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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

She is Not the Only One in Nigeria

She Came in the Stormy Weather.

It was a stormy morning in Lagos as the fuel scarcity worsened and going about your business of survival was now more hectic in these interesting times in Nigeria.
Then she walked into my office as the stormy wind blew in the looming torrential rain.
She told me she was depressed and broke down in tears.
I put my right arm around her shoulders and gave her my white handkerchief to wipe her tears away and I also used my fingers to wipe her teardrops before they trickled to her rosy cheeks. Then she unburdened her heart and soul to me.
She was in dire need of money and work.
She was tired of waking up every day and having no job. She wished she could be like many of her mates who are gainfully employed.
“I feel useless,” she lamented.
“You are not useless. You can never be useless,” I said as I comforted her.
We spoke at length and she was soon relieved as she could now smile and even shared jokes with me about romance on Facebook.
“Guys are even picking up girls on Facebook,” she said.
She mentioned one of my pals who picked up two Nigerian babes on Facebook and laid them within a month.
Wow! So they could come so cheap and stupid on Facebook. But I quickly dropped the subject and focused on her overcoming the blues of her depression and unemployment.
Well, she is not the only girl or woman who is feeling depressed these days.
These are not the best of times for single girls and women who are jobless in Nigeria.
The meltdown of the Nigerian capital market made many banks and other companies to lose billions of naira and they are no longer employing more applicants as they would have loved to and in fact some leading banks may retrench their workers soon.
Many people lost millions of naira and they took loans to invest in the capital market and are desperate to find money to pay back the loans.
Many guys are presently in financial mess and they cannot provide for their babes again. There is no romance without finance. The reality sucks.
So many of the affected babes are depressed if they are not employed to provide for themselves.
“I don’t want to rely on any man for my needs. I want to work,” she said.
Many girls and women use their wits to play many guys to provide for their needs, but the consequences could be destructive in the end. So, I was glad she asked for assistance in getting a good job.