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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dr. Jonathan’s Presidential Election and National Sensibility and Development

President Goodluck Jonathan

How The Psychology of Dr. Jonathan’s Presidential Election Could Be About National Sensibility and Development

It will not be unusual to state that the April 16, 2011 presidential election of President Jonathan remains a non-default national outcome with a clear or given mandate which is richly suited to our current national needs; no matter how imperfect it may be to some quarters in the country or else where.

The Nigerian people are a mix of various ethnic, traditional and religious sentiments and these psychologies play a role as to how the President will appeal to the country’s common national identity, share our common interests and address the soul or mentality of those tied to the politics is ruthless divisions and selfishness.

President Jonathan knows that his newly found mandate is not only God-sent but anchored in the spirit of a people crying for progress in their general living conditions; a cry that began since the democratic year of 1999.

In spite of our class, political, religious and regional differences, somehow the Nigerian people for the most part, and for the first time, have presented the same eyes for a transformational type of leadership.

There appears to be is a sense of national confidence in this new President by many rural, urban and diaspora Nigerians who are looking forward to measurable changes, and clearer indicators in areas of concern such as public safety, joblessness, local terrorism, lowly governance, religious radicalism, inadequate law enforcement, monetary mismanagement, and other related problems.

It could be safe to say that for the next four years the nation could come under a smooth line of political stability without the fear of post-1960 independence experiences such as coups and anti-rule of law leadership.

Therefore, let this presidency be a tenure when Nigeria is no longer viewed as one of the most corrupt nation in the world. Let this time not just be a period of pledging to end corruption, advance economic and social reforms but a time when today’s Nigerians will look back and say it was a period when real changes were noted and transparently carried out in health, road, electricity, budget, contract, security and other domestic areas.

We want to see dramatic improvements in the rule of law, policing, penology, agriculture, infrastructure, professional work, and privatization.

The Nigerian people are looking to a presidency that will aggressively pursue private investment, and maintain less dependence on government aid in areas like education, public financing, regional development, agricultural production, and technical research or studies.

In the areas of trade and economics, Nigerians in the diaspora should be invested upon and re-directed back home to help in various areas of research and technical assistance.

This presidency should find a way to convince leaders in the incoming administration to fully pursue efficiency and time management if we are to ensure growth and development in public service and governance.

Under this presidency Nigerians should practice positive expectations since such national mindset will always result in societal promotion within our today’s global economy, as well as help the presidency avoid the extra ordinary weight of bearing the formidable problems involved in the Nigerian leadership.

It matters not if this period in Nigeria is proclaimed as the dawn of a new era, or the emergence of a new State. The question for all of us is the Jonathan Presidency going to get the Nigerian public's overwhelming support that could prepare and motivate the prime change that we will all appreciate?

~ By John Oshodi

John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D., DABPS; FACFE; is a Licensed Clinical/Forensic Psychologist; Diplomate of American Board of Psychological Specialties; Fellow of American College of Forensic Examiners (For Psy); Former Interim Associate Dean and an Assistant Professor of Psychology, Broward College - North Campus, Coconut Creek, Florida.