Friday, October 15, 2010

Prof. Babs Fafunwa was a Great Educationist.

Professor Babatunde Aliu Fafunwa(1923-2010) Photo Credit: Femi Adebesin-Kuti from 234 NEXT

“It is true that I proposed the 6-3-3-4 system of education system in 1989. I don’t have any apology about it. Our problem is not the system but failure to implement what was recommended be-fore the cancellation.”
~ Prof Babatunde Fafunwa in response to President Goodluck Jonathan who blamed him for the failure of the 6-3-3-4 system of education.

The passing of one of the foremost Nigerian educationists Prof.Babatunde Fafunwa made headlines in the major newspapers and electronic news channels in Nigeria. He deserved all the eulogies, because Baba Fafunwa as is he was fondly called came, saw and conquered. He was the first Nigerian to receive a doctorate degree in Education. But he departed without seeing the fulfillment of his best wishes for Nigeria. He was a former minister of education and did his best to reform the underdeveloped education system in Nigeria. He would have been happier if every Nigerian child is given the excellent education he gave his own children who have proved to be worthy achievers and made him proud.

It is wrong for President Goodluck Jonathsan to blame Prof. Fafunwa for the systemic failure of the 6-3-3-4 system of education in Nigeria.

According to the National President of League of Muslim Proprietors' (LEAMPS), Engineer Ibraheem Abdulkareem, those championing the newly introduced Universal Basic Education (UBE) are responsible for collapse of the 6-3-3-4 system and not Prof. Babatunde Fafunwa.
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National Film And Video Censors Board Wants To Ban Dangerous Men

National Film And Video Censors Board Wants To Ban Dangerous Men

Gugu Michaels, the director of a Nigerian action thriller Dangerous Men said the National Film and Video Censors Board wants to ban his film that is scheduled to start showing from this weekend at the Silverbird and Genesis Deluxe Cinemas. Mr. Michaels said the censors board reported that Dangerous Men showed Nigeria in a negative way and depicted what is going on in Nigerian politics and crime at the moment.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Show Me Your Logo: Building A New Nigeria Starts With You and I

Show Me Your Logo: Building A New Nigeria Starts With You and I

I have the seen the parade ignorance
In the masquerade of arrogance

Posing and posturing in lip service and eye service with false airs and graces are common life styles of many Nigerians, in particular the so called elites among the populace. The irony of their pretentious life styles is the fact that their unscrupulous behavior exposes their falsehood. They have made little or no positive impact in their community and larger society. That is why so much poverty is surrounding them and they cannot create things that would uplift the majority of the poor masses and have failed woefully to boost human capital development in Nigeria. Most of them are mere consumers and not producers.

We have millions of youths out of school and unemployed and the government cannot provide jobs for them.
Corporate Nigeria wastes millions of naira sponsoring TV Realty shows and games that do not add much to our GDP or GNP and cannot create jobs for our millions of unemployed youths.

They are promoting pornographic and psychedelic music shows misleading millions of our young girls and boys who end up with mass failures in our examinations, millions of cases of STDs and HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies.

Lecturers are on strike as they cannot continue to deceive their students with undeveloped curricula and broken down facilities on campuses where students stool in the bedrooms of their hostels, because their toilets are horrible.

When we disrespect our students, and make them stool like dogs in their broken down hostels, they end up dehumanized and don't care about morals and social cultural values, because they have low esteem. No wonder they have to do all sorts of sharp practices to make ends meet and end up as corrupt graduates and most of them are unemployable and may become our liabilities. Because we now have graduates with questionable certificates and no professional or intellectual skills.

Doctors are on strike, because the government is corrupt and incompetent.

I wonder why any competent government will even allow doctors to go on strike when we don't have enough medical doctors in Nigeria?
And medical students suffer many indignities in our teaching hospitals.
All medical students should be on full government scholarship and medical doctors in our public hospitals should be well paid and given modern accommodations and transportation to motivate them to do their best for the benefit of their poor patients who cannot afford the bills at private hospitals.

The political contractors in power do no care, because they can afford the medical bills at the private hospitals in Nigeria and overseas. And their children do not worry about employment since they have looted the treasury to provide the luxuries of life for them.

It is a tragedy that they spend hundreds of millions of naira on the acquisition and possession of their posh cars and SUVs and luxury homes, when a fraction of that money would have been invested in building cottage industries and creating jobs in their respective communities. With only N3, 000, 000 (three million naira) a cottage industry such as an Adire Tie and Dye enterprise can be developed and create up to 20 jobs in a rural village or urban neighborhood and within 12 months that Adire making enterprise will be making over N5 million profit for the community. And there are many models of profitable cottage industries to use and replicate in every community in every local government area in every state in Nigeria. The untapped Adire Tie and Dye business is a billion naira industry. The Adire cloth can be used to make apparels of all sorts. Adire can be used to make shirts, trousers, skirts, gowns, hats, caps, jackets, uniforms, etc.

In the summer of 2009, I got a franchise for Startup Weekend from the Startup Weekend of America. Startup Weekend is an Information Computer Technology (ICT) initiative to create Internet based companies and creates jobs at every weekend brainstorming retreat that will be held in every local government area. At least 3 companies are created and incorporated at every startup weekend and the companies will be owned and managed by all the participants who are between 100 to 250 people at every weekend. Of course not all the 100 to 250 people need to be actively engaged in the companies, but every one of them will be a shareholder in each of the companies as long as the person participated in the startup weekend that created the startups. The successful models of such startups are the billion dollar,,, and other booming dotcoms in the US.

Startup Weekends can be held in every local government in Nigeria and will create thousands of jobs within 12 months.
There is a Startup Weekend project for Nollywood, the largest movie industry in Africa. This Startup Weekend project will make millions of dollars for Nigerian movie producers and will make more money than Silverbird Cinemas, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas and other cinemas in Nigeria. The captive and receptive audiences for this Startup Weekend project for Nollywood are ready and waiting for the launch.
There is another Startup Weekend project for Nigerian Lotto Games that will gross millions of dollars weekly.
There is another Startup Weekend project for Nigerian tertiary schools that will make millions of dollars annually.
The Startup Weekend projects I have mentioned have been launched successfully in America, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. We are ready to launch them for the first time in Africa, right here in Nigeria.

Pastor Poju Oyemade of the Covenant Christian Center has been using The Platform as the pivot for the mobilization, motivation and sensitization of Nigerians for the raising of spiritual leaders, intellectual leaders, financial leaders and political leaders who will be the champions of the nation building of a New Nigeria in the leadership of Africa in the comity of nations on earth. Mo Abudu of Inspire Africa and Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli of Leap Africa and other trail-blazers are busy doing their best to discover and launch young Nigerians who are gifted and poised to make a positive impact in their communities and larger society of our common sovereignty.
Don’t be left out of the revolution of the making of a new nation.

My vision of a great Nigeria was written in my first prize winning essay “What I like Best about Nigeria” when I was only 13 and also in my first prize winning poem “Song of Patriotism” when I was 20. I have used the gospel of Jesus Christ to preach this divine vision to thousands of people on public transport buses in Lagos city for 11 years and I demonstrated it when I launched the first National Literary Essay Competition for Secondary Schools at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies of the University of Lagos in 2003, under my publishing company King of Kings Books International.

What are you doing to make a positive impact in your neighborhood, community and society?
Show me your logo?

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima,

Highly Recommended:
Only The Best Is Good Enough For Us

Monday, October 4, 2010

President Goodluck Jonathan Does Not Need These Bloody Distractions

What happened to Nigeria on October 1, 2010, is not what I would even wish for my worst enemy. To be given a birthday present of bombs that killed over 11 of your children and left several others injured. The terrorist bombings on the very 50th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria was roundly condemned and denounced by every sensible Nigerian and other people in the world. President Goodluck Jonathan , formers heads of state, prominent leaders, invited leaders of other countries, other important dignitaries and thousands of others at the Eagle Square, venue of the Golden Jubilee celebrations were shocked and embarrassed by the horrifying and terrifying bomb blasts.

I was in Lagos reporting the 50th Independence day parade as I was watching the live broadcast on TV when I received the bad news. TheMovement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta claimed responsibility for the terrorist bombings. The foreign news media as usual reported the tragedy before our own local news media and I got the first pictures of the incident from the websites of the Vancouver Sun and other foreign news channels.

What happened was bad and those who did it were bad as they made Nigerians sad.
Nigeria is not Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Lebanon and other parts of the world where terrorist bombings were common. Nigeria is not a terrorist state. We don’t blow up ourselves. No, this not our way. We are better and wiser than that. We do not breed suicide bombers. So, what MEND and those responsible for these horrible bombings have done is against our beliefs, customs and traditions. Dialogue would solve more problems than killing innocent people. MEND will account for the blood of the innocent people who were killed by the bomb blasts on October 1, 2010.

According to the BBC:
The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend) is a loose web of armed groups in Nigeria’s oil-producing Niger Delta region.

These gangs have spent years kidnapping oil workers, attacking oil fields, blowing up pipelines and fighting Nigeria’s army.

Niger Delta politicians originally created the gangs – by arming young men to use as their private armies and to rig elections.

But later, the young men began to turn the guns on the government, and oil companies, organising into a militant movement, under the banner Mend.

Formed out of previous militant groups in 2006 Send regular e-mails to media Split into several factions Most leaders accepted amnesty 1 October attack first in Abuja Based in creeks of Niger Delta Want oil wealth to remain in Delta Preaching non-violence to militants The day Nigeria hit oil ‘Blood oil’ dripping from Nigeria They demand that the Delta receive more benefits from its oil, with a fairer share of the wealth invested in roads, schools, hospitals, clean water and power supply.

~ Caroline Duffield of BBC News, Lagos

President Goodluck Jonathan doubts if MEND would commit such a horrible crime of terrorism. Many reporters said MEND warned that bombs would be exploded in cars and trash bins in Abuja on the 50th Independence Anniversary and the bombs exploded as MEND warned. And MEND did not deny that it was responsible for the terrorist attack. Kidnappers, armed robbers, bloody militants and other lunatic fringe elements are enemies of progress and the sooner we track them down and round them up, the better and safer we would be.

President Goodluck Jonathan is being challenged to preside over the 2011 elections and such acts of terrorism do not augur well for his administration. In fact, he does not need such bloody distractions. He promised President Barack Obama that the 2011 elections will be free and fair and his hands are already full and anyone who believes in the Nigerian Dream of a new dawn of peace, prosperity and unity should support him to keep his promise for the nation building of a New Nigeria in the leadership of Africa among the comity of nations.

God save Nigeria.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, author of Barack Obama and the American Dream.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bombs Kill 8 and Injure Others in Abuja as Nigeria turns 50

Breaking: Nigeria: Sixteen Child Hostages Freed

Bombs Kill 8 and Injure Others in Abuja as Nigeria turns 50

A policeman stands near a damaged car following a blast in Abuja during the 50th independence anniversary ceremony in Abuja on October 1, 2010. Explosions rocked an area near Nigeria's independence celebrations on Friday and killed at least seven people following threats from oil militants, witnesses and a police source said. Photograph by: Pius Utomi Ekpei, AFP/Getty. From The Vancouver Sun .

8 people were reported killed and over 21 others injured in Nigeria's Independence Day bombs.

The daring Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) rocked Abuja with bomb blasts in defiance of the government’s celebration of the 50th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria. The loud explosions of car bombs shook the capital city, with one explosion 1 km away from the parade grounds of the Eagle Square where President Goodluck Jonathan was attending the Independence Day parade.

Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan waves during a military parade marking Nigeria's 50th independence anniversary in Abuja October 1, 2010. Car bomb explosions killed eight people and injured three near a parade in Nigeria's capital on Friday marking the 50th anniversary of independence, police said.
Photograph by: Afolabi Sotunde, REUTERS. From The Vancouver Sun

MEND warned that there is nothing worth celebrating after 50 years of failure. And accused the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of plundering the mineral resources in the oil rich Niger Delta region.

Niger Delta militants in action

Click here for a detailed report.

Rampant corrupt practices have undermined development in Africa’s most populous country where democracy has failed and replaced by what has been condemned as a "kleptocracy", a government of avaricious political contractors and their capitalist collaborators, sycophantic cronies and beneficiaries.

The government has failed to secure lives and properties in Nigeria as rising crimes of kidnappings, robberies and assassinations make daily headlines. The poverty stricken masses are suffering and still smiling and praying for divine intervention in a country where regular power supply, a three square meal or receiving good healthcare is a miracle.

Many of the dare-devil militants, kidnappers, armed robbers, assassins and other lunatic fringe elements were former political thugs and goons employed by the corrupt rulers in rigging elections and for illegal oil bunkering, but these demons they created have turned against them.

Illegal bunkering is still going on while the fake amnesty is being used to fool the ignorant masses.

MEND knows that the PDP wants to use the Niger Delta born President Goodluck Jonathan to woo and to deceive the gullible masses and hoodwink his people in the Niger Delta.

When Prof. Ben Nwabueze (SAN) asked for a bloody revolution on July 7, 2010, he was warning the government of the grave consequences of the impunity of the corrupt ruling party and to challenge the eminent Nigerians and others who were at the public presentation of his latest book; "Colonialism in Africa: Ancient and Modern (Volumes 1 & 2)", at the Nigeria Institute of International Affairs, Kofo Abayomi, Victoria Island, Lagos. But did they repent?

Google Celebrates Nigeria at 50

Google celebrates the 50th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria with a new doodle on the homepage. Isn’t that so cute!

Two thumbs up to Google!