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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Youngest Professional Drummer Makes Guinness World Records

13 Jul 2011 15:00 Africa/Lagos

Julian Pavone (USA) Has Been Named the Guinness World Records® Holder for The Youngest Professional Drummer at Age 5

PR Newswire

MACOMB, Mich., July 13, 2011

MACOMB, Mich., July 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Julian Pavone (USA) breaks the Guinness World Record® as The Youngest Professional Drummer as of March 21, 2010 – when he was 5 years 10 months and 3 days old. Previously, the record had been held by Tiger Onitsuka (Japan), who was 9 years 289 days old.

Julian is considered a drumming prodigy. He began playing the drums while sitting on his father's lap at the age of three months. At 15 months-old, he was offered a contract to be a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers' drumline (The United Drumline, founded by William Winfield, III) making him the youngest member by 16 years! Then, at 20 months-old, Julian recorded a CD, "Go Baby!", with legendary bassist Ralphe Armstrong. Trapper Jack, from WDOK 102.1 (Cleveland), broke the story and Julian has been shocking audiences ever since. Since then, he has received worldwide media coverage with more than 11,000 newspaper and magazine articles published about him.

He is currently 7 years-old and plays a 22-piece custom drum set with 17 cymbals. He has full artist endorsements with Vic Firth, Sabian Cymbals, ddrum and Sennheiser Microphones. He also has an endorsement with Ful travel gear and prefers Remo drum skins.

He has appeared on more than 150 television and news shows, including "The Oprah Winfrey Show" (twice), "Good Morning America", "The Maury Show", "Martha Stewart", "Inside Edition", "FOX News Dayside", "Good Company", WGN, MSNBC, Japan's #1 television show, "Amazing Stories" (twice), and on "Seriously Funny Kids", hosted by Heidi Klum. He has also starred in a television show pilot, "Finding Julian's Band"®, created by Rocky Seprino, and had a documentary about him produced by Korea's Seoul Broadcasting Systems.

Julian has performed live on numerous radio stations around the world and for many concert venues, including the legendary Whisky A Go-Go, the Grammy Museum, House of Blues and Hard Rock Cafe (the youngest ever to perform at these venues). He has also performed for the Detroit Pistons, Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs.

He has received numerous honors and awards, including "Maury's Most Talented Kid" of 2009, "The 2007 Rock and Roll Lifetime Achievement Award", and at age 3, was one of "Oprah's Most Talented Kids". He also appears in "Sticks and Skins", a photography book about the world of drumming, which includes legendary drummers like Buddy Rich, Ringo Starr, Neil Peart, Steve Ferrone, and Tommy Lee.

He invented and received a patent for "Abracadabra"® Stain Cover-up at age 4. His SECOND invention, "Julian's Drum Gloves"™ is patent pending. Additionally, Julian is a young entrepreneur and has his own healthy snack on the market. Julian's Go Bar™ is an all natural fruit bar that provides two whole fruit servings and comes in eight orchard-fresh flavors. It is fat-free, gluten-free, high in fiber and has no added sugars. Julian's Go Bar™ is distributed by Go eRx™ LLC, a marketing company that is currently seeking national distributors.

Julian and his talent are being nurtured and supported by a tremendous group of instructors, including George Dunn (drums), Dom Famularo (drums), Dennis Sheridan (percussion), William Winfield, III (drums), Francesco Cavallini (vocals, guitar) and Macomb Music Center (vocals). He also attends University Liggett School, a private, college-preparatory day school that is Michigan's oldest coeducational, independent school.

Julian is currently working on his sophomore CD with Michael J. Powell, a four-time Grammy Award winning producer who has also produced such legends as Aretha Franklin and Anita Baker.

Julian loves sharing his gift with others, especially if he is able to help his community. He was named Muscular Dystrophy Association's Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for 2009 and also served as The Miracle League of Michigan's Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for 2009-2010. He is Athlete's with Disabilities Network (ADN)'s Honorary Global Ambassador and is currently serving as the Macomb-Oakland Regional Center's Global Ambassador. Most recently, he has partnered with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals to help raise awareness for their cause. He is the youngest partner, joining celebrities such as Sir Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber and The Jonas Brothers. In fact, Julian was born at William Beaumont Hospital, one of Michigan's Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

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CONTACT: Bernie Pavone, +1-734-673-8784

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nneka’s Concrete Jungle Tour in the USA

Nneka is 2010’s First Breakout Artist to perform on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on February 3rd.

“…righteously bold and heartbreakingly fragile.”-SPIN, 10 To Watch in 2010

“Nneka…is pure hotness.”-Rolling Stone

Nneka had a successful US tour from January 27th to Valentine’s Day. It was called the Concrete Jungle Tour and launched her stateside debut album that was released on February 2nd.The tour took her to 14 cities across the US, including New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles.
Nneka made her US late night television debut on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” on February 3rd.

Rolling Stone selected her as an Artist to Watch in 2010, and her video for “The Uncomfortable Truth” has been getting regular spins on both BET and MTV.

Shot throughout the course of her recent November 2009 visit to the US, the Who Is Nneka? video is an intimate look at the artist. See it HERE.

“My main message is to wake people up,” Nneka said. “To make them feel themselves; to make them feel their spirit; to be in touch with their innermost.”
From the critical acclaim of her recent collaborative mixtape The Madness (Onye-Ala) with DJ and producer extraordinaire J.Period to her sold-out performances with The Roots in NYC, Nneka’s certainly only just getting started.

“There’s so much that I, myself, have to learn in my life…and there’s still much that I do not know. At the same time I’m sharing my music with people, [I’m] learning from that sharing.”

For more information or to interview Nneka, give us a ring!

Pam Nashel Leto (212) 989-2222 x 111

Kabeer Malhotra (212) 989-2222 x 123

Vickie Starr (212) 989-2222, x101

Alexandra Dunne (212) 833-5429

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

USA - Will she Remain on the Top or Topple?

22 Dec 2009 15:56 Africa/Lagos

USA - Will she Remain on the Top or Topple?

AHMEDABAD, India, December 22/PRNewswire/ -- The economic history of U.S., like its history has its roots in European settlements of the 16th century. These successful colonial economies grew into small independent farming economies which after 1776 became the United States of America. A central feature of the U.S. economy is the freedom of the private sector. The period of 1930 saw the great depression from which U.S. emerged strong and that between 1960 and 1990 saw the fiscal policy being replaced by monetary policy as a regulator of the overall pace of economic activity. During the last 230 years of its existence, USA has grown into a huge integrated industrialised economy that represents about a quarter of the world economy.

Today, the U.S. is in a unique situation; no other nation has the same amount of power financially, politically and not least, military. The country has incredible influence over the world. Her national & international politics are of paramount importance to the entire world because it reflects upon her relationship with other countries.

Since 2001, U.S. has been embroiled in conflicts as well as tough & demanding situations straining her economy. She underwent a housing market correction, a sub-prime mortgage crisis and a declining dollar during 2008. On December 1, 2008, the NBER declared that U.S. was in recession. Recession in the U.S., is a very bad news for a lot of countries. With experts like former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker feeling that the economic growth will remain pretty sluggish, and a lot of people seeing U.S. as a fading superpower hobbled by the recession, let's see what Ganesha has to say regarding the U.S. with the help of astrology (; because her actions in next few years will decide much for the future.

Natal Horoscope ( ) of USA

3rd July, 1776

Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) merica_2222.jsp

(Due to the length of this URL, it may be necessary to copy and paste this hyperlink into your Internet browser's URL address field. Remove the space if one exists.)

Leo (, the rising sign is in the second quadrant of the constellation Purva Phalguni (The Fruit of the Tree). Sun, the lord of the rising sign is conjunct with Jupiter, Venus and Mars in Gemini (, the 11th house of gains. Mercury, the lord of wealth & gains, is conjunct Rahu in Cancer (, the 12th house of loss. USA was formed in the period of Mars-Mars-Mercury.

Presently, Ketu (South node) is transiting over natal Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Venus through Gemini, the 11th house of gains indicating negative impact on gains for a period of about one and a half years, while Rahu's (North node) transit over the 5th house will cause unpredictable fluctuations in the stock market. Saturn's transit over the 2nd house, of finance and economy will cause reduction and undue delay in the influx of funds.

She is undergoing the major period of Moon and sub-period of Ketu (South node). Moon, the Lord of 12th house is placed in the 7th house of War. Ketu (South node)is placed in the 6th house representing debts and hidden enemies. Moon placed in the constellation of Dhanistha (The Star of Symphony) presided over by Mars, indicates that she will be determined to fight and to tackle terrorism; a cause of concern ever since U.S. entered major period of Moon in August 2001. This means, an increased expenditure on defense & security, further impacting the economy.

With Jupiter transiting through Aquarius ( after 19th of December, 2009 when it passes over her natal Moon, she will find strength to withstand this onslaught. However, the Saturn-Jupiter opposition will bring significant changes in U.S. and its position as a super power.

Thus Ganesha feels that the struggle for U.S. is far from being over, and economy will continue to remain limp for about an year and a half, till October 2011. In short, U.S. is on the verge of beginning of a whole new era and that might change the whole global political scenario in next couple of years.

Dharmesh Joshi & Tanmay K Thakar

The GaneshaSpeaks Team (

Profile Of GaneshaSpeaks

GaneshaSpeaks was launched on 25th April 2003, with an idea that the astrology industry can be organized and its potential unlocked. Today, GaneshaSpeaks handles more than half a million visits on a monthly basis while its call centers with the help of 300 astrologers ( handle more than 30,000 telephonic consultations daily. They specialize in mundane predictions, Cricket, Football, Tennis, stock market indices and have a record of more than 80% accuracy. Hemang Arun Pandeet, a techno-entreprenuer with an engineering degree in 'Electronics and Communications',and the MD & CEO is the driving force behind GaneshaSpeaks.

Contacts public - S.Balasubramanian (Head Corporate Communications), Tel: +91-79-65221416 Extn: 305, Email

Source: Siddhivinayak Astrology Services pvt. Limited

Contacts public - S.Balasubramanian (Head Corporate Communications), Tel: +91-79-65221416 Extn: 305, Email

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Day Barack Obama Made Me Shed Tears of Joy

August 29, 2008.
4.12 am
Lagos, Nigeria.

God woke me up at about 2.45 am to have a holy communion with me and to watch the live broadcast of the Democratic Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech of Senator Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention in Denver on Thursday night of August 28, 2008, which was already 3.30 am of Friday August 29, 2008, in Nigeria.

I heard every word delivered by Barack Obama and the response of the great audience was overwhelming!
He reiterated his commitment to the promises of the goals of his historic presidential campaign and to be honest to God, for the first time since I have been monitoring and evaluating the presidential ambition of Senator Barack Obama, I believed he is truly sincere and really capable of being elected as the next President of the United States of America on November 4, 2008. I felt tears in my eyes as I watched Barack Obama speak and I was happy for America.