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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Behold the Nigerian Generation of Olodos!

Photo Credit: "Confusion Of The Nigerian Youth" from Information Nigeria.Org

Behold the Nigerian Generation of Olodos!

Shocking reports of mass failures in Nigerian school examinations have only confirmed the observations of many scholars and social watchdogs since the past and present incompetent administrations of the Nigerian government have failed to address the systemic failure of modern education in Africa’s most populous nation.

How can pupils and students pass examinations and excel in scholarship when they no longer read!

They prefer to waste their quality time chatting and pinging on smart phones, babbling and gossiping on Facebook filled with their trivia of junk, Twitter and other social network sites, hooked on European soccer leagues and championships and messing around in wanton promiscuous sexual intercourse spun by psychedelic X-rated hip hop music videos and pornographic movies on the Internet and TV while their equally corrupt parents and guardians have failed to be good role models since they have been caught in extramarital affairs of adultery, rape, and other licentious acts of debauchery and other corrupt practices.

Many of the parents are actually intellectually retarded and the only thing they know best is having sex and breeding children they cannot care for. So, majority of the retarded parents breed retarded children and increasing the population of dummies and liabilities who are a regular supply of recruits for crime and prostitution in Nigeria.

What of the school teachers?

When the educational system has collapsed, what kind of teachers do you expect from the tertiary schools?

Over 80 percent of the teachers are not professionally qualified to teach, because they don’t have the compulsory certification to teach.
I bet you, that majority of them will fail the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations if they were in the US.

Majority of the Nigerian teachers in Nigerian schools are even as intellectually retarded as their pupils and students.

In 2008, 19,118 teachers in public schools in Kara State failed the aptitude and capacity tests in English and Mathematics designed from primary four pupils!

Then we have received the latest shocking report that 80 percent job seekers failed the 2011 Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) recruitment aptitude test. And the applicants are the so called best graduating students with first class and second class upper class degrees from Nigerian universities.

“The recent mass failure of candidates in WAEC and NECO exams nationwide makes the call for an urgent surgical review of our schools system more urgent than envisaged. Also our current experience in the ongoing recruitment exercise where candidates with the so-called 2:1 certificates post less than 20 percent score line in some cases has heightened our apprehension about the lack of functionality in our education format. Over dependent on certificates is not the best. Over 80% of the candidates that wrote the NNPC recruitment exams failed,” said Engr. Austen Oniwon, the Group Managing Director of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) on Monday August 22, 2011.

Majority of the graduates from the universities have been found wanting in intellectual skills, unemployable and unproductive.

They have been cheating to gain admission into tertiary institutions and cheating to pass examinations and cheating to graduate, cheating to get jobs and they continue cheating as a way of life until they pass away.

The Nigerian society is like a serio-comic tragedy of existential drama on earth.

The following observation is from a Nigerian blogger.

Distractions Unlimited!
While the Bermuda Triangle of social networks – Twitter, Facebook and Google – still reigns supreme; Blackberry (BB) has become a must for many. These students are no exception, they are constantly pinging. If only the propensity to face-book can be converted to facing their books, then these guys would pass. A post summarizes it thus:
SUN NEWSPAPER today confirmed that ONE million candidates failed SSCE… Y wont dey fail?
FB/ BB/ Lace wig/ …BBA/ Wizkid/ Oniru/ Galleria/ Elegushi/ Ozone/ Shawarma…/ Pizza/ ipod/ Brazilian Hair/ Twitter/ Sagging/ nimbuzz/ ipad… Mcheewwww!!!

~ By Nwachukwu Egbunike in Why won’t they fail? of The Feathers Project blog.

Mental retardation (MR) is a common malaise plaguing majority of the youths and just listening to the popular ditties of 99% of their most sensational hip hop singers is enough to rate their low Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Communicating with them is like having a nightmarish discussion with idiots online and offline.

These hordes of Nigerian youth I call NFAs (No Future Ambitions) are intellectually retarded with below-average intelligence quotient (BAIQ).

The majority of Nigerian youths we are seeing before our very eyes today are a generation of dullards or what we call “Olodos” in the popular Yorùbá language.

~ By Ekenyerenozi Michael Chima, Publisher/CEO of International Digital Post Network LLC is a prize winning Nigerian writer, author of four books and many blogs, Founder/Programmer of the annual Eko International Film Festival and Festival Director of Screen Afrika in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Is The Nigerian Government Scared Of Multinational Oil Companies?

Every administration of the Nigerian government has failed to prosecute the multinational oil companies destroying the communities of oil producing states in the Niger Delta.

The Nigerian Navy has failed to stop oil thieves from overseas who have been engaged in illegal bunkering and stealing hundreds of thousands of barrels of our crude oil. And multinational oil companies have not been paying all the required taxes. Chevron Nigeria Limited has been indicted for tax evasion and the mainstream news media compromised the ethics of the press by not publishing the scandalous impunity of Chevron and other multinational oil companies in Nigeria. Even when I wanted to pay for an advert on their crimes, the mainstream newspapers asked me not to identify them, because they did not want to lose the patronage of Chevron and other multinational oil companies.


We have become the accomplices of the foreign powers plundering the Niger Delta?
Once they settle us, we will not report their evils.

President Barack Obama did not spare BP over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which flowed for three months in 2010.

Read the report on 50 years of oil spills in Nigeria on

See the Full text of President Obama's BP Oil Spill speech


The Nigerian government has failed to support the Ogoni people in their quest to make Shell pay for the collateral damages done to their environment. What we have is a government of political hypocrisy in the masquerade of democracy.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

GSMA Calls on Nigerian Government to support Mobile Broadband Rollout

5 Apr 2011 10:08 Africa/Lagos

GSMA Calls on Nigerian Government to Unlock Economic Growth by Supporting Mobile Broadband Rollout

LAGOS, Nigeria, April 5, 2011/PRNewswire/ --

- Government action required to meet high consumer and business demand for Mobile Broadband

The GSMA, which represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, today called on the Nigerian government to unlock potential NGN862 billion of GDP growth by 2015 by supporting the rollout of Mobile Broadband across the country.

At a press conference in Lagos this morning, Ross Bateson, Special Government Advisor, GSMA, outlined the findings of a new independent report by analyst firm Analysys Mason and called on the Nigerian government to:

- Unlock the 2.6GHz spectrum quickly to support the high demand for
Mobile Broadband in urban areas;
- Release the digital dividend spectrum to deliver broadband services to
rural areas; and
- Reduce the 35 per cent tax level faced by Nigerian mobile operators, a
tax which is double the global average.

According to the study, only 6 per cent of all Nigerians currently have access to broadband services, and 74 per cent of those do so through Mobile Broadband. There is little fixed broadband connectivity outside of Lagos, and even in Nigerian cities, most cyber cafes now connect to the internet using wireless services. It is widely acknowledged that mass-market broadband availability will only be possible using mobile technologies, and this report highlights the steps the Nigerian government must take to promote Mobile Broadband growth.

Bateson said: "It is essential that the new Nigerian government acts quickly to support Mobile Broadband expansion, as failure to do so could hinder the country's social and economic growth. Not only could the country realise as much as NGN862 billion of incremental GDP, but people of all ages and livelihoods would benefit from the vast amount of information and opportunities Mobile Broadband can unlock."

The study found that Mobile Broadband could potentially contribute more than 1 per cent of GDP, or 1.7 per cent of non-oil GDP, as soon as 2015 and will facilitate much needed diversification of the economy. According to the report, government support for Mobile Broadband services could help deliver significant advantages to the wider wireless ecosystem and the way in which other sectors use the internet:

- 55 per cent annual growth would be seen from the online retail
industry, growing from NGN4.5bn in 2010 to 44.9bn in 2015;
- The financial services industry's benefit from broadband would grow by
95 per cent CAGR, as a result of mobile access to bank accounts and
money transfer services, from NGN0.6bn in 2010 to 16.8bn in 2015;
- The use of the internet and mobile to deliver of social services,
including healthcare and education, would generate growth of 70 per
cent CAGR, from NGN2.2bn to 30.3bn in 2015; and
- The overall corporate market, especially agriculture and utilities,
would experience a 55 per cent annual growth rate through the provision
of services online, from NGN3.6bn in 2010 to 32.1bn in 2015.

Wider availability of Mobile Broadband could also vastly improve overall industrial productivity through improvements in business processes. A 73 per cent annual increase in the working population with access to Mobile Broadband, reaching 5.2 million users by 2015, will deliver an additional NGN140 billion to the Nigerian economy each year.

Bateson concluded: "Mobile is the most cost-effective way of delivering broadband services in Nigeria. Nigeria already has advanced mobile networks, such as Glo's recently launched LTE network, and has experienced significant take-up of HSPA Mobile Broadband. The laying of submarine data cables between Lagos and Europe has provided much of the international backhaul needed, but mobile is vital in providing 'last mile' connectivity to consumers, especially in rural areas. However, without proper spectrum allocation in line with internationally harmonised band plans and broader government support, it will not be possible to realise the full potential of Mobile Broadband."

Notes to editors

*ITU Option 1 (ITU-R M.1036-3), for 2.6GHz spectrum allocation dictates that 2 X 70 MHz FDD (2500 MHz - 2570 MHz paired with 2620 MHz - 2690 MHz) be allocated to Mobile Broadband deployment, and 50 MHz is allocated to TDD (2570 MHz - 2620 MHz).

About the GSMA

The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. Uniting nearly 800 of the world's mobile operators and more than 200 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, the GSMA is focused on innovating, incubating and creating new opportunities for its membership and driving the growth of the mobile industry.

For more information, please visit Mobile World Live, the online portal for the mobile communications industry, at or the GSMA corporate website at

Source: GSMA

Alima Atta on behalf of the GSMA, +234-1-474-1223; 898-2587,

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