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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sex-exploitation In Hip-hop And Hiplife Music In Nigeria

Two popular Nigerian Hiplife Artistes

Sex-exploitation is doing collateral damage to the psyche of Nigerian youths who have become addicted to the psychedelic and pornographic musical videos flooding the TV in Nigeria and the worse victims are the impressionable and vulnerable young girls and women who are paid to display and portray themselves as sex objects and are now seen more as prostitutes than dancers in Nigerian musical videos.

Please read The Exploitation of Women in Hip-hop Culture by Ayanna on My Sistahs.

The erudite Dr. Reuben Abati addressed the dangers of the negative influences of Nigerian music and how desperate to get-rich-quick Nigerian Hip-hop and Hiplife artistes are suffering from identity crisis and the tragedy is that the majority of them are ignorant of the grave consequences. Bella Naija and Linda Ikeji have addressed this in the so called Dr. Reuben Abati vs. Banky W debate. Many of the ignorant artistes called it the generation gap between them and Reuben Abati's generation.

How old is Reuben Abati?
How old are the producers of these ignorant Nigerian Hip-hop and Hiplife artistes?
I know them very well, from when they were all smoking garri decades ago to date.
I have produced a single in OJB's studios and OJB was not born yesterday.
DJ Jimmy Jatt and I were born on Lagos Island.
I was born in Obalende and I produced my first single in the United States in 1984.
The sheet-music is in the Library of Congress.

Even the highly gifted Nigerian Jazz artiste Mike Aremu knows the truth as he said:
"People now think that once they do Yahoo-Yahoo, the only cover-up they have to do is music." ~ Page 27, Saturday Punch, August 8, 2009.

My own primary concern is the negative images of our young women in their musical videos. Their lyrics are shallow and they rush to the studios to voice-over already recorded sounds and music lifted from a software synthesizer. Most of them do not even know the rudiments of Music and they just Lip-synch to synthesize and synchronize to the dubbed music. Finis. What's next?Oya, omoge shake ya booty musical video is made and then they bribe the local DJs and VJs to play their music and videos showing shamless girls and women as sex objects.
No wonder the cases of HIV/AIDS are increasing among Nigerian girls and women when they are decreasing in America.

Are there no positive images of dignified Nigerian girls and women to show in musical videos?Must you use them as sex objects to sell your music!
Don't you have enough brains to compose sensible lyrics and produce good music like Asa?

Nigeria o ni baje o!

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