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Thursday, March 31, 2011

24/7 Wall St./Harris Poll on Social Media for Marketing

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30 Mar 2011 20:00 Africa/Lagos

Are The Online Marketing Efforts of TV Shows and Programs Worthwhile?

Many go online to further engage with content seen on TV; men and women and adults of different ages do so in different ways

PR Newswire

NEW YORK, March 30, 2011

NEW YORK, March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Marketers are increasingly spending time, money and creativity to reach their audiences in non-traditional ways. A recent 24/7 Wall St./Harris Poll on Social Media and Television set out to see if these efforts are paying off. It found that many Americans are participating in this type of interactions. Among online U.S. adults, two in five say they have gone online or utilized social media to comment, post, watch or read

something about a television show or program (43%). Among these 80-some million people, a third say they have done so after watching a TV show or program (33%) and fewer say they have done so either before watching (18%) or while watching (17%) a TV show or program.

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These are some of the findings of a new 24/7 Wall St./ Harris Poll survey of 2,526 U.S. adults surveyed online between March 11 and 15, 2011 by Harris Interactive.

Younger online adults are much more likely to take part in these activities than are older people -- six in ten of those 18-34 say they have engaged with TV programs in this way (59%), compared to fewer adults aged 35-44 (40%), 45-54 (36%) and 55 and older (28%) who say the same. When adults are doing these things also varies by age. Three in ten of those 18-34 years (31%) say they have gone online to do these activities while watching a TV program, compared to very few adults 55 and older who have done the same (5%). Adults 55 and older, on the other hand, are most likely to go online after seeing a TV program (22%) if they are going to go online at all.

This poll also finds that:

* Half of adults who engage with TV shows or programs online (53%) do so in an individual forum such as by posting on their own or a friend's Facebook page, Twitter account or blog, 44% do so on a website or page created by the TV content provider such as a TV network's Facebook page or website, and a third (33%) do so on a separate media outlet's site, such as an entertainment or news site;
* Women are more likely than men to engage in an individual forum (57% vs. 50%), while men are more likely than women to do so on a separate media outlet's site (38% vs. 27%);
* Younger adults are more likely than those older to engage individually while older adults are somewhat more likely to do so on a site or page created by the content provider;
* Two in five online adults are a fan or a follower of a TV network, program or show on Facebook or Twitter (39%) while the same number are not (41%); one in five do not use Facebook or Twitter (20%);
* Three quarters of adults who engage with TV programs or shows online say that it provides more information, which is an important reason why they do it (76%), two thirds say the analysis or summary is important to them (68%) or it's a source of additional entertainment, which is important (67%); half say that it's important that they engage with other viewers (51%);
* All age groups are equally likely to place importance on finding additional information online (between 75% and 77%), but younger adults are more likely to place importance on engaging with other viewers (54% of those 18-34 and 56% of those 35-44 compared to 40% of those 55 and older); and,
* Among the online adults who do not comment, post, watch, view or read anything about TV programs or shows online, six in ten say it's because they don't want or need to (60%), a third say they don't think about it (34%), one in five say they don't have the time (20%) and fewer list privacy (12%) or other reasons (7%).

So What?

Many TV networks, programs and shows are investing in websites, online programming and social media outreach to further capture and engage their audiences, and, most online adults are aware of these efforts – almost six in ten say that when watching a program on television they are aware of additional material available online (57%). However, depending on who a marketer wants to target, they might be well advised to focus their efforts accordingly since this poll makes clear that different groups sign online in different ways, and at different times.

Click here for the complete results.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A mail from Daily Kos: Join the Fight to Protect Social Security

Orikinla Osinachi,

President Obama has appointed a bipartisan commission to develop recommendations to balance the budget. For whatever reason, the commission is loaded with Blue Dogs and Republican opponents of Social Security. For example, the Republican co-chair of the commission, Alan Simpson, recently insulted an advocate for women's rights by saying Social Security is like a welfare "milk cow with 310 million tits." Seriously.

And that's not all Simpson has said. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) has put together a website with Simpson's most offensive quotes. The website has a game where you try and tell Simpson's real quotes from fake ones. Play the game, and join the fight to protect Social Security, here:

Click here to see what Alan Simpson said about Americans who depend on Social Security.

Many members of the deficit commission are multi-millionaires and corporate CEOs who are out of touch with America. Some members of the commission have suggested cutting health care for veterans in order to preserve expensive weapons deals for defense contractors. A majority of the members of the commission favor gambling some, or all, Social Security funds on Wall Street.

In November, the commission will make its recommendations. In December, Congress is expected to vote on the recommendation without allowing any amendments. Before the commission releases its recommendations, we need to defend Social Security recipients from Wall Street, and veterans from defense contractors, by discrediting Alan Simpson's campaign to cut those vital programs.

To do this, click here to learn more about Alan Simpson, share his quotes with your friends, and join the fight to protect Social Security.

Thanks for all you do,

Markos Moulitsas

Founder, Daily Kos

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Letter from President Barack Obama

A Letter from President Barack Obama:

When you and I set out on this journey three years ago, we knew that ours would be a lengthy struggle to build a new foundation for this country -- one that would require squaring off against the special interests who had spent decades stacking the deck in their favor.

Today, it is clear that you have shifted the odds.

This morning, I signed into law a bill that represents the most sweeping reforms of Wall Street since the Great Depression, and the toughest consumer financial protections this nation has ever seen. I know that I am able to do so only because the tens of thousands of volunteers who make up the backbone of this movement overcame the most potent attack ads and the most powerful lobbying the special interests could put forward.

Our special-interest opponents and their Republican allies have now set their sights on the elections in November as their best chance to overturn the historic progress we've made together.

Organizing for America counts entirely on supporters like you to fight back -- no special interests, no corporate PACs. To keep making change and to defend the change we have already won, we need you -- and at least 8 other people in Keller -- to contribute so we have the resources necessary going into the election.

Please donate $5 today and help Organizing for America lay the groundwork for the fights ahead.

Because of Wall Street reform, we will ensure that Americans applying for a credit card, a mortgage, or a student loan will never again be asked to sign their name under pages of confusing fine print. We will crack down on abusive lending practices and make sure that lenders don't cheat the system -- and create a new watchdog to enforce these consumer protections.

And we will put an end to taxpayer-funded bailouts, giving us the ability to wind down any large financial institution if it should ever fail.

The passage of Wall Street reform is at the forefront of the change we seek, and it will provide a foundation for a stronger and safer economy.

It is a foundation built upon the progress of the Recovery Act, which has turned 22 months of job losses into six consecutive months of private-sector job growth. And it is a foundation reinforced by the historic health reform we passed this spring, which is already giving new benefits to more than 100 million Americans, ushering another 1 million Americans into coverage by next year.

But today's victory is not where our fight ends.

Organizing for America and I will move forward in the months ahead on the tough fights we have yet to finish -- even if cynics say we should wait until after the fall elections. This movement has never catered to the conventional wisdom of Washington. And we have fought to ensure that our progress is never held hostage by our politics.

You and I did not build this movement to win one election. We did not come together to pass one single piece of legislation. We are fighting for nothing less than a new foundation for our country -- and that work is not complete. As we face the challenges ahead, I am relying on you to stand with me.

Please donate $5 or more today:

Thank you for helping us get here,

President Barack Obama

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps at 63rd Cannes Film Festival

Michael Douglas is back in his Oscar®-winning role as one of the screen’s most notorious villains, Gordon Gekko. Emerging from a lengthy prison stint, Gekko finds himself on the outside of a world he once dominated. Looking to repair his damaged relationship with his daughter Winnie, Gekko forms an alliance with her fiancé Jacob (Shia LaBeouf). But can Jacob and Winnie really trust the ex-financial titan, whose relentless efforts to redefine himself in a different era have unexpected consequences.

One of the most anticipated Out of Competition films at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival is Oliver Stone’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, the sequel to his 1987 Academy Award-winning film Wall Street. Famous actor Michael Douglas returned to reprise his role as Gordon Gekko, but Shia LaBeouf is not actually another Charlie Sheen of the first Wall Street. The film is highly rated as one of the seven films to watch out for at the prestigious film fiesta. Supple magazine will join others at the Cannes on Friday where the Publisher Hope Obioma Opara is already expected to promote our inaugural Eko International Film Festival (EKOIFF) as we prepare to host the film world in the mega city of Lagos this summer.

Friday, April 16, 2010

President Barack Obama Needs Support for Wall Street Reform

President Barack Obama Needs Support for Wall Street Reform

President Barack Obama has called for support for his populist proposal for financial regulatory reform. The Wall Street Reform will end misappropriation of funds by reckless Wall Street speculators who are gambling with the savings of shareholders and manipulating the loopholes in the financial system to exploit and rip-off ignorant depositors and investors. The revolutionary reform is to save American taxpayers from being asked to bail out big banks again when the cookie crumbles, to save Main Street from the greedy king-pins and lobbyists of Wall Street; to protect consumers and American families and prevent future meltdown.
The following is the e-mail from President Obama on the importance, relevance and significance of the imperative Wall Street Reform.

It has now been well over a year since the near collapse of our entire financial system that cost the nation more than 8 million jobs. To this day, hard-working families struggle to make ends meet.

We've made strides -- businesses are starting to hire, Americans are finding jobs, and neighbors who had given up looking are returning to the job market with new hope. But the flaws in our financial system that led to this crisis remain unresolved.

Wall Street titans still recklessly speculate with borrowed money. Big banks and credit card companies stack the deck to earn millions while far too many middle-class families, who have done everything right, can barely pay their bills or save for a better future.

We cannot delay action any longer. It is time to hold the big banks accountable to the people they serve, establish the strongest consumer protections in our nation's history -- and ensure that taxpayers will never again be forced to bail out big banks because they are "too big to fail."

That is what Wall Street reform will achieve, why I am so committed to making it happen, and why I'm asking for your help today.

Please stand with me to show your support for Wall Street reform.

We know that without enforceable, commonsense rules to check abuse and protect families, markets are not truly free. Wall Street reform will foster a strong and vibrant financial sector so that businesses can get loans; families can afford mortgages; entrepreneurs can find the capital to start a new company, sell a new product, or offer a new service.

Consumer financial protections are currently spread across seven different government agencies. Wall Street reform will create one single Consumer Financial Protection Agency -- tasked with preventing predatory practices and making sure you get the clear information, not fine print, needed to avoid ballooning mortgage payments or credit card rate hikes.

Reform will provide crucial new oversight, give shareholders a say on salaries and bonuses, and create new tools to break up failing financial firms so that taxpayers aren't forced into another unfair bailout. And reform will keep our economy secure by ensuring that no single firm can bring down the whole financial system.

With so much at stake, it is not surprising that allies of the big banks and Wall Street lenders have already launched a multi-million-dollar ad campaign to fight these changes. Arm-twisting lobbyists are already storming Capitol Hill, seeking to undermine the strong bipartisan foundation of reform with loopholes and exemptions for the most egregious abusers of consumers.

I won't accept anything short of the full protection that our citizens deserve and our economy needs. It's a fight worth having, and it is a fight we can win -- if we stand up and speak out together.

So I'm asking you to join me, starting today, by adding your name as a strong supporter of Wall Street reform:

Thank you,

President Barack Obama

Highly Recommended: U.S. News & World Report: Obama's Financial Regulation Reform: 7 Things You Need to Know

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