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UN shelves Libya military observer plan

31, 2011 Btn-embed-sml

Libyans turn down military deployment by the UN or others but are interested in assistance with policing: UN envoy

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Africa Movie Academy Awards Call for Entries 2012

Africa Movie Academy Awards Call for Entries 2012

Since its inception in 2005, AMAA has remained a continent-wide platform to honour and celebrate the best in the art of film-making and the professionals who make the industry the pride of Africa.

The Africa Film Academy (AFA) invites filmmakers to submit their Feature, Short, and Documentary works for consideration by the 8th AMAA, the Premier Africa film Awards®.

Submit your Film here for consideration to the Africa Movie Academy Awards 2012

The African Movie Academy Awards founded in 2005 celebrated their 7th edition on March 27th10 2011. Held annually in Nigeria, the AMAAs is without doubt becoming the most prestigious and glamorous African entertainment industry event of its kind on the Continent.

Evolving from a one-day event, televised live, to a diarized annual African event it is now an established engagement platform for filmmakers, industry professionals and all creative industry stakeholders.

The primary aim of the African Movie Academy Awards (popularly known as the AMAA Awards) is to facilitate the development and showcase the social relevance of African Film and Cinema.

Presented to recognize excellence in professionals in the Africa film industry, including directors, Actors, & writers, the awards are aimed at honoring and promoting such excellence - in the African movie industry - as well as uniting the African continent through arts and culture.

Over the years numerous international media representatives, Hollywood celebrities, Nigerian politicians, other African politicians, journalists, film industry professionals, actresses & actors have attended the award presentation from all across Africa and beyond.

The 8th Edition of the AMAAs will be held in April 2012 and televised globally. The deadline for all submissions is 30th December 2011;

AMAA is calling for submissions from the public and stakeholders in the film industry. Nominations will be announced in February 2012. Submission forms can be downloaded from the AMA-Awards website.

The Process

Each completed entry form must be accompanied by all the supporting materials listed on the submission forms, including the synopsis of the film, the list of credits, marketing stills of the film, filmographies of the directors and producers, 5 DVD copies of the film and proof of the right to submit.

Only films produced and released between December 2010 and December 2011 would be entered for the 2012 celebration of African Cinema.

All films must indicate year of copyright. The Africa Film Academy will not accept any film that exceeds the 120 min run as a feature or a short film that is longer than 40 minutes.

Submit your Film here for consideration to the Africa Movie Academy Awards 2012



Lagos, Nigeria: 234(0) 8034075350, 234(0) 8037511146, 234(0) 8033049670,

Johannesburg, South Africa: +27 (0) 72 355 0486


UN Security Council Tackles Piracy and Maritime Robbery in Gulf of Guinea

30 Aug 2011 20:03 Africa/Lagos

Gulf of Guinea / Piracy / Statement read by the President of the UN Security Council on piracy and maritime armed robbery in Gulf of Guinea

NEW YORK, August 30, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- The members of the Security Council were briefed by Mr. B. Lynn Pascoe, Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, on the issue of piracy and maritime armed robbery in the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of West Africa on 23 August 2011.

The members of the Security Council expressed concern over the increase in piracy, maritime armed robbery and reports of hostage-taking in the Gulf of Guinea and its damaging impact on security, trade and economic activities in the sub-region.

The members of the Security Council noted the efforts being made by countries in the Gulf of Guinea to tackle the problem including the launching of joint efforts to patrol these waters including efforts by Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, off the coast of Benin as well as plans to convene a summit of Gulf of Guinea Heads of State to discuss a regional response. In this context, members of the Council underlined the need for regional coordination and leadership in developing a comprehensive strategy to address this threat.

Recognizing the leadership role of the regional bodies and states on this issue, the members of the Security Council called on the international community to support the concerned countries, ECOWAS, ECCAS and other relevant organizations, as appropriate, in securing international navigation along the Gulf of Guinea including through information exchange, improved coordination and capacity building.

The members of the Security Council noted the intention of the Secretary General to deploy a United Nations assessment mission to examine the situation and explore possible options for UN support. The members of the Security Council also stressed the need for UNOWA and UNOCA to work, within their current mandates, with UNODC and IMO, as well as with all concerned countries and regional organizations.

Source: Presidency of the UN Security Council

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Labor Day 2011 10th Anniversary of 9/11

Turmoil in Libya

Patriot Golf Day Encourages Golfers to Honor the Sacrifices of our Military Service Men and Women

Golf courses nationwide unite to raise funds

Executives Reveal Fourth-Quarter Hiring Plans for Professional-Level Roles

U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization Warns of 'Possible Major Resurgence' of Avian Flu (H5N1) in Asia and a New Vaccine-Evading Strain in Vietnam and China

Nearly Three in Four Adults Use Online Coupons, Finds's National Coupon Month Survey

The Who Announce Full Details and Track-Listing for the Release of 'Quadrophenia: The Director's Cut' Boxset and Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Form Alliance

DC Comics Launches Historic Era of Comic Books With 52 New #1 Issues

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31 Aug 2011
13:00 Millennials Pessimistic about Future of U.S. with Little Interest in Becoming Business Leaders -- But See Hope and Opportunity Online
30 Aug 2011
20:03 Gulf of Guinea / Piracy / Statement read by the President of the UN Security Council on piracy and maritime armed robbery in Gulf of Guinea
15:09 Nigeria / Austria / Spindelegger condemns bomb attack against UN office in Nigeria Assault on international community of states
12:00 Bristow Group to Present at the Barclays Capital 2011 CEO Energy-Power Conference

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Sunday Times Launches New Android Tablet App

30 Aug 2011 12:01 Africa/Lagos

The Sunday Times Launches New Android Tablet App

LONDON, August 30, 2011/PRNewswire/ --

This week The Sunday Times' award-winning app edition becomes available for the first time on Android tablet devices. The new Android tablet app is the latest addition to The Sunday Times' digital portfolio, following the hugely successful Sunday Times iPad app, which has been voted Newspaper App of the Year* and the World's No.1 Newspaper and Magazine app**.

The new Android tablet app includes all 12 sections of Britain's biggest and best-selling quality newspaper, with exclusive video and stunning photography, interactive graphics, high definition slideshows plus live and updated news and sport results.

Tristan Davies, Executive Editor of The Sunday Times says, 'We are delighted to launch our full app edition in the Android Marketplace. The Sunday Times Android tablet edition has all the qualities of design and interactivity that have made our iPad edition the world's leading newspaper and magazine app. Now owners of Galaxies, Xooms and other Android Honeycomb devices can enjoy a fully immersive, page-turning reading experience designed specifically for touch-screen tablets.'

The Android tablet app is available via The Times and Sunday Times newspaper and digital subscription packages. The digital subscription is only GBP1 for the first 30 days, then GBP2 per week thereafter. You can download a sample edition of the Android tablet app free via the Android Marketplace.

To find out more about The Sunday Times Android app, please visit [ ]

To find out more about The Sunday Times iPad app, please visit [ ]

* 2011 Newspaper Awards ** iMonitor annual survey

Source: News International

For further information please contact Laura Belcher at VCCP:, +44(0)7889-604684

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Turmoil in Libya

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Norway condemns attack on UN building in Nigeria

29 Aug 2011 10:35 Africa/Lagos

Norway condemns attack on UN building in Nigeria

OSLO, August 29, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- Norway condemns attack on UN building in Nigeria

“I strongly condemn today's attack on the UN building in the Nigerian capital, Abuja. We were deeply saddened to hear that a Norwegian UN employee is among those who were killed,” said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

A 30-year-old Norwegian woman was killed in the attack on the UN offices in Abuja today.

“Our thoughts go to the families of all those affected by this tragedy,” said Mr Støre.

“Such acts of violence are completely unacceptable, and Norway condemns all use of terror. Those responsible must be brought to justice,” said Mr Støre.

“It is particularly worrying that the attacks were targeted at the UN, which works to promote peace and development. Our sympathy goes to the UN and the people and authorities of Nigeria,” said the Foreign Minister.

Source: Norway - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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29 Aug 2011
10:35 Norway condemns attack on UN building in Nigeria
10:24 Minister Frattini expresses his condolences over the attack against the United Nations building in Abuja
08:21 German Federal Minister Westerwelle expresses his condolences to the UN Secretary-General following a bomb attack in Nigeria

Hillary Clinton Reacts to Boko Haam Terrorist Bomb Attack on the UN Office in Nigeria

26 Aug 2011 16:47 Africa/Lagos

USA / Nigeria / Attack on the United Nations in Nigeria

WASHINGTON, August 26, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- Attack on the United Nations in Nigeria

Press Statement

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Secretary of State

Washington, DC

August 26, 2011

The United States strongly condemns today's terrorist attack on United Nations offices in Abuja, Nigeria. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of those who were killed and injured.

There is no justification for this violence. These individuals were working to promote peace, expand opportunity and build a safer and more prosperous nation. The United Nations has been working side by side with Nigeria for more than five decades and the United States strongly supports its efforts. Vicious terrorist attacks such as these only strengthen our resolve and commitment to the work of the United Nations and the people of Nigeria.

Source: US Department of State

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26 Aug 2011
16:47 USA / Nigeria / Attack on the United Nations in Nigeria
13:29 UN Secretary-General's press encounter on attack on UN in Nigeria
13:02 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon - statement on attack on UN in Nigeria

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nigerian 419 Internet Scammers dupe Victorians

New research shows bogus promises of fabulous wealth, courtesy of unsolicited emails, continue to trick unsuspecting consumers to part with up to $120,000, despite repeated warnings by authorities.

Older Australians, in particular, are more likely to be vulnerable to the online scammers.

The Australian Institute of Criminology released the results yesterday of a survey of 202 Victorians who sent cash to Nigeria.

Some were victims of online dating scams and fraudulent job offers but most fell prey to "advance fee scams" -- promises of huge cash rewards from Nigerian princes and other fake identities if they transferred money upfront.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

UN HQ Bombed in Abuja

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned Friday's car bomb attack on UN offices in Abuja, Nigeria. The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Political Pettiness of the Nigerian Ruling Class Exposed

The current scandal rocking the judiciary caused by the face-off between Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Aloysious Kastina- Alu and President, Court of Appeal, Justice Ayo Salami is only exposing the political pettiness of the ruling class in Nigeria. The judicial fiasco has pitched the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) against the main opposition party the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) over their political stakes in the dispute.

The excuse given by President Goodluck Jonathan on his appointment of Justice Dalhatu Adamu as Acting President for the Court of Appeal following the suspension of Isa Ayo Salami by the National Judicial Commission (NJC) is dumb.

"What the President has done is to prevent a vacuum and the law provided for that," said Dr. Reuben Abati, President Goodluck Jonathan’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity.
What a dumb excuse.

The President should have waited for the resumption of the National Assembly before appointing Justice Dalhatu Adamu.

The scandalous political fiasco was caused by erroneous and ambiguous allegations of corruption against election tribunal judges after the controversial results of the massively rigged 2007 elections in Nigeria. There have been over 7,000 electoral cases and the judges have been found wanting.

Retired Supreme Court Jurist, Kayode Eso said the election tribunals were turning judges to billionaires and other highly esteemed legal luminaries in the country agreed with him. Because, petitioners reported many instances of bribery and corruption.

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25 Aug 2011
16:37 Young People Ready to Make Their Mark in the Face of a Challenging Global Legacy

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Steve Jobs leaves Apple, Tim Cook named as new CEO

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs leaves Apple, Tim Cook named as new CEO

Steve is bowing out. The question remains though, what is Apple if not for Steve Jobs and his presence there?

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Smartphones Are Changing How People and Disaster Experts Respond To Emergencies

25 Aug 2011 15:37 Africa/Lagos

How Smartphones Are Changing How People and Disaster Experts Respond To Emergencies
allRisk says Smartphones Becoming a Necessity for Disasters

PR Newswire

SOMERDALE, N.J., Aug. 25, 2011

SOMERDALE, N.J., Aug. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- August has been a busy month for regional disaster experts, allRisk Inc. ( So far, a recent record-breaking rain led a New Jersey state university to hire the company to perform emergency water mitigation in areas where total repair estimates have reached $1.4 million.

Cleanup from the massive flood needed to be completed within days, before students returned for fall classes. With Hurricane Irene upgraded in intensity, and on track to hit the area this weekend the company expects to be even busier.

allRisk is in a "war room" mode, as they prepare to respond to what they anticipate to be a large volume of calls and texts for emergency help -- some from people with smartphones.

The increasing use of smartphone technology not only helps people to cope in emergency situations through calls, texts, emails and social network communication, but in other less obvious ways, thanks to thousands of unique apps.

"After food and water, smartphones during an emergency are a must for the variety of ways in which you can communicate," says allRisk Inc. President Dean Ragone. "However, with apps that have a flashlight light, a strobe and S.O.S abilities, apps to tune in radio with 40,000 stations, fire and police scanner apps, and a weather app to NOAA, smartphones are changing the way we respond to these emergencies."

In addition to having extra cell batteries, Ragone also recommends that people should use their phones to take pictures and video of their homes and businesses before and after a storm for insurance purpose. He also believes it is important to have a 9-1-1 app and one for Twitter so that you can be informed about what is going on outside your environment, and to inform others about what is happening where you are.

Ragone believes smartphones over the course of the next few years will be a necessity, along with food and water.

"A smartphone will also be a replacement for cash, and you can use it like a debit card," he says. "There are also book apps for reading and if you have an urge to pray, there is a Rosary app," says Ragone.

While Ragone has faith in the effectiveness of smartphones, he also notes that during 9/11 and the recent earthquake some phone lines didn't work or became overloaded, yet most text messages and social media connections seemed unaffected, he said.

"Office or family emergency kits should always contain a radio with batteries to ensure communications from the outside world," Ragone said.

Ragone urges his business and professional trade association clients to consider investing in low-cost ham radio training in the event of a communications blackout.

The Salvation Army, for example, operates an emergency radio network, SATERN, that volunteers monitor and share messages and information related to health and welfare during emergencies.

With a firm grasp on smartphone technology and emergency disaster restoration, Ragone says his disaster staff of 70-plus are waiting for that next phone call or text that propels them into action.

allRisk is a 24/7 emergency response company, and one of the largest and best-equipped property damage firms on the East Coast. The company specializes in commercial property damage restoration, general construction (restoration and tenant fit-out) and environmental remediation. Their expertise includes repairs of damage caused by fire, flood, structural failures and mold.

For more information about how to plan for a disaster or about how allRisk plans for one, contact Christine Messina at 877-247-5252, or

SOURCE allRisk Inc.

CONTACT: Tom Peric, +1-856-874-0049,

Web Site:

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