in northern Sri Lanka is very welcome. The LTTE now need to
ensure that civilians wishing to leave the conflict area are able to do so.

"I repeated my call for a humanitarian ceasefire when I spoke to President
yesterday. Our conversation covered the military situation,
humanitarian needs, the responsibilities of both government and LTTE, the
role of the international community, and the vital requirement of a serious
political process. I made clear the British Government's deep concern over
the humanitarian situation. Too many innocent lives have already been
lost. Many more are still at risk.

"Douglas Alexander has announced an additional £2.5m in UK emergency
humanitarian aid to civilians caught up in the conflict. But this aid must
reach those who need it most. It is essential that the UN, ICRC and other
agencies are able to carry out their crucial work without fear or threat
to their security. Both sides need to abide by their obligations under
international humanitarian law.

"The Government of Sri Lanka has a responsibility to ensure that the legitimate
concerns of all communities in Sri Lanka are addressed. There is a necessity
for a new drive for political engagement of all Sri Lanka's communities if
peace is to be established on a sustainable basis."

FCO Press Office: 020 7008 3100


Press Office, Downing Street (West), London SW1A 2AL
Telephone: 020 7008 3100
Fax: 020 7008 3734

Source: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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