Saturday, September 28, 2013

Miss Philippines Wins 2013 Miss World Pageant in Indonesia

Miss Philippines Megan Young has been crowned Miss World 2013 on Saturday in Bali, Indonesia.

Megan Lynne Young

The event was held under tight security, because the global beauty pageant was threatened by fanatical Muslims who wanted to disrupt the event for violating the Islamic ethics of the world's most populous Muslim country. The radical Islam Defenders Front marched in public protests against holding the pageant in Indonesia and forced the organizers to move the event from a venue outside Jakarta to the predominantly Hindu Island of Nusa Dua in southern Bali.

The 23-year-old U.S.-born beauty queen studying digital film was overwhelmed with emotion as she accepted the crown from her predecessor, Wenxia Yu of China and promised to "be the best Miss World ever".

Marine Lorphelin, a 20-year-old medical student from France was the first runner-up and Miss Ghana Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter, 23, also a medical student was the second runner-up.


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Kunle Afolayan Lands in Hospital after the Wrap of October 1

Kunlle Afolayan lands in hospital after the wrap of October 1

Daring and accomplished young Nigerian filmmaker Kunle Afolayan was admitted for fatigue at a hospital in Lagos after he completed the shooting of his latest film "October 1st" last week. One of the members of his cast and crew said he is recovering fast and will soon release the official trailer of the historical film set in 1960, against the backdrop of Nigeria's independence on October 1st.

The screenplay was written by Tunde Babalola, one of Nigeria's most accomplished screenwriters and winner of several notable awards including; 2004 Screen Nation Awards, (Critical Assignment), 2004 Hollywood Film Festival (Critical Assignment), 2003 Screen Nation Film & Television Award For Scriptwriting (Degsy) and the 1996 Channel 4 Sit-Com Festival (In Exile).

October 1st is a psychological thriller detailing the activities of a northern police detective, Dan Waziri who was posted to the western region to unravel the mystery behind a series of female murders in the community. He soon discovers that the prime suspect is Aderopo, the prince of the community. Waziri, however does not have plenty of time as he is expected to bring the Prince to book before the Nigerian flag is raised on October 1. 

"October 1" has a star studded cast including Sadiq Daba, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Kehinde Bankole, David Bailie, Kayode Olaiya, Nick Rhys, Fabian Lojede, Demola Adedoyin and Kunle Afolayan with celebrated Nigerian fashion designer Deola Sagoe playing a unique role as Lady Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, the famous activist mother of the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, the legendary King of Afrobeat music.

  © Orikinla Osinachi. 2013. No reproduction of this content in any format of media without the authorization and permission of the copyright owner.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

At UN, Nigerian President Urges Continued International Support to Fight Terrorism

President of Nigeria Addresses General Assembly.
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, President of Nigeria, addresses the general debate of the sixty-eighth session of the General Assembly. 24 September 2013 United Nations, New York, USA.

25 September 2013 00:58 Africa/Lagos 


NEW YORK, 24 September 2013 / PRNewswire Africa / - Addressing today General Debate of the 68th United Nations General Assembly, "" Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan called for continued international efforts to overcome transborder crimes, such as terrorism and piracy, and promoted the fundamentals of democracy as requisite for sustainable development in Africa.

Noting the recent terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya, Mr. Jonathan said that the reign of terror anywhere in the world is an assault on our collective humanity and urged that “we must stand together to win this war together.”

Terrorism is a challenge to national stability in Nigeria, the President said, particularly in the north-eastern part of the country where the militant group known as Boko Haram is active.
“We will spare no effort in addressing this menace,” Mr. Jonathan said, adding that all action is carried out with regard for fundamental human rights and the rule of law.

Turning to piracy, also a form of terrorism, Mr. Jonathan said Nigeria has promoted cooperation to mitigate its impact and consequences. Most recently, alongside the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) , the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) and the Gulf of Guinea Commission to confront the menace of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.

Mr. Jonathan also noted that Nigeria adopted the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in April and called for Member States to follow suite.
On the use of chemical weapons, Mr. Jonathan said that Nigeria condemns “in the strongest possible terms” their use in Syria, and urged a political solution “including the instrumentality of the United Nations.”
He also highlighted the threat of nuclear weapons, which are as unsafe in the hands of small Powers as they are in the hands of the major countries. “It is our collective responsibility to urge the international community to respond to the clarion call for a peaceful universe in an age of uncertainty.”

In his statement, Mr. Jonathan, said Nigeria's desire and determination to actively cooperate for overall well-being make the theme of this year's General Debate on the eight anti-poverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the succeeding post-2015 sustainable development, all the more apt.

He noted that the UN conducted inclusive consultations and surveys with Nigerians as part of the post-2015 process which will be discussed by world leaders this week, including a Nigerian-led event on the MDGs tomorrow on the sidelines of the Assembly debate.

Mr. Jonathan, the first African leader to address the chamber this morning, noted that a post-2015 development agenda is particularly relevant “to us in Africa,” where the challenges of poverty, illiteracy, food insecurity, and climate change continue to engage the attention of the political leadership.
He said that a new Africa is emerging, a “renascent Africa that has moved away from the era of dictatorship to a new dawn where the ideals of good governance and an emphasis on human rights and justice are beginning to drive state-society relations.”

This emergent Africa will require “continued support and partnership of the international community,” said Mr. Jonathan, whose country serves as co-chair on the Expert Committee on Financing for Sustainable Development. He added, however, that Africa no longer a “destination for aid but one that is involved in constructive, multi-sectoral exchanges on the global stage.”

In his statement, Mr. Jonathan also highlighted the “apparent lack of progress” in United Nations reform, particularly on the issue of the Security Council.

The President of Nigeria, which is seeking election for one of the five non-permanent seats on the Council during 2014 and 2015, today issued a call for democratization of the body for the “enthronement of justice, equity and fairness” and the “promotion of a sense of inclusiveness and balance in our world.”

SOURCE UN News Centre

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Richbon Nigeria Lists Benefits of Sinotruk Trucks

Richbon Lists Benefits of Sinotruk Trucks  

~ By Ingram Osigwe

The Nigerian auto industry got a jolt when Richbon Nigeria Limited made a huge entry into it few years back. Today, Richbon, the official distributors of Sinotruk brand of trucks in Nigeria, is now on the verge of dominating the Nigerian truck market. In recognition of its positive impact in the truck market, the Sinotruk brand of trucks recently won the Nigerian Auto Awards as the fastest growing product in its category.

 Concrete truck.

 Refrigerator truck.

 Dump truck.
Just within few years of making its debut in the Nigerian auto market, over 10,000 units of Sinotruk vehicles are currently operating in Nigeria. Lagos State Government last year pledged to purchase 10,000 Sinotruk trucks from Richbon. The State’s Commissioner for Transport, Kayode Opeifa said in December last year when he opened Richbon’s new ultra-modern truck servicing and spare part centre in Lagos that it gladdened his heart that an indigenous company like Richbon was internationally recognized. The Commissioner then pledged the state government’s support for Richbon, saying “an achievement like this needs to be supported and that we would do; Lagos state would need 10,000 trucks … those trucks we would get from Richbon.

 Tractor truck's new mask.

 Fuel tank.

 Refrigerator truck's interior.
 Garbage truck.
Some of the Unique Selling Points (USP) of Sinotruk truck includes durability, fuel efficiency, ruggedness, comfort, price advantage among others. Edmund Okwu, the General Manager of Richbon says, the success of Sinotruk brand of trucks in Nigeria is anchored on the product’s high quality, in addition to affordability. According to him Sinotruck vehicles are currently operating in Nigeria without complaints. “All the Sinotruck trucks we sold four years ago when we ventured into the franchise are still running without complaints,” Okwu said.
Sinotruk is produced by Chinese National Heavy Duty Truck Company, CNHTC. Chairman of CNHTC, Ma Chunjis, said the company would provide Richbon all the support it needs to further drive its operations within and outside the country.
Richbon is primed at discouraging Nigerians from buying old and used trucks, popular in the Nigerian parlance as Tokunbo . To this end, the company has put in place several incentives targeted at encouraging its customers to acquire Sinotruk trucks. One of such incentives include flexible payment plan.
Okwu said Richbon is at the fore-front of the crusade for the reduction of road accidents in the country hence the company encourage Nigerians to buy Sinotruk trucks. Okwu: “people who buy old trucks can add little amount and acquire brand new Sinotruk trucks that can last a very long time. This would not only reduce accidents but also keep the environment free of pollution”.
Essentially, before winning the franchise to distributes Sinotruk Trucks in Nigeria, Richbon was engaged in selling used trucks. The company stopped the sale of old trucks, according to the Richbon’s CEO, Mr. Christopher Munagolu, “having realized the advantages of new trucks, especially Sinotruk which is not only easy to run but very fuel efficient and environmentally friendly”.
Distinct features of Sinotruk trucks establish the product as having been built for Nigerian roads and peculiar environment. For example, the truck can be maintained by any auto mechanic. This is because the technology is simple and 100 percent manual. Besides, Sinotruk trucks are powered by Steyr’s six cylinder straight engine with rugged suspension to withstand toughest terrain.
Apart from patronizing other mechanic workshop, users of Sinotruk brand of products can also call at Richbon’s two ultra-modern workshops in Lagos. The Richbon workshops respond quickly to customers’ demands within 24 hours. The company is currently planning to build Sinotruk truck workshops across the six geo-political zones of the country to cater for Sinotruk truck users in other parts of the country.
Sinotruk trucks comes in 4 x 2 and 6 x 4 single and double axles, dumps, trailers flatbed, low bed and other diverse applications. CNHTC, the manufacturers produces 150,000 trucks annually. According to Chunji, Nigeria is one of CNHTC’s vital markets and Richbon a valued partner.
Built to the highest industry standard, users of Sinotruk truck enjoy technical back up and warranty, making it easy for banks to easily make available loan facility to prospective buyers.

Media Contact:
Mr. Ingram Adichie Osigwe
MD/CEO, Fullpage International Communications Limited.

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Last Days To Request Press Passes for the African Film Festival of Cordoba-FCAT

Last days to request press passes for the African Film Festival of Cordoba-FCAT 

Journalists interested in attending the event must fill in the online application form before next Monday 1st of October

Cordoba, 27th October 2013. The African Film Festival of Cordoba-FCAT returns from the 11th to the 19th of October in order to celebrate its 10th anniversary striving for the contribution to a better understanding of the neighbouring continent through the projection of 66 films made in 31 different countries. At this special occasion, we are eager to invite journalists from all over the world to join us to share and celebrate our love for African cinemas under the shape of this unique film festival in Spain. 

The deadline for the press pass request finishes on the 1st October. The procedure is twofold. On the one hand, journalists will fill an online application form, available at our website ( until the 1st of October. After submitting the online form, journalists must send a digital copy of their passport or press ID. Once the deadline is over, the media office will send confirmations to the accredited journalists. 

The festival, which gathered together almost 13 thousand people at the last year edition, meets again this year across the city of Cordoba, with film projections at the majestic Teatro Góngora, the Casa Árabe, the Vimcorsa hall, the Cultural Centre Rey Heredia Veintidós and the Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud. Audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide selection of films to keep contributing to the comprehension of this continent through its vast and rich cinematographic culture. 

Press pass request                                                                                       Press dossier
Films catalogue                                                                                               Festival programme

International Media Officer:
Estrella Sendra
Tel.: +34 667 39 26 13

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Factors That Give Rise to Corruption in Higher Education in Nigeria and other Countries

25 September 2013 14:39 Africa/Lagos  


 BERLIN, 23 September 2013 / PRNewswire Africa / - Imagine these scenarios:

• A dormitory manager in Romania accepts money in return for providing campus accommodations to ineligible students.

• To improve his publication record in advance of a promotion review, a faculty member in Greece engages in plagiarism.

• In Nigeria, a faculty member pays a journal to publish her article without scientific review.

• In Ghana, several faculty members lose their jobs when they are discovered selling university admission to students who would not otherwise qualify.

• A professor in Bosnia and Herzegovina allows only those students who bought the book authored by the professor to take the examination.

• In the United States, the former president of a university was indicted for embezzlement after she submitted false bills for construction that had not occurred.

These are all real cases. They demonstrate that corruption in higher education does occur. Its nature and prevalence is the topic of Transparency International's Global Corruption Report: Education. This report offers a wide range of specific examples of the abuse of entrusted power for private gain, along with thoughtful analysis of the reasons why corruption persists, even in organisations devoted to discovering and transmitting knowledge.

As the report points out, four factors have converged to create conditions that can foster corrupt practices.
First, in some countries government support for higher education has lagged. Even in countries where government funding of higher education has increased, the rapid increase in the number of students has sometimes led to a lower per-student allocation. The response in some countries has been an erosion in salaries and conditions of service for instructional staff. To compensate, some instructional staff turn to inappropriate behaviour on campus such as selling grades; or seek supplemental employment opportunities off campus which draw them away from their university responsibilities.

Second, the decline in government support is often paired with an emphasis on universities finding more of their own funding. For example, one university in Thailand operates seven hospitals, including one veterinary hospital, and uses the profit to help finance operation of the wider university. Meanwhile, a university in Malaysia has established a consulting company through which it sells faculty expertise to business and industry. Faculty members are coming under intensified pressure to increase their teaching loads, teach in special weekend courses, secure funded research and commercialise the products of their research.
Third, as universities seek wider recognition through higher placement in international rankings, faculty members have come under intensified pressure to conduct research and publish in top-tier journals.
Fourth, as part of expecting universities to raise more of their own resources, these institutions are being granted greater administrative autonomy. Decisions that were once centralised in a state or provincial education ministry are now made by campus- and departmental-level administrators.

In short, faculty members are coming under greater job pressure, sometimes within contexts characterised by less oversight of their behaviour. Together, the impact of these factors creates the motive and the opportunity for corrupt practices to enter into the equation.

While the Global Corruption Report: Education documents cases of corruption in higher education, it also offers strategies for addressing such problems. Among other things, the report argues the importance of clear codes of conduct for students, faculty and administrators; transparency in administrative procedures and decision-making; and mechanisms for calling problems to the attention of appropriate personnel. However, these actions must begin with wider recognition of the threat posed by corruption in higher education. Only as those involved in the operation of higher education systems and of individual colleges and universities understand the threat, will they be able to launch effective responses.

SOURCE Transparency International

Releases displayed in Africa/Lagos time
26 Sep 2013
07:00 Shell Renews Support for Global Cookstove Alliance with $6 Million Donation
06:16 Sunpreme PV Modules Earns IEC Certification for Excellence on Coastal Environments, and Potential Induced Degradation Test.
00:00 Shell Renews Support for Global Cookstove Alliance with $6 Million Donation
00:00 Shell Renews Support for Global Cookstove Alliance with $6 Million Donation
25 Sep 2013
17:51 Talent Neuron Launches Strategic Workforce Planning Toolkit
12:30 Public Sector: Moving Towards a Globally Integrated and Productivity Driven Future
00:23 Readout of the Secretary-General's meeting with H.E. Mr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCON, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
00:09 Le Président nigérian appelle au soutien sans faille de la communauté internationale contre le terrorisme
24 Sep 2013
22:25 Noble Corporation Announces Plan to Create Independent Standard Specification Drilling Company
21:06 AllianceBernstein Global High Income Fund Releases Monthly Portfolio Update
21:06 AllianceBernstein Income Fund Releases Monthly Portfolio Update
13:00 Sir Elton John Will Receive Harvard School of Public Health AIDS Initiative Leadership Award
12:30 Power Infrastructure: Key to Unlocking Africa's Potential
23 Sep 2013
21:15 Bristow Group To Present At The Johnson Rice Energy Conference
13:00 Innovative Technology, Increased Production Capacity, New Product Lineups, Reduced Civil Fines and Establishment of New Subsidiary - Research Report on Tesla, Toyota, Harman, WABCO, and Honda
22 Sep 2013
22:54 PRESSE-HINWEIS: Die Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) und ihre Branchenpartner präsentieren auf Generalversammlung der Vereinten Nationen neue Business-Plattform für Ernährungsforschung
20 Sep 2013
20:27 AVIS AUX MÉDIAS : la Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) et des partenaires de l'industrie lancent une nouvelle plateforme commerciale pour la recherche nutritionnelle à l'Assemblée générale des Nations Unies
12:14 ALERTA PARA MEDIOS: Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) y socios industriales lanzan una nueva plataforma

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Rabies is Deadlier than HIV/AIDS

/ Download

One person dies from rabies every 10 minutes, on average, with the disease claiming 55,000 lives every year.
World Rabies Day, today, highlights the fact that rabies can be prevented.
However, experts say that the high cost of safe and effective vaccines – up to US$ 50 in Asia, where the average daily income is US$ 1-2 per person – and the fact that the disease is virtually invisible, mean those who should be able to prevent rabies often don't see its dangers.
Nicki Chadwick reports
Duration: 2’17″


The following is a news release from Dr. Olufemi Oboye (DVM, Ibadan), CEO, K-9ine World Ltd.

Saturday, September 28 is the United Nation’s world rabies day. This date has been set aside because it marks the anniversary of the death of Louis Pasteur, a scientist who with the collaboration of his colleagues developed the first efficacious rabies vaccine.

During the world rabies day, the United Nations and other international human and veterinary health organizations raise awareness on how to prevent and eliminate the main global sources of a disease that kills more than 55,000 people worldwide every year.  

Rabies is not a foreign challenge alone. In Nigeria, more than 10,000 people are still at risk of contracting this disease that is deadlier than HIV/AIDS. During the world rabies day, local human and veterinary organizations such as the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA), K-9ine World Limited, Lagos Dog breeders club, etc., come up with several awareness campaigns and free anti-rabies vaccination for pets. 

Rabies is a deadly zoonotic disease (a disease that can be transmitted from animals to man, and vice versa.) that is transmitted when the virus in the saliva or brain tissue of an infected animal or person, enters into the body through a bite, scratch or open wound. Signs of rabies in an infected animal include- change in normal tone of bark, difficulty in swallowing, excessive or frothy salivation, unusual aggression to people and stationary objects, and muscle in coordination.  

In an infected person, signs of rabies include- fever, cough, sore throat, restlessness, hallucinations and seizures. The final stage is coma and death. 

To prevent rabies, avoid contact with unfamiliar animals, have your pets vaccinated, keep your cats indoors, never handle the brain tissue of a dead animal, and veterinary doctors and animal health workers should collect a preventive rabies vaccination. 

If you have been bitten by or exposed to an animal without a history of vaccination, or with signs of rabies, immediately, wash the affected area with soap, rinse with plenty water, then seek immediate medical attention. The doctor will administer post exposure rabies vaccines that will help the body’s immune system to destroy the virus at the early stages.

Exposure to a rabid animal does not always result in death if treatment is obtained promptly following exposure. However is symptoms appear before treatment, the disease progresses rapidly and the infection will probably lead to death

Rabies kills! Please ensure that you vaccinate your pets today.

Have a blessed weekend.

Dr. Olufemi Oboye (DVM, Ibadan)
CEO, K-9ine World Ltd.,
And, Columnist in Friday Punch Newspapers (Health- wise page)

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Volunteers at FCAT Cordoba Against the Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Women and Children

  From left to right: Isabel Romero, Soledad Perez, Bashira Escudero and Ángel.

Volunteers at FCAT Cordoba against the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women and children 

The team of volunteers has organised a Cineforum under this topic in celebration of the International Day Against the Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Women and Children


Cordoba, 25th September 2013. The African Film Festival of Cordoba counts on an important body of volunteers who have been involved in a wide range of activities since early September. As part of them, there has been a cineforum at the Film Archive of Andalusia on trafficking of women and children, in celebration of the International Day Against the Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Women and Children. This initiative has been sponsored by the Women Andalusian Institute (Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer) and NGOD Women in Conflict Zones. 

The event, entitled “In Search of the End” [“En Busca del Fin”] has taken place from 17.30 to 20.00 on the 24th of September at the venue Josefina (Film Archive of Andalusia). The volunteers have vividly participated in a debate chaired by Soledad Pérez (MP of Junta de Andalusia) and Bashira Escudero (Women in Conflict Zones). “Very often women captured in these nets are not aware of their condition of victim”, Escudero stated, “thus we do not just identify these women, but we offer them a psychological support and juridical assistance”. However, the audience was shocked after Pérez read the report of 2012 of the actions to prevent the trafficking of women and children and sexual exploitation. “There is a very weak chain from the risk, to crime and conviction”, Pérez has claimed. “At the moment, there is no strategy to prevent and act for the eradication of this problem. This debate has disappeared from the political discourse”. Finally, she has enjoyed the occasion to denounce the fact that “in Spain, as a country, we have never fully rejected prostitution. And many youngsters even see it as something fun to do with their friends”.  The problem, as the debate has pointed out requires as well to rethink the notion of trafficking, very often mistaken with that of prostitution. This forum has concluded with the screening of the documentary film Les filières africaines de la prostitution, by Olivier Enogo, aimed precisely at raising awareness of this issue, which has given faces to the issues discussed during the debate.  

With this activity, the team of volunteers at FACT Cordoba wants to claim the need for implementing a comprehensive law on trafficking of people for sexual exploitation. This law should focus on preventing this scourge, the development of actions to avoid inappropriate sexual content in publicity and to establish services for the protection of the victims.


International Media Office:
Estrella Sendra
Tel.: +34 667 39 26 13

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