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Saturday, September 18, 2010

DANGEROUS MEN: The Next Big Nigerian Film After IJÉ the Journey

Dangerous Men: The Next Big Nigerian Film After Chineze Anyaene's IJÉ the Journey
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Emmanuel (Nigerian action star George Davidson), is an assassin who goes against the order of his contractor X (GuGu E. Michaels) and refuses to carry out a hit placed on Senator Kingston (New comer M.J. Mathias).

Emmanuel in danger, is forced to take a homeless man (Nigeria’s 5 times Kung Fu champion Leo U” Che) and turn him into the perfect killer. The deadly duo forms an alliance with Kingston and go after X the very man that hired Emmanuel for the Kingston hit. This action flick leads to an ultimate fighting showdown between the new generation assassin Samuel and the veteran head of the organization of Assassins X. Get ready for non-stop action, masterful fight sequences and out of the world visual effects that will leave the audience with their mouths open and in shock. Shot in High Definition (HD), with 35mm film look, shot with the backdrop of Lagos, Nigeria.
Dangerous Men is a sure thing for all action fans across the globe.

Dangerous Men has attracted the interest of the major North American distributor TMG WARNER SYSTEM,

The production company GU International Pictures (GIP) is an American Nigerian multimedia entertainment company making films, music videos and other productions of world class standard.

DANGEROUS MEN is a thriller by GuGu E. Michaels, an accomplished filmmaker who has worked as a director and producer on a number of commercial and independent projects including the feature films "Thugz", "Repentance" and "Dangerous County". He has also helmed a number of campaigns for retailers like Cadillac, Lamborghini and Porche. Prior to co-founding New Era Pictures, Michaels served as president of Dallas based Redrumm Records and worked with such artists as hip hop giants UGK.

DANGEROUS MEN will start showing at Silverbird Cinemas from October 15, 2010.