Saturday, September 14, 2013

NOW ACCEPTING Applications for the African Women LEAD Program 2013


On behalf of our client, US- Africa Synergy, we invite you to become a part of the Fall 2013 African Women LEAD Program. We are currently accepting applications for the upcoming program and have attached documents to share with your network of young African women who may be interested in this great opportunity.

The African Women LEAD program is a one-year Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Advocacy and Development (LEAD) program, which begins with a twelve-week intensive and comprehensive training empowering young African women; aged 19-25. Through a thorough training that focuses on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Advocacy and Development, the African Women LEAD prepares young African women for career in public policy and affairs and upholds the inclusion of women in policy design and development process of Africa.

For more inquiry or to receive an application package kindly e-mail with the subject line "African Women LEAD Program Fall 2013."

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