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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nigerians May Welcome Military Coup

A popular American online news channel Huliq has reported Saturday that a military coup might be what most people need now in Nigeria since they have lost faith in the corrupt ruling party.

Nigerians have lost faith in their political leaders and may even welcome a military coup if that can salvage the nation from the evils of corrupt political contractors in power.

With over 20 million unemployed in the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria is on the brink of the worst fears of disintegrating before 2015 as predicted by the CIA. But majority of Nigerians blame their political leaders for misplacing priorities and scuttling the great prospects of the innovations developed by the Nigerian intelligentsia of gifted artists, scientists and scholars who have proposed practical solutions to the problems plaguing the nation. The greedy political contractors in power seem to be more confused than the electorate. They are still abusing their positions in government as revealed by the scandalous reports of misappropriations of public funds when last Thursday, Mr. Olabode George, a former chieftain of the corrupt and notorious ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and former Chairman of Board of Directors of the Nigeria Ports Authourity (NPA) was convicted for corruption. And he was not alone. Most of the former governors are still facing charges for corrupt practices. But many of them are still dining and wining and living large in their private estates in Lagos and Abuja.

Many banks have crashed and the manufacturing industry cannot function without regular power supply as daily outages have made many industries to collapse or relocate to Ghana where electric power supply is constant and cost of production is affordable.

There are public rallies against the government’s decision to deregulate the downstream sector and remove subsidies, and kidnappings are still common in the eastern states and Niger Delta region.

Millions of Nigerians say that Nigeria was better under military rule and have recalled that even though the country was bad under military tyrants, the corrupt shareholders of the PDP have made things worse.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Is The PDP A Political Party Or A Political Cult?

Is The PDP A Political Party Or A Political Cult?

Is the People's Democratic Party (PDP) a political party or a political cult?

If you ask the founders like Chief Alex Ekwueme, a former vice president of Nigeria (1979–83), and Jerry Gana, they would not be surprised that I asked the above question.

Occultism is common practice among the leading politicians in this party, I also regard as the most corrupt political party in Africa.

Ask their elected public office holders how they got elected.