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10 Ways to Create a More Hopeful 2010 (and Most of Them are Free)

Play with a puppy (or kitten)" is just one of 10 ways to make your 2010 a more hopeful year. For the complete list of hopeful tips visit HopeIsInTheCards.org. (PRNewsFoto/Hope Is In The Cards) PHOENIX, AZ UNITED STATES

28 Dec 2009 13:00 Africa/Lagos

10 Ways to Create a More Hopeful 2010 (and Most of Them are Free)

PHOENIX, Dec. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- 2009 was not an easy year. Here are a few ideas to help make 2010 a better year for you, your friends and family, and perhaps even the world.

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1. Let Someone Know You Care

E-mails and text messages are no match for a heartfelt, handwritten message. Mail a REAL card or note to someone, right now. And if you don't know someone who needs a lift, then simply write the word HOPE on the back of anything you mail.


2. Shop Local

Pick three local businesses. Spend $50 with these neighborhood enterprises instead of a national chain. You don't add anything to your budget, and you help keep small businesses going.


3. Read To A Child

You feel great, the child feels great, you promote learning and education and it's just plain fun to do.


4. Play With A Puppy (or a kitten)

A visit to your local animal shelter or pet store is all it takes. If you know your zip code, go online and find a fuzzy friend nearby.


5. Get Inspired

Loren Gelberg-Goff's internet radio show, Loving The Life You're In, serves up a weekly dose of positive, upbeat tips and conversations with some of the world's most interesting guests and experts.


6. Thank A Soldier

These people put their lives out there to serve our country. Let them know you'll be happy when they're home again.


7. Give Something Back

Ditch TV for one hour and serve a meal at a shelter. Drive someone to an appointment. Paint over some graffiti. That hour will be treasured far longer than any sitcom.


8. Turn Everything Off For 5 Minutes

TVs, stereos, iPods, computers, lights, clocks, the heat....everything. The quiet, the thoughtfulness, the lack of buzzing....it does wonders.

9. Go Outside

There is something inspiring outside -- even if it's just a weed in a crack on the sidewalk. Think about it -- with nothing but rain and sunshine and the ickiest bits of dust and dirt, that weed broke through concrete! If a little plant can do it, so can you.

10. Spin

In your office chair. In the elevator when no one else is in there. Outside. Nothing so easy can make you feel so 8 years old again. And when you were 8, anything was possible.

It still is.

Have a happy, hopeful New Year.


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