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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bookmakers Fear Octopus

Oracle Octopus Paul predicts Spain to win World Cup‎ -

8 Jul 2010 18:33 Africa/Lagos

Bookmakers Fear Octopus

MANCHESTER, England, July 8, 2010/PRNewswire/ -- The likes of Ronaldo, Rooney and Messi may have failed to hit the heights this World Cup, but an Octopus called Paul with psychic powers has emerged as one of the real stars of this tournament.

Paul's accuracy at predicting match results is gaining him a cult following and the Octopus has the bookies running scared.

Paul, who resides in a tank at Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, has correctly predicted all of Germany's World Cup results - including their 1-0 defeat against Spain.

The two-year-old octopus - who was actually born in Weymouth in England, predicted Germany's wins against England and Argentina, and even Serbia's defeat of Germany in the group stage.

The eight-legged tipster makes his selection by choosing food from two containers, one marked with the flag of Germany and the other their opponents. However the Octopus is also turning tipster for the World Cup final between Spain and Holland.

On line sports betting firm are offering odds of 4/6 that he will come down on the side of Germany in Saturday's match and 11/10 he again risks incurring the wrath of his home country by picking Uruguay.

The same firm can't split Spain or Holland and they are both 10/11.

Punters can also get 15/8 he picks out two winning teams, 11/8 he gets just one of his selections right and 2/1 his amazing run comes to an end and he sides with a pair of losing nations this weekend. spokesman Mark Pearson,

"The punters are now backing Paul's selections and if his run continues he will cost us a few squid. The bookmakers will want this tipster to become Calamari."

For those who think the Psychic Octopus Paul has more to offer than just football predictions, the talented octopus is 8/1 to star in the next James Bond film!

For all the odds on the World Cup go to

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Contact - Mark Pearson;, +44(0)7702-851-425

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Conspiracy of Lagos" Chronicles the Vicious Circle of Lagos Life

Bisi Daniels, the Author

Conspiracy of Lagos Chronicles the Vicious Circle of Lagos Life

“You don’t want the Hitler effect, do you?”

“No! The Bill Clinton effect,” she said, and shot him a knowing wink.

What is the Hitler effect in contrast to the Bill Clinton effect?

You have to read the Conspiracy of Lagos to find out.The latest novel of Bisi Ojediran (who is now writing as Bisi Daniels) is a clear departure from his thrilling novels on Peter Abel, the daring investigative journalist whose adventures have been chronicled in his previous novels. Conspiracy of Lagos is a romantic thriller, a political thriller and social documentary of Lagos rolled into one narrative novel.

Bisi Daniels’ novel, Conspiracy of Lagos is perhaps the first truly picaresque novel on the adventurous, dangerous and mysterious lives of those living in the mega city of Lagos, the New York of Nigeria. It is a socio-political romantic thriller that keeps you reading until the last word.Reading Conspiracy of Lagos is like watching a movie of the agonies and ironies of Lagos as experienced by Thomas Katta, the brilliant graduate of Sociology from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), who left his humble life as a teacher in his hometown of Moso in search of better financial prospects in Lagos. But Lagos would change the life of the Johnny Just Come (JJC) as we call every newcomer in this awesome city.

Thomas Katta’s 350 mile ride from the idyllic hinterland of his hometown Moso to the boisterous city of Lagos was not a smooth one as the bus he had taken broke down thrice on the way until he finally arrived Oshodi, the most dreaded motor park in Lagos at nightfall and thus began the nightmarish journey of his worst fears of the city that never sleeps. He was nearly lynched by a ferocious mob as he was mistakenly accused of stealing his own bag as he attempted to retrieve it from the thief. He ended up in a police cell that was like being cast in hell on earth as he was left at the mercy of the huge and terrifying thug, Kenny, a ruthless criminal with an existentialist philosophy of life. Kenny who was his terror later became his boss and mentor in political thuggery and robbery.

Thomas was later released from the police cell and he found his way to the ghetto of Ajegunle to stay with Mani Datatta, his buddy from university days. Mani was a promising guitarist who played at night clubs after his day job and he made Thomas comfortable and optimistic of the future until Mani was killed in a botched bus robbery. Thomas became homeless and had to become a bus conductor on the Ojota-Yaba route and slept in the motor park until the HomeCare Agency in Ikeja got him a job as a gardener in the palatial home of Chief Sola Adekunle in Victoria Island Extension. Chief Adekunle was a leading politician who later became the National Secretary of The True Nigeria Party (TNP). But Thomas did not stay long there, because he had to flee when the pretty and sexy Mrs. Moji Adekunle, the temptress became furious when he cleverly refused to sleep with her. He was later recruited by Kenny who had been hired by Chief Adekunle to kill him for lies Mrs Moji Adekunle framed against him. Thomas soon became a political asset to Chief Adekuinle’s party as the author of The New Lagos Manifesto that was instrumental in the election of Tunji Taylor as the new Governor of Lagos. Thomas Katta had to overcome the vicissitudes of the vicious circle of survival in Lagos in the midst of criminals and by unforeseen circumstances. He was a reluctant stooge of Kenny who was later killed during a bank robbery and later favoured by Mrs. Moji Adekunle who had become repentant and sober.

Thomas Katta’s most defining moment was when he returned the expensive wedding ring he had stolen to Mr. Ralph Mordy and broke down in repentance and then facing Mrs. Halle Mordy. He was now at the mercy of the couple he had joined Fanni to rob in Ikeja after the gruesome night of their botched heist in Ogba. Receiving the forgiveness of the Mordys marked the turning point for the redemption of Thomas Katta as they offered him a foreign scholarship to fulfill his academic ambition. And thank God for his rescue angel, Nancy Ojo whose commonsense and Christian faith reformed and transformed the life of Thomas Katta.

I have read Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel on sin and redemption, Resurrection and Bisi Daniels novel Conspiracy of Lagos has some precious moments of sublimity reminding me of the sober reflections invoked in Tolstoy’s last work.

The long testimonial sermon of the charismatic tall and handsome Pastor Peter Olutobi had echoes of the popular urbane and suave Lagos pastor, Paul Adefarasin.

I was wondering if a naturalistic depiction of Lagos would be realistic without the inclusion of the lingua franca of Pidgin English and the typical Yoruba lingo spoken by the Area Boys and fringe elements seen on the streets and motor parks in Lagos. It would be contradictory for them to speak good English as they were portrayed by the author of Conspiracy of Lagos. The author told me that he deliberately did not use Pidgin English and the typical Yoruba lingo, because most of his foreign readers do not understand Pidgin English or the Yoruba lingo.

Conspiracy of Lagos would be more appreciated when adapted for film production.

You can post your comments and reviews on Discuss "Conspiracy of Lagos".

The novel is available at the following bookshops:

1. Books4Everyone, Ikeja. Lagos.

2. CSS Bookshops

3. THIS DAY Media Centres

4. Glendora Bookshops and other major bookshops and hotels in Nigeria.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Nigerians Report.