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Friday, May 13, 2011

I have no time for wacky songs – Shine of Rainbow FM

There is no dull moment with the black, bold and beautiful Shine of Rainbow FM in Nigeria. She is cheerful and sweet; pleasant; delightful; gracious and polite, but she knows her onions.

Please, meet the sweetest Nigerian MC in her own words.

My full names are Anino Judy Shine Begho, but a lot of people prefer to call me Shine because it’s easy to remember and it’s unique.

I hail from Warri, Delta State in the south-south region of Nigeria. I majored in mass communication in the university. I have contested in beauty pageants and modeled since I turned 18 and I have also been a professional dancer, but now I do it for fun and also as a form of exercise to keep fit.

I love music and since I graduated from the university in 2007, I’ve been in the media/entertainment industry. I started as a TV presenter and then moved to radio as a presenter too but alongside I host and mc events and parties. I also do voice over recordings for radio and TV jingles/promos. But in the mist of all these I try as much as possible to rest , have fun with family and friends, travel and do all the fun things I dreamt of as a kid.

I don’t like and I don’t play wacky songs on my radio show on Rainbow FM. That is why I don’t ask or collect any cash or gifts from artistes to play their songs or interview them. If your music is good enough then I will broadcast it gratis. I believe in merit.

You can listen to my new single on

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pay-TV Subscriptions to Triple to 4 Million by Year-End 2015

Infinity TV is a popular Pay-TV service in Nigeria.

24 Jan 2011 22:30 Africa/Lagos

AME Pay-TV Subscriptions to Triple to 4 Million by Year-End 2015, Pyramid Finds

PR Newswire

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 24, 2011

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- As operators find ways to circumvent current barriers in AME's pay-TV market, subscriptions are expected to triple over the next five years, reaching 4 million. This represents an 11 percent CAGR in pay-TV subscriptions through 2015, the highest in the world, according to a new report from Pyramid Research (

New Market Dynamics Bode Well for Spike in Pay-TV Adoption analyzes the growth potential for pay-TV services in AME, highlighting the main obstacles to pay-TV adoption in the region and pointing out the key market developments that would enable more aggressive growth than we are currently projecting. The report then looks in detail at pay-TV markets in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa, each representing different stages of pay-TV market development, and at efforts in each market to overcome obstacles.

Download an excerpt of this report:

Purchase this report online:

AME's market dynamics are changing and the picture of pay-TV in the region in the coming years leaves room for optimism. "Over the next five years, as regulatory changes introduce more competition into the sector and technology platforms advance, Pyramid expects the region to begin to overcome the many obstacles that have inhibited its growth in the past, specifically the high cost and limited reach of pay-TV platforms," says Mehdi Ben Said, Senior Analyst at Pyramid.

Currently, there are several barriers preventing even greater growth than Pyramid projects. "These include limited competition, lack of content, and a weak platform on which to provide pay-TV services over existing last-mile infrastructure. The adoption of new alternatives in certain countries is a sign that the market is trying follow new paths for growth," notes Ben Said. The rise in per-capita GDP will have an immediate and positive impact on the pay-TV market in the region, helped along by the success and pan-regional expansion of the AME's largest mobile operators.

Furthermore, with strong growth in mobile subscriptions, many mobile operators will enter the market through alliances with DTH providers, marking a significant and positive change in the pay-TV landscape. "The lack of fixed infrastructure and the dominance of mobile access in most African countries constitute a huge opportunity for mobile operators to become the main pay-TV providers in Africa in the long term," he indicates. "Although mobile networks in many countries may not be video-ready, we recommend that mobile operators look carefully at launching packages in conjunction with DTH operators in the near term in order to develop brand recognition in the segment."

New Market Dynamics Bode Well for Spike in Pay-TV Adoption is part of Pyramid Research's Global Telecom Insider report series. Download an excerpt of this report here: This report is priced at $595 and can be purchased online ( by contacting

CONTACT: Jennifer Baker, +1-617-871-1910,

SOURCE Pyramid Research

CONTACT: Jennifer Baker, +1-617-871-1910,

Web Site:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

MTN Project Fame West Africa is a Blessing to Nigeria

No doubt, MTN Project Fame West Africa is the best music talent show on TV in Nigeria.

The music director of Project Fame West Africa Ben Ogbeiwi is a total package. The guy is God sent to the participants.
He is a genius as a teacher with a down-to-earth sense of humour.

The Faculty of MTN Project Fame West Africa is doing for the participants what no music school in Nigeria can do.

Yetunde, one of the contestants.

My favourite contestant is Yetunde.

I rate it 100%.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sony and Google Launch First Internet TV

20 May 2010 19:05 Africa/Lagos

Sony to Introduce 'Sony Internet TV'

World's First TV Incorporating 'Google TV' Platform, Delivering Unprecedented TV-Internet Integration

TOKYO, May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Corporation (hereafter "Sony") today announced the launch of "Sony Internet TV," the world's first TV to be based on the "Google TV" platform announced by Google Inc. (hereafter "Google"), Sony, Intel Corporation and Logitech today at Google I/O in San Francisco. "Sony Internet TV " combines the future growth potential and accessibility of the Android-based open Google TV platform with Sony's industry-leading expertise from product development to marketing. "Sony Internet TV" is scheduled to first launch in the U.S. in the Fall of 2010, with the lineup featuring both a standalone TV model and set top box-type unit incorporating a Blu-ray Disc drive.

As part of its ongoing efforts to introduce new business categories, Sony has proceeded to develop an "Evolving" TV that delivers new viewing styles exceeding conventional preconceptions, expandability through application downloads and other compelling features such as seamless operability and multitasking. "Sony Internet TV" realizes this vision, and is a new generation of TV that not only offers new forms of TV enjoyment through unprecedented Internet integration, but is also able to "evolve" through the download of applications. By leveraging the flexibility and growth potential of Google TV platform, Sony will be able to provide consumers with easy access to a range of rich and attractive content.

As the range of new internet content and services continues to grow and diversify, Sony's development of an "Evolving" TV will enable it to deliver this world of internet-based entertainment directly into consumers' living rooms. Furthermore, Sony will continue to apply its wealth of display technology expertise to create ever more compelling and attractive TV products.


Corporate Communications, Sony Corporation Tel: +81-3-6748-2200

Source: Sony Corporation

CONTACT: Corporate Communications of Sony Corporation, +81-3-6748-2200

Releases displayed in Africa/Lagos time
20 May 2010
Sony to Introduce 'Sony Internet TV'
Sony and Google Establish Strategic Alliance to Deliver Compelling New Cloud-based Products and Services With the Android Platform
Google and DISH Network Collaborate to Develop Integrated Multichannel TV and Web Platform

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

IP Video Networks (IPVN) Bridges Gap Between Laptop and TV

2 Mar 2010 04:10 Africa/Lagos

IP Video Networks (IPVN) Bridges Gap Between Laptop and TV

Laptop to TV technology allows cable subscribers to share and enjoy media from a laptop on a TV without an additional set-top-box or hardware component

SAN DIEGO, March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- IP Video Networks, Inc., a video over IP technology company, introduces a new concept and equipment for cable TV providers that allows subscribers to send video, audio and pictures from a netbook, laptop, or mobile device for immediate viewing on a TV. From a standard web browser the subscriber can identify a video on the web, select "Send to TV," and the cable network delivers the selected content for viewing on the TV. The technology does not require the subscriber to install any additional devices.

IP Video Networks, Inc. developed this technology (patent pending) in 2009 and believes the ubiquitous "TV remote" will migrate to an intelligent but low cost device, such as a netbook or laptop, which will enhance interactive television and simplify content sharing and discovery.

IPVN is offering this technology to selected partners in the cable industry and expects to be a leader in the drive for users to view any content from any source on any cable connected screen. The elegance of the design allows cable network operators to explore new business models around a new service for existing subscribers.

"This new capability solves the nagging technical issues that always come up while trying to share video content, viewable on PC devices, with the home TV," said Bob Coackley, IPVN's Chief Executive Officer. "Customers will be able to select any content from the Web and push movies, clips or other rich media to the TV. This technology is part of our commitment to help cable companies stay at the forefront in offering their subscribers the best entertainment offerings that technology can support."

"There are many additional opportunities that this technology offers," said Jarrod Hammes, Vice President of Marketing at IPVN. "As IPVN's technology does not require the cable operator or user to deploy a new set-top-box, it simplifies interactive television by enabling a laptop to provide a great user interface, while leveraging the existing HD capabilities and network capabilities built by the cable operators."

About IP Video Networks, Inc.

IP Video Networks, Inc. provides IP video transport products to broadcasters, satellite operators, cable MSOs, and telecom operators. At the core of the company's capabilities is expertise in IP Video, supported by patented technology and deep knowledge of digital video transport. IPVN's Path 1 division produces long-haul Vx, Cx, and Ax product families that guarantee broadcast quality for contribution and distribution of professional real-time video over public or private IP networks, including the Internet. The VIDx product family easily integrates into legacy networks to support Video on Demand, HDTV, and digital simulcast applications, while significantly reducing capital expenditure and extending the useful life of operators' core networks. IP Video Networks, Inc., based in San Diego, California, is a privately held company. More information about IP Video Networks, Inc. can be found online:

Source: IP Video Networks, Inc.

CONTACT: Jarrod Hammes of IP Video Networks, +1-858-366-4391,

Web Site: