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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Behold the Nigerian Generation of Olodos!

Photo Credit: "Confusion Of The Nigerian Youth" from Information Nigeria.Org

Behold the Nigerian Generation of Olodos!

Shocking reports of mass failures in Nigerian school examinations have only confirmed the observations of many scholars and social watchdogs since the past and present incompetent administrations of the Nigerian government have failed to address the systemic failure of modern education in Africa’s most populous nation.

How can pupils and students pass examinations and excel in scholarship when they no longer read!

They prefer to waste their quality time chatting and pinging on smart phones, babbling and gossiping on Facebook filled with their trivia of junk, Twitter and other social network sites, hooked on European soccer leagues and championships and messing around in wanton promiscuous sexual intercourse spun by psychedelic X-rated hip hop music videos and pornographic movies on the Internet and TV while their equally corrupt parents and guardians have failed to be good role models since they have been caught in extramarital affairs of adultery, rape, and other licentious acts of debauchery and other corrupt practices.

Many of the parents are actually intellectually retarded and the only thing they know best is having sex and breeding children they cannot care for. So, majority of the retarded parents breed retarded children and increasing the population of dummies and liabilities who are a regular supply of recruits for crime and prostitution in Nigeria.

What of the school teachers?

When the educational system has collapsed, what kind of teachers do you expect from the tertiary schools?

Over 80 percent of the teachers are not professionally qualified to teach, because they don’t have the compulsory certification to teach.
I bet you, that majority of them will fail the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations if they were in the US.

Majority of the Nigerian teachers in Nigerian schools are even as intellectually retarded as their pupils and students.

In 2008, 19,118 teachers in public schools in Kara State failed the aptitude and capacity tests in English and Mathematics designed from primary four pupils!

Then we have received the latest shocking report that 80 percent job seekers failed the 2011 Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) recruitment aptitude test. And the applicants are the so called best graduating students with first class and second class upper class degrees from Nigerian universities.

“The recent mass failure of candidates in WAEC and NECO exams nationwide makes the call for an urgent surgical review of our schools system more urgent than envisaged. Also our current experience in the ongoing recruitment exercise where candidates with the so-called 2:1 certificates post less than 20 percent score line in some cases has heightened our apprehension about the lack of functionality in our education format. Over dependent on certificates is not the best. Over 80% of the candidates that wrote the NNPC recruitment exams failed,” said Engr. Austen Oniwon, the Group Managing Director of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) on Monday August 22, 2011.

Majority of the graduates from the universities have been found wanting in intellectual skills, unemployable and unproductive.

They have been cheating to gain admission into tertiary institutions and cheating to pass examinations and cheating to graduate, cheating to get jobs and they continue cheating as a way of life until they pass away.

The Nigerian society is like a serio-comic tragedy of existential drama on earth.

The following observation is from a Nigerian blogger.

Distractions Unlimited!
While the Bermuda Triangle of social networks – Twitter, Facebook and Google – still reigns supreme; Blackberry (BB) has become a must for many. These students are no exception, they are constantly pinging. If only the propensity to face-book can be converted to facing their books, then these guys would pass. A post summarizes it thus:
SUN NEWSPAPER today confirmed that ONE million candidates failed SSCE… Y wont dey fail?
FB/ BB/ Lace wig/ …BBA/ Wizkid/ Oniru/ Galleria/ Elegushi/ Ozone/ Shawarma…/ Pizza/ ipod/ Brazilian Hair/ Twitter/ Sagging/ nimbuzz/ ipad… Mcheewwww!!!

~ By Nwachukwu Egbunike in Why won’t they fail? of The Feathers Project blog.

Mental retardation (MR) is a common malaise plaguing majority of the youths and just listening to the popular ditties of 99% of their most sensational hip hop singers is enough to rate their low Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Communicating with them is like having a nightmarish discussion with idiots online and offline.

These hordes of Nigerian youth I call NFAs (No Future Ambitions) are intellectually retarded with below-average intelligence quotient (BAIQ).

The majority of Nigerian youths we are seeing before our very eyes today are a generation of dullards or what we call “Olodos” in the popular Yorùbá language.

~ By Ekenyerenozi Michael Chima, Publisher/CEO of International Digital Post Network LLC is a prize winning Nigerian writer, author of four books and many blogs, Founder/Programmer of the annual Eko International Film Festival and Festival Director of Screen Afrika in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nigerian Dunces and Nuances on Facebook and Nairaland

Photo Credit: STUDENT MBJ

Most of the topics on the Romance Board of Nairaland revolve around SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS and the posters think SEXUAL INTERCOURSE is the beginning and the end of every relationship.

I have also noticed that the absence of psychotherapists in Nigeria is really not helping matters as many of our girls and boys who should have been seeing psychotherapists or go to a rehab come to the Romance Board to pour out their agonies and ironies of their relationships.

I can relate the mass failures in Nigerian secondary school exams to the characteristics of their personalities on the Romance Board. Because, they carry over these insecurities into the higher institutions and on the street.
They really need help.

I really feel sorry for our girls and boys who foolishly ape those in the US and Europe, but forget that those in the developed nations live in a different environment and they do not have mass failures or underdeveloped tertiary schools. The latest rankings of the 400 world's best universities is worth seeing to show you that we cannot ape the ways of life of those in the US and Europe in relationships. Most of these dummies paste useless photographs and trivia on Facebook and at the end of the day, they fail woefully in the classroom.

They can gyrate to the popular pornographic and psychedelic music videos and practice what they see on TV, but most of them cannot add much value to Nigeria, except increasing the cases of HIV/AIDS, like in River state where there are over 400, 000 cases of HIV/AIDS from the sexual activities of our promiscuous girls and boys who think with their loins and not with their brains. They forget that they are humans and not dogs.

Those in the US and Europe are well fed, well educated and their social structures work whereas our own have collapsed.

When a girl gets pregnant in Nigeria, she has no SAFETY NET for such an emergency.
When a girl is raped, she prefers to hide it than report it. No counselor and no therapist to address her predicament and she goes on like a wounded creature with unresolved issues in her heart and soul and if she is not healed she would degenerate to a worse state.
POSING AND POSTURING does not help them from the facts of life in a precarious state like Nigeria.

I have been using different literary devices to make them think and jolt them to face the stark realities of life in Nigeria, but many of them remain very ignorant, impetuous and vacuous.

The sooner our girls and boys start thinking with their brains and not with their loins, the better, healthier and safer they would be for our common good.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima