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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Logia Launches "Mo-Tip", Makes Personal SMS Channels Everyone's Territory

13 Aug 2009 16:23 Africa/Lagos

Logia Launches "Mo-Tip", Makes Personal SMS Channels Everyone's Territory

HERZLIYA, Israel, August 13/PRNewswire/ -- Logia Group, a leading global provider of innovative mobile entertainment services, announced the launch of Mo-Tip (, a smart personal mobile alert service that matches publishers with end consumers.

Mo-Tip is the first service that enables publishers to create and manage personal SMS programs without going through any integration challenges or red tape. The service includes a wide variety of end user pricing options and features such as user segmentation, traffic boosters and a full web based back office. Each guru can set up multiple text alert programs and price them either per monthly subscription or per message models. The revenue is automatically shared with the content owners and the mobile carriers.

"Setting up premium SMS programs was not for everyone." noted Aner Ravon, GM Consumer Service at Logia Group. "Most people are deterred by the overall complexity it involves and end up neglecting the significant potential of SMS based channels. Everyone has a mobile phone with text messaging service and Twitter has demonstrated how efficient publishing can make all the difference. With Mo-Tip, you can set up and run your premium SMS program within minutes, and we'll help you market your goods and get subscribers on board."

Mo-Tip is currently available in the US, UK, Spain, India, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Israel. Future launches in additional countries are planned on an ongoing basis. "We are thrilled with the overall acceptance for the Mo-Tip service" commented Ravon. "We have signed quite a few A-List gurus within weeks. But the platform is by no means limited to A-List gurus, or to any type of specific content. The whole idea is to make mobile content as easy to distribute and monetize as any other form of content. Mo-Tip has taken that need a few significant steps further."

If you're a guru and wish to launch a premium text program, please contact

About Logia Group

Logia Group is a mobile content power house. Working with more than 20 mobile operators and 300 content & application providers from all around the world, Logia Group has established an audience of over 10M unique visitors a month and a direct billing reach of over 0.5 billion mobile customers; Logia Group services are deployed across leading carriers and websites in the US, UK, Spain, India, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria and Vietnam.

Logia's headquarters is located in Herzeliya, Israel with regional offices located in Mumbai (India), Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam and Nigeria. Logia Group, established in 2004, is a privately held company led by a group of Internet, media and technology veterans and has operations in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. For more information please visit:

Mo-Tip Enquiries:
Hila Azmanov, Marketing Manger

Source: Logia Group LTD

Mo-Tip Enquiries: Mo-Tip, Hila Azmanov, Marketing Manger, +972-73-2525252,