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Thursday, July 30, 2009

ASUU is Unreasonable!

A Nigerian University

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) will never stop asking for increments, but increase in salaries is not what is urgent in Nigerian universities, but re-engineering the entire academic system from the classroom to the laboratory.

Ineffectual lecturers in ASUU are also clamouring for increments, but they do not have the brains to overhaul and improve the outdated curriculums of their respective faculties. The increments they have been receiving over the years have not freed them from the retrogressive academic stasis that has made majority of their students clones of intellectual underdevelopment or what I call the GIGO Generation who are presently posing and posturing as the Nigerian Facebook Generation.
These lecturers should examine themselves, because many of the members of ASUU are not even qualified to teach and have been found guilty by complicity in various cases of admission racket in Nigerian universities.

The raison d'être of ASUU’s strike is not enough to waste the precious quality time of Nigerian students who need to be on campus studying and not at home!
By going on strike ASUU is making innocent students the scapegoats of their disagreement with the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN).

What is the business of the FGN with the members of ASUU employed by the state owned universities? I mean members of ASUU teaching at the state universities should not have gone on strike with ASUU. This is simple ratiocination.
Many of these lecturers are even moonlighting and have never paid a kobo of tax every time they moonlighted. So who is fooling whom?

Chidi Amuta wrote a very comprehensive analysis of the genesis of the academic crisis that has left the Nigerian academia in intellectual stasis in his “ASSU’s Untidy Robes” published in his column Engagements in This Day newspaper of Nigeria.
ASUU should grow up and stop behaving like confused junior high school pupils.