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Cinewav Cinemas Coming To Nigeria

Cinewav Cinemas Coming To Nigeria

Cinewav is reaching all corners of the world with screenings in Australia, Singapore, US, Ireland, Spain, Namibia, South Africa and coming to Nigeria with the first event on the Lagos Island.

Cinewav player on a laptop.
Cinewav is not just an audio solution it is a turnkey solution for event movie screenings including an inbuilt library of films you can choose from! 

Download the Cinewav app (Google, Apple, Huawei App stores)
Search for an event
Buy and download your audio ticket

Enjoy a totally immersive experience with your favourite headphones with high quality audio in sync with the big screen. 

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Speaking Out on #Nollywood: Majority of Yoruba Filmmakers Are Intellectual Illiterates

Speaking Out on #Nollywood: Majority of Yoruba Filmmakers Are Intellectual Illiterates

Majority of Yoruba filmmakers are intellectual illiterates and by their movies you shall know them.
They portray Yorubas as fetish and superstitious people with low IQ.
If you watch their movies, you will be scared of having relationship with Yorubas.
They are the largest producers of Juju movies in Africa.

They seem to have forgotten that Yorubas have produced great  intellectual minds; from the greatest Nigerian polymath of modern education, Bishop Samuel Ajai-Crowther to the first black Nobel Laureate in Literature, Prof. Wole Soyinka. And the most outstanding founders of tech startups that are among the Unicorns in Africa are Yorubas. But I have not seen Yoruba movies about outstanding Yoruba geniuses and technocrats of Arts, Sciences and Technology who have achieved success by their education and erudition. All I have seen in over 90 percent of Yoruba movies are fetish and superstitious people using Juju rituals to get rich quick and succeed in life.
Even some of the Yoruba movies and  series showing educated Yorubas in the modern Nigerian society have glaring shortcomings in the characterization and personification of the middle class and upper class Yorubas such as in the TV series of "Hush" of the Africa Magic channels on both DStv and GOtv.
The telenovela about romantic, economic and political lives of Bem and Arinola in fashion and politics. The personality of "Bem" acted by Richard Mofe-Damijo as one of Africa’s biggest fashion designers based in Lagos failed to show any expertise and lifestyle of a guru of the fashion industry. The producers should have studied the personalities of the leading male gurus of fashion in Africa and their knowledge of the fashion industry from Lagos to London to Paris to Milan to New York. They should have consulted Ohimai Atafo and Duro Olowu, two of the top Nigerian international fashion designers. Bem looked more like the owner of a club than owner of a top flight fashion house.
Then "Arinola" portrayed by Thelma Okoduwa as one of the state’s fastest rising politicians did not have the political knowledge and personality of any notable female politicians in south western Nigeria.

- By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima,



247 Nigeria (@247nigeria) / Twitter

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Friday, June 24, 2022

KEEPFIT International Club Takes Event to Enugu

KEEPFIT International Club Takes Event to Enugu

Enugu, the capital of Enugu state will be playing host to KEEPFIT International Club next month in an action packed three- day event that will leave smiles on the faces of many.

It is an annual sports cum philanthropic event in which the club interfaces directly with the needy and valunerable in the society. 

Essentially, KEEPFIT International Club has its activities anchored on the tripod of Sports, Socials and philanthropy.

Members of the club engage in group exercise regularly and periodically as a way of keeping fit knowing that a healthy mind is to be found in a healthy body (mens sana in corpore sano).

Members also meet outdoors in a convivial gathering to unwind and also  individually and collectively reach out to one another in occasions of joy and also in sorrow.

As part of its corporate social responsibility and as a means of giving back to the society,  the club engages in lots of philanthropic activities. 

As part of this year's programme,  KeepFit International Club will be in Enugu between Thursday 30th June and  Saturday 2nd July,2022. The club amongst other things will be visiting lots of  orphanage homes and Correctional homes in city and its environs.

A press release signed by the President of KeepFit International Club, Pharm (Barr) Steve Okoronkwo, fpsn indicates that the philanthropic activities will be top on the agenda of the club while in the Coal city.

"The visit to Enugu is in line with the club's mantra of "show love to the unloved and give help to the needy", the statement quoted Pharmacist Okoronkwo as saying.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

LaVida Studios Secures the Biggest International Investment for Nollywood

LaVida Studios Secures the Biggest International Investment for Nollywood

LaVida Studios, one of leading film and TV productions centres in Nollywood has secured a US$50 million three-year collaboration with The Story Lab of the United States of America for 10 films and television projects focused on bringing African stories to the global stage. Focusing on both scripted and unscripted film and TV projects, the alliance will see production serviced exclusively by LaVida Studios for all Africa-based productions out of The Story Lab. This groundbreaking partnership is the biggest international investment so far in Nollywood and the Nigerian film industry.

LaVida Studios cofounded by Chioma Ude and Olugbenga Obadina is based in Lagos,the entertainment capital of Nigeria’s fast developing Nollywood, the largest indie film industry in Africa. LaVida is known for the award winning film, Seven on Netflix, as well as Third Party, Stuck and Eye-Witness for AfricaMagic/Showmax,

PAC Capital Limited has committed an initial $50 million for LaVida’s film and TV projects, including the collaboration with The Story Lab. The funding is being accessed from PAC Capital’s PanAfrican CCI Fund 1, a $100 million fund dedicated to financing film production and distribution in Africa.

LaVida and Dentsu are also planning to team with the African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) to create a joint initiative, AFRIFF/Dentsu & TV program which would recruit and support top African writing talent in creating original stories that appeal to a global audience.

Chioma Ude, founder of AFRIFF and managing partner in LaVida Studios, said: “We are thrilled to be working together with Dentsu and its The Story Lab team in the U.S. to bring authentic and compelling African stories to the world.”

The partnership, which is being spearheaded by Geneva Wasserman, executive VP and head of scripted content, The Story Lab U.S., who joined the organization in 2021, is thanks in part to her having already served as a board member for the AFRIFF network.

Wasserman said: “The combination of LaVida’s partnerships with top Nigerian creators and Dentsu’s global network and presence will serve as a bridge between these top content creators and the global market through this collaboration. We are honored to bring these stories to the world.”

Mike Ferry, head of The Story Lab U.S. added, “It is partnerships like this one which really help move the dial when it comes to discovering and elevating emerging talent. I’m so pleased we can be part of amplifying the diverse voices of Africa alongside our friends at LaVida and AFRIFF.”

LaVida Studios and Chioma Ude are represented by CAA and The Story Lab U.S. is represented by UTA.

"Expanding distribution infrastructure and access to African content globally; substituting the apprenticeship model in Nollywood for formal education and mentorship and; co-production with global production studios, are three major initiatives that will definitely take Nollywood to the next level. These are highlights of what the partnership between LaVida Studios and TSL is poised to achieve. It’s exciting times ahead," said Olugbenga Obadina.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Unusual Story of Nollywood


The Unusual Story of Nollywood by Dr. Chika Christian Onu


Through the mouths of credibility, the author exhumes the buried artifacts of the long-earthed stories of Nollywood. Together the mouths weave a shocking tale of film expectation through the ages of unimaginable discoveries in the North, East, and West of the country Nigeria. The Unusual Story of Nollywood is a didactic document that x-rays the seminal movie Living in Bondage and exposes the cluster of information that may not have been intentionally hidden from the public. The book is an array of simple and complex paragraphs, systematically organized groups of small and large sentences, phrases, and quotes. The book is simply expressionistic as it goes straight to appreciate both positive and negative precedence that precipitated the birth of Nollywood in Nigeria.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Ideato Federal Constituency and Dr. Pascal Obi: When Continuity Becomes the Only Road To Travel

Ideato Federal Constituency and Dr. Pascal Obi: When Continuity Becomes the Only Road To Travel

- By Clifford Dike 

The legendary British writer C.S Lewis, perhaps had Ideato North and South federal constituency and the exhilarating performance of its representative in the House of Reps, Dr Chigozie Pascal Obi in mind when he uttered the timeless quote:"mere change is not growth. Growth is the synthesis of change and continuity, and where there is no continuity there is no growth.

Conversely, a broad spectrum of Ndi Ideato ultimately shares C.S Lewi's sentiment on continuity judging by the current groundswell of support for his re-election to the House of Representatives

Who would not w.ant a continuation of a quality and people oriented representation? Nobody, of course and this explains why the Ideato nation insists it cannot afford not to return Dr. Obi to the House.

Apart from the need for him to continue with his superlative representation of Ideato people and delivery of dividends of democracy, political leaders and opinion moulders in constituency hing their desire for Dr. Obi's re-election on national interest as regards parliamentary stability and growth of participatory democracy such as ours.

The high turnover of federal Parliamentarians every four years, especially in the Southeast, according to them does not make room for a robust legislative experience as obtained in the United States and other participatory  democracies around the world where some Parliamentarians spend upward of two, three decades in the hallowed legislative chambers.

A beautiful road is the darling of motorists and thus they keep plying it. This maxim finds definitive expression in Dr. Obi whose three and half years legislative journey is replete with quantum achievements.

When he was elected to the House of Reps in 2019 to represent Ideato North /Ideato South federal, his constituents entertained no doubt about his preparedness and capability to perform and he has not disappointed so far.

It is for this reason that the mantra in the constituency today is: Pascal, ga na agara anyi ije na Abuja ( Pascal will continue to represent us in Abuja).

In just three and half years in the House of Representatives, Dr Obi has brought the Ideato nation and indeed Imo state to national consciousness  on the floor of the House through:  

*Urgent call on the federal government of Nigeria to carry out full rehabilitation and reconstruction of Akwakuma - Orlu - Mgbee - Obiohia - Urualla - Akokwa - Uga federal road. It was adopted by the House and equally captured in the 2021 budget.

*A motion urging the federal government of Nigeria to create one more Federal Government College (FGC) in Imo State. Every state has three except Imo. This received instant approval and Obi, a result-oriented Federal Lawmaker insisted that it will be sited in Ideato Nation.

*A motion for the extension of Federal Medical Center Owerri to Ideato. It was also approved and included in the  2021 budget.

*A motion for the total turnaround of the National Orthopedic Hospital Enugu vis-a-vis workforce, facilities and structures. It gained approval.

*A motion for the canalization of river banks. This will protect our communities from excessive flooding during the rainy season.

*A motion urging the federal government of Nigeria to build more Ear/Eye hospitals in other parts of the country since the only Ear/Eye Hospital is located in Kaduna. It was approved, hence Ear Center for Lagos and Eye Center for Owerri, Imo State.

*A motion on the looming reoccurrence of Ebola crises in Nigeria: The need for the federal government to put in place detective measures in our airports, seaports and land borders.

*Calling attention to the need to construct a perimeter fence at the Federal University of Technology (FUTO), Owerri.

All communities in the federal constituency bear witness to Dr Pascal Obi's socio-economic and infrastructural blitz.

This can be gleaned from the total number of boreholes  he has drilled at designated points within the following communities:











He has also either established or upgraded comprehensive Health Facilities situated.



Ideato is prone to erosion hence Dr Pascal Obi is paying special attention to roads and erosion control in the constituency.

So far, to his credit are a 1.5 Km Road at Akpulu, a 1.5 Km Road at Nneato-Ogwugwu Dikenafai, erosion control at Obiohia,

Solar-powered street lights at Umukegwu- Akokwa, Ozuakoli - Urualla and Obiohia - Umuago road.

A firm believer in human capital development, Dr Obi has established a plethora of various skill acquisition and empowerment programmes and centres across the constituency and has also, through his influence, secured federal jobs for several qualified persons in the constituency.  

A seasoned optometrist who has transversed public life at a relatively young age, Dr Obi was born in 1970. He read Optometry at the Imo state university and later capped it with a Masters's degree in Public Health from the University of Nigeria Enugu campus.

A knight of the Catholic Church, Dr Obi joined the  Imo State Ministry of Health Owerri in 1998.

He would rather rise to become The Acting Director of Public Health and Primary Health Care in the ministry and also the coordinator, of the National Programme for Prevention of Blindness (Vision 2020).

Former  Governor of Imo State Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha appointed Dr Obi Permanent Secretary and Principal Secretary to the Governor, a position he held till August 2018 to seek elective office.

As another election year (2023) approaches, the mood in Ideato is that of unwavering determination to travel the Dr Pascal Obi's route once more,this time around through the Labour Party route.

As a deft politician who  correctly guages the mood of his people and weighs their political aspirations and interest, Dr.Obi has keyed into the raging Peter Obi and the Labour Party revolution for the overall interest of the Ideato Nation.

Labour Party and its Presidential candidate, Peter Obi has become a national movement, a moving train every right-thinking politician who wants the best for his people must join hence Dr. Pascal Obi wasted no time in hopping in on board.

From all ramifications,  the people's parliamentarian, the Avatar of Ideato politics, Dr Chigozie Pascal Obi ( Ugwusinachi) is a king awaiting formal crowning. The crowning will of course happen in February next year when the Ideato nation would have resoundingly voted him and the Labour Party for a return to Abuja!


Clifford Dike writes from Urualla, Ideato North, Imo State.

Nollycasting is Attracting International Casting Directors

Nollycasting is Attracting International Casting Directors

Nollywood diva, Stephanie Linus' is attracting international casting directors in search of new faces for film and TV productions, music videos, adverts and fashion shows.

"Nollywood actress, Onyinye Odokoro got a major role on Nollycasting for Sky Original TV Series' "Unwanted” in Italy where she is now acting alongside top actors," said Stephanie. 

"Unwanted" is produced by Sky Studios, Pantaleon Films and Indiana Production and directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. 

Sky released first look images for the new Sky Original drama, “Unwanted.” Inspired by the book “Bilal,” an investigative book from journalist Fabrizio Gatti, the eight-part series tells the story of an undercover human rights defender who is helping migrants journey from Africa to Europe as they battle human traffickers and government officials.

NBCUniversal Global Distribution are handling international sales of the series on behalf of Sky Studios. “Unwanted” is set to air on Sky and streaming service Now in all Sky territories. The release date has not yet been announced. 

Stephanie said she is already looking at the profiles of the actors and models on Nollycasting for the cast of her new film projects by Next Page Productions.

Casting directors in America, Spain, the UK, France and Italy have been asking for Nigerians and other Africans for roles in acting, modeling, TV commercials and music videos.

Nollycasting is free to use for both new and seasoned talents in the film and TV industry. In partnership with its subsidiary, Next Page Talents, the platform also provides customized talent management services for creative individuals who want to take their career to the next level. 

"It's easier than ever to cross that gap between having the right skills and finding the right job on Creative individuals such as actors, models, music artistes and more can upload their profiles and highlight their skills, thereby positioning themselves to be discovered by casting directors who are actively recruiting for such roles" said Stephanie Linus who is currently in the United States of America in preproduction for one of her new film productions: a crime thriller on the triangle of human trafficking in America, Europe and Africa.
Visit to see the international casting calls.

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The American King now Streaming on Roku

 The American King, the first Hollywood and Nollywood comedy to have theatrical release in the United States of America is now streaming on Roku

A mysterious priestess arrives in the USA to fulfill a 400-year-old prophecy: to choose an American King who will rebuild an ancient African Kingdom. Streaming on Roku.

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Friday, June 10, 2022

Where Dogs Eat Dogs

Dog eat dog in capitalism.
- Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

#success #art #communication #network #university #amazon #africa #writing #military #corruption #publichealth #television

I had early success becoming a
well paid professional TV scriptwriter at 18, the youngest in Africa writing for the weekly puppet drama on Channel 10 of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), the largest TV network on the continent: a public health illustrator for the John's Hopkins University's Population Communication Services (JHU/PCS) at 21; Art/Features Editor for the Kiddies World magazine at 24 and a national program consultant for the UNICEF in Nigeria at 25.

I was fully informed on both the legitimate and illegitimate businesses in Corporate Nigeria during the military administrations in Nigeria. But since the transition to civilian administrations from 1999 to date, I have seen that Nigeria has gone to the dogs caused by the insecurities of Machiavellian politicians and their beneficiaries without any dignity, integrity and nobility. The worst humans in any society are those without conscience and without shame. Their dog eat dog attitudes    made me to write "In the House of Dogs" distributed by Amazon.

The widespread corrupt practices and all forms violence destroying lives in Nigeria have been caused by the insecurities of majority of Nigerians. Insecurities manifest in various forms of human behaviours: from emotional insecurities to intellectual insecurities which can be seen in the irrationality and stupidity of majority of Nigerians.
Lack of intellectual comprehension can destroy a nation.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Multichoice Delivers Steady Margins Despite Content Cost Normalisation


Multichoice Delivers Steady Margins Despite Content Cost Normalisation
The group’s linear pay-TV subscriber base (measured on a 90-day active basis) increased by 0.9m to reach 21.8m households

Access Multimedia Content

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, June 9, 2022/ -- MultiChoice Group (MCG, or the group) (, Africa’s leading entertainment company, delivered steady margins for the year ended 31 March 2022 (FY22).

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“Reduced losses in the Rest of Africa (RoA), a rebound in advertising revenues and a continued focus on cost containment enabled us to absorb the R1.1bn impact of a normalisation in content costs as live sport returned and we resumed our local content production post the COVID-19 lockdowns,” says Calvo Mawela, Chief Executive Officer.

“We continued to enhance our video entertainment offering and expanded the variety of services offered to our customers as we grow our entertainment ecosystem,” he added.

The group’s linear pay-TV subscriber base (measured on a 90-day active basis) increased by 0.9m to reach 21.8m households, comprising 9m in South Africa and 12.8m in the RoA. The 5% growth year-on-year (YoY) is subdued due to the tough economic environment and elevated subscriber growth during  COVID-19 related lockdowns in the previous year.

Here are a few highlights:
  • Revenue: ZAR55.1bn up 3% (up 7% organic)
  • Trading profit: stable at R10.3bn (up 1% organic, due to absorbing cost normalisation)
  • Core headline earnings: R3.5bn (up 6% as Forex impact was less negative))
  • Free cash flow: R5.5bn (down 3%, due to one-off prepayments)
  • Dividend: R2.5bn 565 ZARc per share (±4% yield)
MCG continued to pursue its differentiation strategy through local content, stepping up its local content production by 32% YoY to 6 028 hours and bringing its local content library close to 70 000 hours. Local content accounted for 47% of total general entertainment content spend and the group remains on track to achieve a target of 50% by 2024.

Seven major new channels launched, including two Portuguese-focused channels in Angola and Mozambique. In South Africa, the group’s co-productions such as Reyka and Recipes for Love and Murder were broadcast to critical acclaim and international interest.

SuperSport delivered world class productions given a bumper calendar of major sporting events. A record number of viewers tuned into Euro 2020, the British and Irish Lions rugby tour and the Tokyo Olympics. SuperPicks, a free-to-play predictor game and the group’s first product collaboration with KingMakers, was launched in Nigeria in August 2021 and already has 0.5m registered users. SuperSport Schools, now 100% owned by the group, continues to grow rapidly and broadcasted 5 249 live games of schools sport during FY22.

Growth in Connected Video users on the DStv app and Showmax service is outpacing the market. Paying Showmax subscribers were up 68% YoY, whilst overall monthly online users of the group’s connected video services increased 28% YoY. A major driver has been the focus to localise by expanding local payment channels and enabling local billing in various markets. In addition, local content was stronger than ever with titles like DevilsDorp, the Real Housewives franchise and The Wife. Showmax Pro delivered an enhanced customer experience, which included the Tokyo Olympics, Euro 2020 and every English Premier League game.  

On the product side, the announcement of DStv as official launch partner of Disney+ in South Africa is a further extension of the group’s aggregation strategy, which aims to bring customers more content, and convenient access in one central place via DStv’s connected devices.

DStv Internet, which was launched in September 2021, is growing strongly. The DStv Rewards program, which supports customer retention and has been successful in reducing dormancy, continues to gain traction with close to a million customers. Digital adoption continues to track well with around 75% of customer touch-points now being managed through the group’s self-service channels. Due to the ongoing global silicon chip shortage the DStv Streama launch has been delayed and is now expected to launch in the first half of the next financial year.


South Africa

The South African business faced an increasingly difficult consumer climate, with FY22 growth rates impacted by rising unemployment levels, intermittent loadshedding and a disruption caused by the July riots in Durban and Johannesburg.

Revenue increased 4% to ZAR35.6bn, supported by the rebound in advertising revenue and a 1% increase in subscription revenues, driven by subscriber growth in the mass market and the uplift from annual price increases. The return of live sport and other value adding initiatives contributed to reducing churn in the Premium base relative to the prior year. Trading profit declined 1% to ZAR11.0bn as the ongoing cost-optimisation programme only partially offset consumer pressure in the middle market and the normalisation of content costs and sales and marketing expenses.

Rest of Africa (RoA)

The Rest of Africa business benefited from the popularity of local content such as Big Brother Naija and live sporting events. Whilst revenue of ZAR17.9bn reflects a strong 14% organic increase, it is only 4% higher than the prior year due to the impact of translating Rest of Africa’s USD revenues at a stronger ZAR for reporting purposes. Trading losses amounted to ZAR1.2bn, which is a 24% improvement YoY on an organic basis. Local currencies held up better against the USD than prior years, resulting in an overall headwind on reported results of only ZAR0.1bn (FY21: ZAR1.2bn). Although liquidity challenges continued in Nigeria, the group successfully repatriated cash throughout the year, albeit at a premium to the official exchange rate.

Technology segment

Irdeto, was impacted by global silicon shortages affecting supply chains, as well as COVID-19 related disruptions in large markets such as India. Revenues of ZAR1.5bn, down 17% YoY (9% organic), were further depressed by the impact of a stronger ZAR upon translation from USD. The segment contributed ZAR0.5bn to group trading profit with margins strong at 33%. Irdeto gained additional market share in its core media security business by winning four new Tier-1 customer. It also grew its device security business, expanded its deployment of connected vehicles with Hyundai, and started new projects like providing security software to large logistics companies. 


On 29 October 2021, the group increased its shareholding in KingMakers from 20% to 49.23%. KingMakers delivered USD136m (ZAR2.0bn) in revenues, representing robust growth of 74% YoY. It recorded a loss after tax amounting to USD19m (ZAR0.3bn) as increased revenues were offset by investment in people, product and technology to further scale the business. Although revenues are still primarily generated in Nigeria, the group is now also active in Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia.

Future Prospects

In the year ahead, the group will continue to drive penetration of its video entertainment services across the African continent by offering customers an array of unique and rich media content delivered in a convenient and cost effective way. Local content and select sporting events such as the English Premier league, UEFA Champions League and the 2022 FIFA World Cup will contribute to the growth in linear and streaming services.

Returning the Rest of Africa business to profitability in FY23, maintaining strong cash flows to support a healthy balance sheet and pursuing innovative products and services remain key pillars for long term value creation.

“As a platform of choice, our group will look to further expand our entertainment ecosystem by identifying growth opportunities that leverage our scale and local capabilities,” says Mawela. “We will continue to strive to be a trusted partner for our customers’ ever-evolving needs, enriching their lives by delivering entertainment and relevant consumer services underpinned by technology.” 
Distributed by APO Group on behalf of MultiChoice Group.
MultiChoice Group Contact Details:
Elizabeth Fourie, Senior Manager: Corporate Communications
Tel: +27 11 289 4735
Mobile: +27 83 482 5241

Meloy Horn, Head of Investor Relations
Mobile: +27 82 772 7123

About MultiChoice Group:
MultiChoice Group (MCG), which listed in the Main Board of the JSE on 27 February 2019, is one of the fastest-growing video entertainment providers globally, delivering entertainment products and services to 21.8m households across 50 countries on the African continent. Its track record of more than 30 years is reflective of a commitment to provide audiences with only the best local, sport and international content.

MCG’s strong partnerships with distributors, installers and telecommunication companies, along with its well-established payment solutions, competitive pricing and choice of viewership packages continue to secure its place in the global market, while also providing solutions unique to the African market. Its direct-to-home (DTH), digital terrestrial television (DTT) and over-the-top (OTT) solutions enable the business to stay relevant and aligned to changing consumer habits while capturing new markets.

Content is at the very core of the business. MCG aims to deliver quality content anywhere, anytime and on any device through a comprehensive video entertainment offering at different price points. As pioneers in African video entertainment, MCG plays an important role in making information and entertainment easily accessible to Africans.

MCG aims to secure content rights in a manner that is cost-effective and reflective of the diversity of its audiences. Its substantial portfolio includes award-winning local content (a key differentiator in its service offering), a leading sport offering (including production capabilities) and access to international content, which is all shared on the group’s platforms: DStv, GOtv, Showmax, M-Net and SuperSport.

MCG has superior technology capability through the security solutions that Irdeto, its technology company, brings to the group. These solutions enable MultiChoice to protect its investment, create new offerings and combat cybercrime. With 50 years’ expertise in software security, Irdeto’s software security solutions and cyber services protect over 5bn devices and applications for some of the world’s best brands.

MultiChoice Group