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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Greatest Ambition Of Nigerian Women Should Not End In The Bedroom

The greatest ambition of Nigerian women ends in the bedroom while the greatest ambition of Nigerian men ends in the boardroom.

Majority of Nigerian women are more desperate to marry than Nigerian men.

In fact, majority of Igbo parents send their daughters to school to increase their material value more for marriage than careers.

The higher standards of education you have, the higher bride price and greater matrimonial status.

You are exposed to more men who are the potential suitors. Whereas the first and foremost priority of majority of Nigerian men is to be successful in their careers to increase their purchasing power to afford a good accommodation, a good car/SUV and a good wife or trophy girlfriend.

Many Nigerian men are still single, because they are yet to achieve this priority and there are not many choices of good women or trophy girlfriends to marry in Nigeria. Because, Nigerian men have been relegating majority of Nigerian women to the background and have ended up with more liabilities of millions of Nigerian girls and women who live at the mercy of men.

Nigerian women have their dreams and God has given everyone a unique purpose in life to fulfill your destiny. Therefore, do not let any Nigerian man make you give up your dreams to make a positive impact in your community and our society.

Any man who loves you will help you to succeed from the bedroom to the top of the boardroom.

Stephanie Okereke is a Nigerian actress who is fulfilling her noble dreams to make Nigeria better and greater.

We need more female CEOs than baby factories in Nigeria.
God made you to be more of a helpmate than bed mate.
Use your brains to excel and not your loins.

Amy Dubois Barnett is a leading African American woman fulfilling her American Dream as the Editor-in-Chief of the popular EBONY magazine.

A senior Nigerian banker was dating a very beautiful Nollywood actress from Akwa Ibom and said that he would prefer her to give up her acting career and goal to be a software engineer and be his wife with a supermarket. I advised her to dump him and she did. Then the other man told me that he would persuade her to stop acting to prevent her from being tempted and lured away by randy Nollywood actors and other big guys.

You see the inferiority complex behind the egos of these Nigerian men?

Nigerian men would prefer their women to end up eating from their hands to the women being independent.

Nigerian men feel better when they can show off their status symbols of posh cars or SUVs, luxury apartments and seven-digit salary positions to Nigerian girls and ladies, but get goose pimples and jittery when the Nigerian women are equally upwardly mobile top executives you cannot bluff.

Igbo men in particular feel reluctant to date big girls with big pay checks.

With majority of Nigerian men lording over Nigerian women, Nigeria will never advance in social, economic or technological civilization.

Dump any dumb Nigerian man who cannot stand your dreams and who does not want you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!

Narrow minded Nigerian men have been responsible for the underdevelopment of Nigerian women.

When my father retired, my great mother, Gladys Eke started working for the Lagos State Government to make sure that the family fared well and my father supported her. She was there with me on the high table when I launched my first book when I was 25 and encouraged me until the day she died. That is why I have called her the Mother of my genius. She was the one who taught me the art of story telling that has taken me places since age 13 when I won the first prize in the popular Pop magazine national essay competition on what we like best about Nigeria.
So, my success is the fulfillment of the dreams of my mother of blessed memory.

Nigerian women must never give up their noble dreams to achieve their intellectual and professional goals no matter what any man offers them to do so.

Look at the positive couple Stephanie Okereke and Linus Idahosa!
They are the best tag team in Nollywood and making great impact in the nation building of a New Nigeria.

Stephanie Okereke and Linus Idahosa!

If your man cannot stand by you to chase and fulfill your dreams, then he is not worthy of being your man. But your servant!

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, author of four books, Founder/Festival Director of the annual Eko International Film Festival (EKOIFF) in Lagos. His new books "Time after Time", "In the House of Dogs" and "Barack Obama and the American Dream" will be released before winter.
For more, see Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi | Changemakers

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Through the Glass and The Figurine Raised the Bar in Nollywood

Stephanie Okereke’s romantic comedy, Through the Glass and Kunle Afolayan’s horror movie, The Figurine: (Araromire) raised the bar for movies in Nollywood movies in 2009.
These movies were accomplishments of young Nigerian directors who are not afraid to compete with the best in the world.

Through the Glass which was shot in America has made Stephanie a bankable filmmaker in Nollywood since the world premiere at the Pacific Design Center on Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA, on October 18th, 2008 in US and screenings in Nigeria.

Stephanie said her movie was a sort of autobiography, because she used it to express the trials of her own turbulent romance.

Garrett McKechnie who is Stephanie;s gambit plays Jeffery who is stuck with an unknown baby and he must find the mother before his life is completely ruined.

The Figurine: (Araromire) is Kunle Afolayan’s most daring movie since he stepped into the big shoes of his late father, Ade Love who was an accomplished Nigerian filmmaker in the 1970s and early 1980s.

The Figurine (Araromire) tells the melodramatic story of two buddies and their love for the same girl. Their lives take a dramatic turn when one of them discovers the accursed “Araromire”, a mysterious figurine in an abandoned shrine in a Nigerian village, which, according to legend bestows seven years of good luck, but they are ignorant of the next seven years of unforeseen circumstances. The movie has Nollywood star Ramsey Nouah and the filmmaker himself playing the lead roles of the two buddies with Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi, Tosin Sido, Omoni Oboli and Muraina Oyelami who did not disappoint in their challenging roles.

Using good professionals in the cast and crew made the productions of the two movies more accomplished than previous Nollywood movies.