Thursday, January 10, 2013

Please, Stop Seeing and Using Our Girls As Sex Objects

It is really disheartening to see how Nigerian girls are allowing themselves to be displayed and portrayed as sex objects and sex by shameless and wicked Nigerian single guys and married men.

The main selfish motive of a Nigerian guy or daddy asking a Nigerian girl out is SEX and nothing more.
Not to help her to excel in her studies or career, but to take intimate advantage of her in the guise of "girlfriend".
The definition of a "girlfriend" to a Nigerian guy or daddy is the girl he is having sex with on a regular basis in exchange for gifts in cash and kind and that makes every Nigerian girl a sort of prostitute and sex toy of every randy Nigerian guy or randy sugar daddy. That is why you see our intellectually retarded hip hop artistes exploiting these impressionable and vulnerable Nigerian girls as sex objects in their pornographic music videos.

Nigerian Girls Snorting Cocaine In School. Photo Credit: Gist Mania

But in most cases, these girls have accepted it as their fate to be the sex objects and toys of Nigerian boys and men who gloat over their so called romantic and Intimate exploitation and manipulation of these poor debased girls.

A concerned young woman in Nigeria Kemi Filani addressed this evil sexual exploitation of Nigerian girls in "Nudity in Nigerian Music Videos" on her It's Kemi Filani's blog where I got the photographs showing Nigerian girls debasing themselves in music videos.

These evil and wicked Nigerian boys and men come to the girls posing and posturing as "boyfriends", but they are only s*e*x hounds on the prowl. in fact they even label and tag these girls with derogatory names like "Eran" in Yorùbá language which means animal or game to hunted for food and "bush meat" in Pidgin English and other debasing terms.
"You don chop am?" they would ask in their vulgar Pidgin English whenever they see a guy with a girl, meaning have you eaten her; meaning have you laid her.

I know it is not easy for majority of our girls in poor communities to make ends meet where there are no safety nets for the poor.
Imagine a poor girl from a family living in the civilian barracks tenement popularly known as “Face Me, Face You” compounds where whole families of tenants squeeze into 7-by-11-foot rooms along a narrow corridor and up to 50 people share a kitchen, toilet and sink. Of course she would be vulnerable to all the temptations to use her sexuality to make ends meet. But such a desperate resignation of her fate to become the s*e*x object or toy of the boys and men who can pay or provide the money she wants is not the answer to her social predicament. There are better and safer options of survival and good welfare even in the poorest place on earth.

10 million Nigerian children of primary school age are not enrolled in primary schools and 6.2 million girls are out of school in Nigeria according to the Minister of State for Education, Mr. Nyesom Wike. And they represent 62 per cent of school age girls nationwide.

To stop the widespread abuse and misuse of our impressionable and vulnerable girls and young women in the most challenged communities, the United Nations is promoting the Girl Up campaign and 10x10 has launched the Girl Rising campaign.

Please, join us in spreading the word by phone, social network sites and other mediums for the social mobilization and sensitization of our girls to stop their abuse and misuse as s*e*x objects by boys and men in every community on and off campus.

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