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Richbon Nigeria Lists Benefits of Sinotruk Trucks

Richbon Lists Benefits of Sinotruk Trucks  

~ By Ingram Osigwe

The Nigerian auto industry got a jolt when Richbon Nigeria Limited made a huge entry into it few years back. Today, Richbon, the official distributors of Sinotruk brand of trucks in Nigeria, is now on the verge of dominating the Nigerian truck market. In recognition of its positive impact in the truck market, the Sinotruk brand of trucks recently won the Nigerian Auto Awards as the fastest growing product in its category.

 Concrete truck.

 Refrigerator truck.

 Dump truck.
Just within few years of making its debut in the Nigerian auto market, over 10,000 units of Sinotruk vehicles are currently operating in Nigeria. Lagos State Government last year pledged to purchase 10,000 Sinotruk trucks from Richbon. The State’s Commissioner for Transport, Kayode Opeifa said in December last year when he opened Richbon’s new ultra-modern truck servicing and spare part centre in Lagos that it gladdened his heart that an indigenous company like Richbon was internationally recognized. The Commissioner then pledged the state government’s support for Richbon, saying “an achievement like this needs to be supported and that we would do; Lagos state would need 10,000 trucks … those trucks we would get from Richbon.

 Tractor truck's new mask.

 Fuel tank.

 Refrigerator truck's interior.
 Garbage truck.
Some of the Unique Selling Points (USP) of Sinotruk truck includes durability, fuel efficiency, ruggedness, comfort, price advantage among others. Edmund Okwu, the General Manager of Richbon says, the success of Sinotruk brand of trucks in Nigeria is anchored on the product’s high quality, in addition to affordability. According to him Sinotruck vehicles are currently operating in Nigeria without complaints. “All the Sinotruck trucks we sold four years ago when we ventured into the franchise are still running without complaints,” Okwu said.
Sinotruk is produced by Chinese National Heavy Duty Truck Company, CNHTC. Chairman of CNHTC, Ma Chunjis, said the company would provide Richbon all the support it needs to further drive its operations within and outside the country.
Richbon is primed at discouraging Nigerians from buying old and used trucks, popular in the Nigerian parlance as Tokunbo . To this end, the company has put in place several incentives targeted at encouraging its customers to acquire Sinotruk trucks. One of such incentives include flexible payment plan.
Okwu said Richbon is at the fore-front of the crusade for the reduction of road accidents in the country hence the company encourage Nigerians to buy Sinotruk trucks. Okwu: “people who buy old trucks can add little amount and acquire brand new Sinotruk trucks that can last a very long time. This would not only reduce accidents but also keep the environment free of pollution”.
Essentially, before winning the franchise to distributes Sinotruk Trucks in Nigeria, Richbon was engaged in selling used trucks. The company stopped the sale of old trucks, according to the Richbon’s CEO, Mr. Christopher Munagolu, “having realized the advantages of new trucks, especially Sinotruk which is not only easy to run but very fuel efficient and environmentally friendly”.
Distinct features of Sinotruk trucks establish the product as having been built for Nigerian roads and peculiar environment. For example, the truck can be maintained by any auto mechanic. This is because the technology is simple and 100 percent manual. Besides, Sinotruk trucks are powered by Steyr’s six cylinder straight engine with rugged suspension to withstand toughest terrain.
Apart from patronizing other mechanic workshop, users of Sinotruk brand of products can also call at Richbon’s two ultra-modern workshops in Lagos. The Richbon workshops respond quickly to customers’ demands within 24 hours. The company is currently planning to build Sinotruk truck workshops across the six geo-political zones of the country to cater for Sinotruk truck users in other parts of the country.
Sinotruk trucks comes in 4 x 2 and 6 x 4 single and double axles, dumps, trailers flatbed, low bed and other diverse applications. CNHTC, the manufacturers produces 150,000 trucks annually. According to Chunji, Nigeria is one of CNHTC’s vital markets and Richbon a valued partner.
Built to the highest industry standard, users of Sinotruk truck enjoy technical back up and warranty, making it easy for banks to easily make available loan facility to prospective buyers.

Media Contact:
Mr. Ingram Adichie Osigwe
MD/CEO, Fullpage International Communications Limited.

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