Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dear British Museum, Please Don't Return Your Collection of Benin Artworks To Nigeria

The famous Queen Mother Idia,16th century ivory portrait, one of four related ivory pendant masks, that were among the prized regalia of the Oba of Benin, among the treasures of Benin Kingdom taken by the British during the punitive expedition of 1897. Presently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, British Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Linden Museum and a private collection.

Dear British Museum,
Please, don't return your largest collection of the artworks from the Benin kingdom to Nigeria. Because there are no facilities for the safe keeping and preservation in the local museums in our country.
The local museums have been neglected and underfunded and many of the artworks are being destroyed everyday or stolen.
My painting, "Blessed Mother" was stolen from the Education Unit of the National Museum in Lagos in 1984 and have not been recovered.

The National Commission for Museums and Monuments does not know how to run our museums and have failed to learn from the British Museum, MoMA and MET. They are clueless about how to turn our museums into international tourist attractions that can generate millions of dollars and pounds annually.
The education programmes of the National Museum in Lagos have been abandoned.
They don't even know that we need a museum for #Nollywood and #Kannywood, the two major genres of the Nigerian film industry.

Friday, May 18, 2018

India, China and Nigeria Will Account for 35 Per Cent of Around 2.5 Billion People Living in Cities by 2050

Around 2.5 billion more people will be living in cities by 2050, projects new UN report

NEW YORK, 16 May 2018 / PRN Africa / -- Owing to both demographic shifts and overall population growth, that means that around 2.5 billion people could be added to urban areas by the middle of the century, predicts the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).

Most of the increase is expected to be highly-concentrated in just a handful of countries.

“Together, India, China and Nigeria will account for 35 per cent of the projected growth of the world's urban population between 2018 and 2050…It is projected that India will have added 416 million urban dwellers, China  255 million and Nigeria 189 million,” said DESA, announcing the findings on Wednesday.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

International Jobs at Dalberg for Africa, America and Europe

#Jobs at Dalberg 

At Dalberg, we strive to merge private sector and international development expertise into one integrated vision. We offer a distinctive platform for people who want to bring their intelligence, business skills and experience into the international development and globalization arena.

During any single recruitment period, please apply to only one position across the Dalberg businesses. This position should be to the role best suited to your current professional experience and to your first preference location.  If there are multiple locations recruiting for the same position, you will have the opportunity to rank your next 2 location preferences within your application.

Kora Uses Blockchain To Unlock Financial Markets for the Un(der)banked in Nigeria and Across the Globe

Kora Uses Blockchain To Unlock Financial Markets for the Un(der)banked in Nigeria and Across the Globe

LONDON and NEW YORK, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Company hopes to onboard 100,000 users by end of 2018.

Innovating to reduce poverty through financial inclusion, Kora has launched a new network built on blockchain technology to unlock global growth by linking the value in local ecosystems with global markets. Already piloted in Nigeria with the next pilot to launch in Ghana in June, the Kora Network platform was designed to create trust, security, efficiency and transparency.

"The Victory of Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigerian Dream" Approved for Global Distribution

"The Victory of Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigerian Dream" has been approved for global distribution. In full colour with more than 80 photographs of the most colourful presidential campaigns in the political history of Nigeria since independence from British colonial rule.
Written by Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima whose presidential campaign experience dates back to 1990 when he worked for the publicity department of the Alhaji Bamanga Tukur's Presidential Campaign.
This is the most colourful eye witness account of how President Muhammadu Buhari won the 2015 presidential election, including a live telephone report of an SOS distress call from Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
Available on @Amazon

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

ClearFoundation Enters CIS Market By Partnering With World Blockchain Cryptocurrency Summit Moscow 2018

ClearFoundation Enters CIS Market 
By Partnering With World Blockchain Cryptocurrency Summit Moscow 2018

IDACB to establish the partnership with nine-year-old New Zealand-based ClearFoundation, which launches CLEAR Token, secure Blockchain Platform, and app Marketplace in the Russian Commonwealth Through Gold Partnership at Europe’s largest Blockchain Show Organized by IDACB.

IDACB FUND To Invest US$100K at World ICO Show

IDACB FUND To Invest US$100K
at World ICO Show

IDACB FUND will invest $100K in the most worthy Blockchain project at the World ICO Show which is the final step of establishing the straight relations between blockchain projects and investors in Russia. The first step was at Russia ICO show where the jury choose three best applicants (the 3rd place — eCoinomic; the 2nd place — Trecento, the 1st place — Romad). At the World ICO Show will be chosen only the one winner, who gets the $100K.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

African Development Bank Approves US $1.5 Million for Jigiwa On-Grid IPP Solar Power Procurement Program

African Development Bank Approves US $1.5 Million for Jigiwa On-Grid IPP Solar Power Procurement Program

ABIDJAN, Côte d'Ivoire, 09 May 2018 / PRN Africa / -- The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank has approved a US $1.5-million grant from the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) to support the Nigerian Government's implementation of Phase 1 of the Jigawa 1-GW Independent Power Producer (IPP) Solar Procurement Program. This approval reaffirms the underpinning principles of the Bank's New Deal on Energy for Africa and its commitment to developing renewable energy and increasing energy access on the continent.

At full 1 GW capacity, the program will assist the government to achieve its national goals of reaching 75% electricity access by 2020 and electrifying unserved and underserved areas, particularly in northern Nigeria where access rates are lowest and increasing the share of renewable energy in the energy mix to 30% by 2030.

Portenier Bursary Competition for Independent Journalists in Danger While Exposing Human Rights Abuses

Jason O’Hara, Portenir Bursary winner, 2015 (CNW Group/Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma)

Portenier Bursary Competition Offers Safety Training for Independent Journalists in Danger while Exposing Human Rights Abuses

Eman Helal, Portenier Bursary winner, 2016 (CNW Group/Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma)

Brennan Leffler, Portenier Bursary winner, 2017 (CNW Group/Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma)

LONDON, ON, May 15, 2018 /CNW/ - Independent documentary-makers and freelance journalists working on significant projects exposing human rights abuses can apply for a bursary to help them obtain hostile environment training, more usually made available to journalists working in war zones.

The 2018 Portenier Human Rights Bursary competition, offered by the Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma, opens today and closes on June 15.

The annual bursary, introduced in 2015, is sponsored by the documentary filmmaker Giselle Portenier, whose work on human rights abuses has been internationally acclaimed.

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IDACB To Launch Large Scale Asian Blockchain Roadshow

IDACB To Launch Large Scale Asian Blockchain Roadshow

$5 billion were invested in ICO during 2017, while according to CoinDesk $4,8 billion during three months of the current year. It is 85% investments of the whole last year (ICO Telegram excluded from the calculation). The number of ICOs have already reached 60% of 2017 rates. Despite the bans on ICO which are being introduced in some Asian countries, this region is still one of the most promising one.