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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Re: I Am Ashamed Of Naija Retarded Music

Nigerian Hip-hop artistes. Photo Credit: Ikuku Records

Re: I Am Ashamed Of Naija Retarded Music

The street music of a failed state cannot be different from the warped psyche of the people.

The Nigerian music industry is not booming.
Majority of the artistes are suffering since the industry collapsed years ago.
The few people who are posing and posturing as "I have made it" hip hop artistes are living in Fools Paradise.

Bankers can afford to live in Ikoyi and (not in the BQs) and young Turks of the Nigerian business world can afford condos in the US.
But can you mention only 10 of the hip hop Nigerian artistes who can afford to live in a N150 million house in Park View Estate or any of the GRAs?

The highest paid actor in Nollywood was only paid about N3 million (less than $30, 000) and their biggest pay was when Globacom contracted some of them to promote their products and services. Over 90% of them are poor struggling actors and actresses.

The fact is most people in Nigeria love fooling themselves in desperation to catch up with the Joneses while the few who belong to "The real McCoy" class are not noise makers on air.

Many young hip hop artistes in Nigeria or what they call rap wannabes in the US come to our office looking for opportunities.
One of them suddenly collapsed and died last month whilst online and that was the end of all his efforts. Rumours circulated that he was into Yahoo-Yahoo Internet scams for a sponsor who makes his millions from scams.

Studio engineers and DJs who do not know what a chord is are now producers.
The result is the "try your luck" hip hop music of retards on air in Nigeria.