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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Corruption and Sexploitation Spread HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

Many Nigerian girls are commercial sex workers

There are over two million people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria and the country ranks second to South Africa in the world for the spread of the pandemic.

The promiscuous life of majority of Nigerian girls is responsible for the spread of HIV. The disregard for family values and virtues is no longer news as parents have failed to lead their children by example. Sexploitation is common on the street, radio and TV as parents and guardians either watch helplessly as their impressionable sons and daughters engage and indulge in immoral acts at parties where psychedelic music promoting sexual abuse is played and pornographic music videos are given regular airtime on TV. 90% of the most rotated programmes on Nigerian TV are musical shows with uncensored music videos showing half naked girls dancing wildly for young men dressed in suits or fashionable apparels ranting or lip-synching about their lust for sex. You wonder why girls would love to dance half naked for fully dressed men. Over 90% of the ditties and music videos of the so called Nigerian hip-hop artistes display impressionable school girls or call girls who portray themselves as sex objects without inhibitions and scruples and these immoral acts of carnality are seen as normal by the younger ones. They spend more time imitating these wayward role models and no wonder over 98% of them flunk their exams and the graduates among them are unemployable, because of poor academic performance.

Where are their parents?
Their parents have given up, and preferred to compete for status symbols and social class trophies of the Joneses of the primitive upper class in Nigeria. In fact, mothers have been known to act as pimps for their daughters. Majority of the poor parents even encourage their daughters to use sex to make ends meet for their families. One woman encouraged her most beautiful daughter who sponges on randy men to sleep with a rich married man for cash.

What is the government doing about the crisis?
The Nigerian government is corrupt and in fact caused the breakdown of law and order in the society as public officials misappropriated public funds with their accomplices in the private sector and have been using their ill-gotten wealth to seduce, oppress and suppress the poor masses who are their regular suppliers of servants and low income workers and their daughters are the cheap sex partners of the corrupt rulers who patronize the clubs in the red light districts of Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Warri, Uyo, Calabar, Owerri, Asaba, Onitsha and other hotbeds of prostitution. They are also the ones promoting campus prostitution or using their pretty and sexy female bank workers for marketing to seduce and sleep with rich men to lure them to patronize their banks.

Immorality is the root of the rot in the country. Most of the corrupt people are shameless and unrepentant. So, the solution is the eradication of corruption at all levels. Behavior change is going to be difficult, but the family and the government must address the dangers of pornographic entertainment online and offline, by the strict regulation of censorship. X-rated movies, music and other X-rated publications must be checked and controlled in private and public places. Moral education must be taught and good and noble family values and virtues must be the order of life.

Checking immorality and corruption is the solution for the control and prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria and save our youths from wasting their lives. This is the only way we can secure the future of Nigeria.

Counselling skills training in adolescent sexuality and reproductive health

A facilitator's guide, updated version

Authors: World Health Organization
Number of pages: 179
Publication date: 2001
Languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish
WHO reference number: WHO/ADH/93.3

English [pdf 642Kb]

French [pdf 3.3Mb]

Russian [pdf 1.35Mb]

Spanish [pdf 3.9Mb]


A guide to organizing and facilitating a five-day workshop with the purpose of strengthening the knowledge and skills of adults who counsel adolescents. Participants become familiar with the topics of adolescent sexuality and reproductive health. Emphasis is placed on interpersonal communication and listening skills.

The principles of non-directive counselling are introduced. This approach aims to facilitate the young client’s overall development by strengthening self-understanding and enhancing their ability to deal personally with present problems and prevent future difficulties.

The original document published in 1993 was updated in the European region in 2000 and incorporates issues related to HIV.