Saturday, January 12, 2013

Eva Soap Treats Its Numerous Consumers to Free New Year Gifts


Evans Industries ltd, manufacturers of Eva Complexion Care Soap, is splashing a vast bouquet of gifts on its numerous customers this New Year. Starting from December last year till February this year, every carton of the soap brand contains a free gift for the consumer. According to Engineer Dan Nwaiwu, General Manager of Evans industries Limited, the range and type of the gifts will remain a secret in order to create a pleasant surprise for the consumers.
Eva complexion care soap is a household name in Nigeria and obviously endeared to the teaming users because of its friendly price, superior quality and exiting variants. Perhaps one of the secrets of the success of the brand is the ability of its owners, to invest in research and determination to use top grade raw materials which makes her products not only to match but to match but to exceed consumers expectations.

Eva Soap was indigenously manufactured to fill the gap created by the absence of high grade beauty soap of international standard in the Nigerian market, occasioned by the ban on imported soap in the country.

The soap was manufactured with all the qualities to meet international standard and more. The soap comes in six exiting variants namely, Eva Classic, Eva Gold, Eva Ivory, Eva Herbal, Eva Pearl and Eva Forever.

Eva Classic is pink coloured, comes with Aquarelle perfume, and has vitamin E extract. It makes the skin look younger and helps it to heal faster. Eva Gold with silk protein moisturizes and conditions the skin. It is gold coloured, with lavender perfume and is enhanced with silk protein for smooth skin, Eva Ivory with milk and honey nourishes the skin and helps maintain elasticity. It is ash coloured with a customized ivory perfume and has milk and honey extracts, Eva Herbal with Aloe Vera helps reduce skin irritation and removes pimples. It is green coloured, with alpine perfume and has Aloe Vera extracts. Eva Pearl with sea minerals revitalizes the skin, by removing old cells. It is blue coloured, with white-gold perfume and comes with sea mineral extracts and Eva Forever with almonds is great treatment for dry skin. It is purple coloured, with pomegranate perfume and almond extract. For every woman, there’s Eva soap for her skin care and beauty to enhance her soft feminine laughter and allure. Pamper your family this season with the beautiful Eva Complexion Care Soap.

~ By Ingram Adichie Osigwe
MD/CEO Fullpage International Communications Limited.

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