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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Africans for Haiti

For Immediate Publication:

Africans For Haiti: Board Members and Patrons Needed For The "Microfinance For Haiti (MFH) "African Solidarity Project.

As you are rightly aware, once the TV cameras leave Haiti, most of those groups competing for headlines-grabbing photo opportunities with quake survivors will leave. This is not the first disaster for Haiti through promises where made and broken.

Respected Africans in persons of Madame Graca Mandela and Professor Chinua Achebe have called for an African Solidarity with our Haitian brothers and sisters.

To support the quake victims rebuild their lives bottom-up over the medium or long term (sustainability), I have initiated the Microfinance For Haiti (MFH) solidarity project of my NGO the African Council for Arts and Culture eV., Germany. It is part of my action for the Africans for Haiti call from the Diaspora point of view.

There are four (4) more seats available on the Board and you can occupy any of them as you dee fit.

The target beneficiaries of my Microfinance For Haiti (MFH) are primarily widows, petty traders,artisans and other enterprising survivors who need to rebuild their small businesses from scratch. You can sponsor a widow start a small business through MFH as an alternative to a seat on the Board.

I remain at your disposal for further details while looking forward to a lasting cooperation in other appropriate forms for Haiti.

Bubacarr Sankanu


Microfinance For Haiti (MFH)

Tel.: +49(0)177-484-2957