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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Taiwan Reacts to Reports on “Asians are Eating a Blackman”

The office of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan has reacted to the horrifying and terrifying pictures of “Asians are eating a blackman” published and circulated on the street in Nigeria and on the Internet. The Department of African Affairs said such inhuman acts will never happen in Taiwan.

The following is the letter from the Foreign Affairs Office of Taiwan:
Mr. Chima,
In reply to your email dated 29 Oct. 2009, we wish to inform that it is much to us disgust to see those shocking series of photos been posted and circulated on internet per you indicated links. We wish to further inform that the alleged “Asians are eating a blackman” did not and will not happen in Taiwan. As far as how true the story was and when and where did it happen, we regret that we can not verify.
Best regards,

Department of African Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Below is the text of the email sent to Nigerians Report on “Asians are eating a blackman”:


To all those who are worried about the Chinese (asian) invasion of Africa, see how Asians are eating a black African man.

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