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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sahara Reporters and three other NGOs share $5M Grants

Sahara Reporters and three other NGOs share $5M Grants

The daring citizen news website Sahara Reporters of Nigeria is among the four media organizations chosen to receive the first Omidyar Network grants in support of Investigative and Citizen Journalism in the Developing World.

Stephen King, investment partner and Omidyar Network's global practice head for Government Transparency, made the announcement yesterday at the World Press Freedom Day conference in Washington D.C.

According to a press release, particular emphasis of the Omidyar Network Government Transparency initiative is to focus on organizations that seek a free, open and vibrant media as well as investigative and citizen journalism organizations that provide citizens access to credible information that increases citizen engagement and participation in civil affairs.

King also announced the first organizations to receive support through the expanded initiative. Nearly $5M in grants and a program related investment will go to four non-profits: African Media Initiative, up to $1.7M over two years; the Sahara Reporters project, up to $450k over three years; Media Development Loan Fund, $2M; and Committee to Protect Journalists, $800k.

Through its Government Transparency initiative, Omidyar Network invests in nonprofit and for-profit organizations that use technology and media platforms to provide access to information and tools necessary for citizens to participate in the governing process and hold governments to account. Today's announcement underscores Omidyar Network's recognition of the crucial role journalism plays in achieving those ends.

"Omidyar Network believes a healthy government – one that is responsive to its citizens -- requires a healthy, robust fourth estate. By focusing additional efforts on fostering investigative and citizen journalism, we believe we will be catalyzing transparency efforts that will positively affect millions of people," said King. "True to the tenets of our Government Transparency initiative, we'll pay particular attention to innovative organizations utilizing technology platforms to scale their impact with a recognition that effective technologies will vary by country and region. In some geographies, the technology will take the form of an online platform, mobile in others, and broadcast in yet others."

The African Media Initiative is a non-profit, pan-Africa program that seeks to strengthen the continent's media sector though advocacy, investments, technology and training. The initiative is led by private media owners operating in Africa who believe a strong media is required for social development, economic growth and empowered citizens. For more information, please visit:

Sahara Reporters is a citizen media website that encourages citizen journalists to publish evidence of ongoing corruption, abuses of human rights and government malfeasance in Nigeria. It is one of the principal sources of independent investigative journalism and breaking news on Nigeria's government. For more information about Sahara Reporters, please visit:

Media Development Loan Fund is a mission-driven investment fund for independent news outlets in countries with a history of media oppression. Working in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Southeast Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, the fund provides low-cost capital and technical know-how to help journalists in challenging environments build sustainable businesses around professional, responsible, quality journalism. For more information, please visit:

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide by defending the rights of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal. By publicly revealing abuses against the press and by acting on behalf of imprisoned and threatened journalists, CPJ effectively warns journalists and news organizations where attacks on press freedom are occurring. CPJ publishes articles and news releases; special reports; and Attacks on the Press, the most comprehensive annual survey of press freedom around the world. For more information, please visit:

About Omidyar Network

Omidyar Network is a philanthropic investment firm dedicated to harnessing the power of markets to create opportunity for people to improve their lives. Established in 2004 by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife Pam, the organization invests in and helps scale innovative organizations to catalyze economic and social change. To date, Omidyar Network has committed more than $400 million to for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations that foster economic advancement and encourage individual participation across multiple investment areas, including microfinance, entrepreneurship, property rights, government transparency, consumer Internet and mobile. To learn more about Omidyar Network, please visit

SOURCE Omidyar Network

CONTACT: Greg Pershall of Omidyar Network, +1-360-607-8901

Web Site:

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Friday, April 15, 2011

President Goodluck Jonathan's Campaign Group Bribing Nigerian Voters

President Goodluck Jonathan and his running mate Vice President Namadi Sambo

A campaign group canvassing for voters to support President Goodluck Jonathan offered bribe via text message to the Publisher/Editor of Nigerians Report to vote for their presidential candidate and ask others to vote for him. But he rejected their bribe.

Many people are being offered different forms of bribe in cash and kind to vote for Mr. Goodluck Jonathan in the presidential election on Saturday April 16, 2011.

Some were offered recharge cards of N500 to N1, 500 to vote for him.

The corrupt and desperate ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) is using political bribery to compel Nigerian voters to vote for their presidential candidate.

The corrupt PDP has billions of dollars to use to bribe millions of voters to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan and political bribery is a criminal offense and an electoral malpractice that is another form of rigging an election.

The Sahara Reporters exposed the political bribes given to Nigerian journalists by the office of President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja.

We am against all forms of corrupt practices and since President Goodluck Jonathan and his ruling party are corrupt, we will never support him and will do our best to fight against corruption at all levels and save our beloved nation Nigeria from corrupt leaders who have been destroying our nation.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beyond Setting Up The Ambrose Alli University’s Sex Probe, Institute A Crisis Drop-In-Center Now

Every faculty, student and family share a common priority in an educational center like the Ambrose Alli University, and that priority is leaning.

The Ambrose Alli University will not be the first institution of higher learning in the world to be faced with incidents of corrupt sexual behaviors between unprincipled students and dodgy lecturers or professors.

What is likely to be the first across the globe, is that on July 23rd, 2010, there was dramatic moments of a student, one Judith Okosun, in a chaotic encounter in the latter’s tiny room.

The videotape was flashed everywhere by the Sahara reporters, an internet newspaper.

There is a human side to this tragedy, which is the possible shocking response that could occur in persons directly and indirectly involved in this all time and highly published live video.

At the time of his writing, one wonders what the said lecturer and student, their respective families, the administrators, faculty and the student body of the university could be going through emotionally and morally.

There is a feeling of dishonor, indecency and shame that could be robbing on those affected by this hurting incident.

In what manner could the lecturer be thinking at this time even if he is being viewed as dishonorable, what could be streaming through the mind of the student even if she is being described as vicious?

At on point in the video, in what seems to be expressions in the Ishan vernacular, an Edo State dialect of this writer, a female voice, possibly that of a female on-looker or Ms. Okosun could be heard admonishing the highly distressed and near-naked engineering university lecturer; “Oya gbe’, tell me yes mar, Oya gbe (meaning shame on you, tell me yes madam). At which time the visiting but physically shaking, distraught and fenced in lecturer, replied through a nervous laughter, “Yes Ma”.

In the moment to moment recording were traumatic mentions of his wife, and daughter by the streaming and noisy voices of on- looking students. The identified student, Ms. Okosun, could be noticed periodically showing fluctuating display of facial pain and anger, in between phone calls.

At the point of this ugliness, what about their families out there in their respective homes, what could they be thinking is this a real or a fake episode?

For the lecturer’s wife, adult children and other family members, this apparent devastating event could form into an emotional storm and an overbearing event.

There could be feelings of traumatic horror equally manifesting in the affected student’s family. Even the co-female residents of Ms. Okosun, as well as the male students operating the video could be heard periodically mounting off screams of frustration and fury.

And there is no doubt that the families of the video operators could be feeling a sense of traumatic worry over the whole explosion.

How does any one make the families and the faculty, the males faculty mostly, understand the institutional tragedies flowing from this experience.

In the live footage, is a middle aged husband, father and lecturer with a full and open display of his penis per the order of both the female and male students.

So clear, from the entire image is a display of alarm, shame and helplessness beaming across the nation, and globe into various homes, offices, markets, dormitories and other settings.

Under these situations, the need for clear and cool heads through some form of clinical help becomes paramount.

The Nigerian culture historically has little attraction to helpful outlet like professional counseling and therapy, and instead many Nigerians rely much more on religious, tribal and family support or remain indifferent to painful related experiences. Certainly these outlets are part of the African reality.

However, the current institutional traumatic grief stands out markedly, as it is first of its kind, therefore calls for a much more different understanding, assessment and emotional support.

The Psychology department of the University with the help of the two or three Clinical Psychology faculty should set up a Crisis Drop- in- Center in safe like settings. It should be open to any one related or involved with the university.

In matters like this one there are natural responses of all types which could include guilt, exhaustion, apprehension, bewilderment or catastrophe.

The overall set up for help should revolve around Institutional Tragedy Assistance. The lecturer in question should be encouraged to receive urgent individual counseling to deal with possible feelings of acute stress, hopelessness, insecurity, gloom and loss.

On a separate basis his wife and children could be scheduled for a critical or an immediate family therapy, and in future another line of therapy with possible inclusion of the dishonored father and husband should be offered.

The student in question, given her reported past frustrations and dealings with this lecturer, and her current feelings of mixed, disgusted emotions and all of her overwhelmed undertakings ,she could gain from a cooling out related crisis intervention.

Her own family could also gain from some sort of supportive counseling. The faculty, administrators and other university staff should be encouraged to come in for counseling focusing on ‘this could have being me’ session.

Also, other students like Ms. Okosun’s co-residents, the students’ video makers and other on-lookers to the graphic scene, could gain from a safe environment like the drop in center to vent their anger and worry over their aberrant acts, the videoing of the episode especially.

And for those whose assessment and intervention showed to be in need of further help, a psychiatrist could become involved for medication evaluation and possible psychotropic medication maintenance.

There is the need for the Vice-Chancellor Sam Uniamikogbo and his administration to realize that crisis intervention is of high importance as it could help the affected players and individuals, the lecturer and the student especially. Immediate therapeutic assistance could help them learn better coping skills, develop good problem solving behaviors, and avoid negative ways of coping such as engaging in self destructive acts like self injury, drug or substance abuse as well as help return the individual to their previous level of functioning.

The commission of inquiry and the probing panel of this incident by the State of Edo under the administration of Governor Adam Oshiomhole, and through an investigational team at the university are certainly required.

However along side the investigation should be the urgent set up of short term assistance like the recommended Crisis Drop- in- Center.

This whole matter appeared to have come upon the university silently and swiftly, and let’s hope that this extraordinary problem goes out in the same way.

~ By John Oshodi

John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D, DABPS, FACFE is a practicing Forensic/Clinical Psychologist and the Interim Associate Dean of Behavioral Science, North Campus, Broward College, Coconut Creek, Florida.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nairaland is the Biggest and Richest Nigerian Website

Nairaland, the biggest Nigerian website by traffic is also the richest in advert revenue as estimated by Website Outlook.

The owner of Nairaland makes more than N50, 000 daily from adverts alone.

The following post shows the advert revenue and pageviews of the leading Nigerian websites.

Nairaland, the Nigerian Forum

Nigerian discussion forum offering threads in entertainment, technology and general discussion categories. Estimated Worth $427247.1 USD
Daily Pageview 194346
Daily Ads Revenue $585.27

Last updated 14 Days ago Estimated Worth $291700.7 USD
Daily Pageview 132450
Daily Ads Revenue $399.59

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Daily Ads Revenue $52.47 Estimated Worth $21359.8 USD
Daily Pageview 9086
Daily Ads Revenue $29.26 Estimated Worth $15877.5 USD
Daily Pageview 6583
Daily Ads Revenue $21.75 Estimated Worth $5628.3 USD
Daily Pageview 1994
Daily Ads Revenue $7.71

Last updated 253 Days ago Estimated Worth $949 USD
Daily Pageview 432
Daily Ads Revenue $1.3

Last updated 20 Days ago