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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Advantages of Nokia messaging devices over BlackBerry

Nokia E72

No additional fee for data on top of service plan; works with any service plan/data provider.

Average cost of paid app $3.47
Easy set up of work and personal email in only 3 steps
Out of the box access to consumer email accounts such as Hotmail and Gmail
Stay connected to 10 personal email accounts at once
Immediate access to most popular IM communities
(Yahoo, Microsoft Live and Gmail)
High-quality 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens and one touch auto focus
Free Ovi Maps with Walk and Drive navigation
Ultra slim line design with Stainless Steel and Brushed Aluminum
Create separate, customized home screens for work and personal life.

BlackBerry Bold 9700

Must have additional BlackBerry data plan
($4+ for RIM vs $1.85 for Nokia)
Average cost of paid app $8.26
Over 10 steps to set up email on BlackBerry
Dedicated app needed for instant messaging
3.2MP camera
No free maps and navigation
BlackBerry 8mm thicker than Nokia E72
No ability to separate/tailor home screens

Advantages of Nokia messaging devices over BlackBerry

It is important that everyone in Nokia is aware of advantages of Nokia messaging devices so that we as ambassadors of the messaging range can engage in discussions about the difference between the BlackBerry and Nokia offering. Here’s where we think we are stronger:

• While BlackBerry wants you to be a BlackBerry person with their own communications tools, Nokia lets you to be you and work the way you like by using your choice of messaging solutions - Nokia offers a wide variety of ways to communicate including email & instant messaging and to update social networks. Wide range of devices in a variety of styles. Nokia’s portfolio carries over 100 email-enabled models. The BlackBerry range of devices only includes six QWERTY devices in the UK, and one touch device. For smaller budgets BlackBerry offers nothing.

• Affordable and predictable pricing - With Nokia Messaging, all consumer email and IM is included into the operator data plan There are no hidden costs, taxes, license fees like there are for BlackBerry. Research has shown that companies can save an average of £215 per year per employee by using a Nokia Eseries handset with Mail for Exchange or IBM Lotus Notes Traveler instead of BlackBerry. (Source Nokia Internal Research).

• Easy Email and IM set-up - Nokia messaging devices have an easy 3 step email set up, directly from the home screen of the device. No downloading the application, installing it and configuring the account like on BlackBerry. With Nokia you can directly access 90% of the world’s corporate email and IM through partnerships with Microsoft Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes.

As an example, the Nokia E72 wins over the BlackBerry Bold 9700 in some important areas: It has easier email setup with more email and IM service options, it’s less expensive, has a better camera, comes with OVI Maps with free walk and drive navigation and premium travel guide content, has faster web browsing speed, features a thinner design and stainless steel build, and allows for two tailored home screens.