Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

I am glad and grateful to the Almighty God for His infinite mercies and saving grace for keeping us alive and well from the beginning of 2008 to the end and ushering us into the New Year!

Thank you for reading Nigerians Report and thank you very much if you bought any of the items sold on Nigerians Report and through Nigerians Report.

Break the ice!
Pop the Question!
Be nice to the world!

I love you heart and soul.

I wish you all the best things in life in 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good News From Nigeria!

I am 100% determined to spread the good news of this book Scientists Discover Hell: As Astronauts Find Heaven from my country Nigeria, because I am happy that such a great revelation is coming out where the rest of the world only expects 419 Yahoo-Yahoo Internet Scammers and shamelessly corrupt politicians,

I bought four copies of this book at $25 each and sent the four copies to the following people.

1. Oprah Winfrey
2. Prof. Francis Collins
3. Ariana Huffington and
4. Pastor Sunday Adelaja.

I have also succeeded in getting the publisher/distributor to reduce the price of the paperback from $25 to $16 only. But the new price is only available on their own website until next week when it will be effective on
I am going to buy and send 20 more copies to other people.

The book chronicles the true life testimonies of people who were brought back to life by Jesus Christ in present Day Nigeria, a Russian woman who actually saw hell, an American pastor's experience of heaven and the scientific reports of scientists and astronauts who discovered the existence of hell, heaven and angels.

About the author:
The Guild Of Researchers International is an intelligentsia of scholars committed to theology and public enlightenment through both spiritual and scientific research.

Scientists Discover Hell: As Astronauts Find Heaven
Edited By Olisaemeka A.G.

About the Book:

This and other publications are in fulfillment of a mandate and in satisfaction of the curiosity to conduct, as much as possible, comprehensive and incisive research works on various topical issues that are of global consequences to the entire human race. The facts are presented the way they are and the researchers have no bias or religious inclination in their presentation as the researchers have different background and the facts adduced hereto are as verifiable as they are purely scientific, historical, contemporary and testimonial in their extent, intent content and impact. Proper citations and sufficient acknowledgments are made of the various sources of facts referred to in this work as required in any academic research.

Publication Date: Sep 27 2008
ISBN/EAN13: 1440429995 / 9781440429996
Page Count: 400
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8" x 10"
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Religion / Religion & Science

List Price: $16.00

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Day Barack Obama Made Me Shed Tears of Joy

August 29, 2008.
4.12 am
Lagos, Nigeria.

God woke me up at about 2.45 am to have a holy communion with me and to watch the live broadcast of the Democratic Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech of Senator Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention in Denver on Thursday night of August 28, 2008, which was already 3.30 am of Friday August 29, 2008, in Nigeria.

I heard every word delivered by Barack Obama and the response of the great audience was overwhelming!
He reiterated his commitment to the promises of the goals of his historic presidential campaign and to be honest to God, for the first time since I have been monitoring and evaluating the presidential ambition of Senator Barack Obama, I believed he is truly sincere and really capable of being elected as the next President of the United States of America on November 4, 2008. I felt tears in my eyes as I watched Barack Obama speak and I was happy for America.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SPECIAL REPORT: Former Willbros International Executive and Consultant Charged in $6 Million Foreign Bribery Conspiracy

19 Dec 2008 23:48 Africa/Lagos

SPECIAL REPORT: Former Willbros International Executive and Consultant Charged in $6 Million Foreign Bribery Conspiracy

WASHINGTON, Dec. 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A former executive and a consultant of Willbros International Inc. (WII), a subsidiary of Houston-based Willbros Group Inc. (Willbros), have been charged in connection with a conspiracy to pay more than $6 million in bribes to government officials in Nigeria and Ecuador, Acting Assistant Attorney General Matthew Friedrich of the Criminal Division announced today.

James K. Tillery, 49, a former executive of WII, and Paul G. Novak, 41, a former consultant to WII, were charged in an indictment unsealed today in U.S. District Court in Houston with conspiring to make more than $6 million in corrupt payments to Nigerian and Ecuadorian government officials. The bribes were allegedly paid in order to obtain and retain gas pipeline construction and rehabilitation business from state-owned oil companies in Nigeria and Ecuador in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The four-count indictment charges Tillery and Novak with one count of conspiracy to violate the FCPA, two counts of violating the FCPA in connection with the authorization of specific corrupt payments to officials in Nigeria and Ecuador, and one count of conspiring to launder the bribe payments through purported consulting companies controlled by Novak.

According to the indictment, Tillery was a WII employee and executive from the 1980s through January 2005. From 2002 until January 2005, Tillery served as executive vice president and, later, as president of WII. Novak was an employee of WII in the mid-1990s, according to the indictment, who later worked as an oil and gas consultant in Nigeria, purporting to provide consulting services to companies in that field.

The indictment alleges that from late 2003 through March 2005, Tillery, Novak, a Nigerian national working with Novak as a "consultant" to Willbros, Nigeria-based employees of a major German engineering and construction company, and other WII employees conspired to make millions of dollars in corrupt payments to assist in obtaining and retaining a major gas pipeline engineering, procurement and construction project known as the Eastern Gas Gathering System (EGGS). Willbros and its German consortium partner offered to perform the work related to the EGGS project for approximately $387 million. In exchange for being awarded the EGGS project, the indictment alleges that Tillery, Novak, and others corruptly paid, promised to pay and authorized payments to officials of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), the state-owned oil company in Nigeria; the Nigerian National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS), NNPC's subsidiary that manages NNPC's investments in its joint ventures; a senior official in the executive branch of the Nigerian federal government; officials of a Nigerian political party; and officials of the company that operated the EGGS joint venture. The indictment alleges that most of the bribe payments were laundered through Novak and his Nigerian consulting company partner.

The indictment also alleges that Tillery, Novak, and other WII employees based in South America agreed to make approximately $300,000 in corrupt payments to officials of state-owned PetroEcuador and its subsidiary, PetroComercial, to assist in obtaining a project that involved the rehabilitation of approximately 16 kilometers of a gas pipeline running from Santo Domingo to El Beaterio, Ecuador. PetroComercial was WII's client on the $3 million project.

If convicted of all charges, Tillery and Novak each face sentences of up to 35 years in prison and fines of $250,000, or twice the pecuniary gain or loss from the offense, whichever is greater, for conspiring to violate the FCPA and for each violation of the FCPA; and $500,000 or twice the value of the funds involved in the transfer, whichever is greater, for the money laundering conspiracy.

Willbros, a publicly-traded company that provides construction, engineering and other services in the oil and gas industry, conducts international operations through WII. On May 14, 2008, Willbros and WII entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Department of Justice and agreed to pay a $22 million criminal penalty in connection with corrupt payments to Nigerian and Ecuadorian government officials in violation of the FCPA. As part of the agreement, Willbros and WII agreed to cooperate, and have been cooperating, with the Department in its ongoing investigation.

The indictment was unsealed today after Novak was arrested upon his arrival into George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. Novak returned to the United States from Constantia, South Africa, after his U.S. passport was revoked. Tillery remains at large.

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant Chief Hank Bond Walther and Trial Attorney Laura N. Perkins of the Criminal Division's Fraud Section. It was previously handled by former Fraud Section Trial Attorney Thomas E. Stevens. The case is being investigated by the FBI and Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigations. Additional assistance was provided by the Criminal Division's Office of International Affairs, the Fort Worth, Texas, Regional Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

An indictment is merely an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent of the charges, and it is the government's burden to prove a defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.

Source: U.S. Department of Justice

CONTACT: U.S. Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs,
+1-202-514-2008, TDD +1-202-514-1888

Web Site:

22 Dec 2008
PHOTO ADVISORY - Webster University Donates Hundreds of Business Books to Nigerian University
For Promoting Awareness to Global Poverty in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections, the ONE Campaign Grabs the 2008 Commitment to Development Award

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fake Dollars in Circulation in Nigeria


Beware! There are fake dollars in circulation in Nigeria.
A Nigerian publisher and writer was duped by foreign exchange dealers on the Marina in Lagos when he later discovered that the $600 (six hundred dollars) he bought were fake.
He said that when he went looking for them, he could not find them again.
They were operating on the pavement of the MR. BIGGS restaurant on the Marina in Lagos, beside the Guaranty Trust Bank.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hit and Run Driver Kills Couple in Nigeria

Saturday morning December 20, 2008, both husband and wife were killed by a hit and run bus driver on the Ikot Ekpene Road in Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria.
An eye-witness said the couple were on a motorbike populary called Okada when they were knocked down by a speeding public transport minibus. They died on the spot.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Science Makes Room for Enwonwu, Other Artists, in Outer Space

Science makes room for Enwonwu, other artists, in outer space

Ben Enwonwu (1921-1994)

‘Life is short; Art is long’. Science, it seems, has set itself the task of bearing empirical witness to the truth of the saying of the Romans of long ago. A new list of world artists after whom craters on Mercury are to be known has been released by the International Astronomical Union. The IAU has handled planetary and satellite nomenclature since its inception in 1919. The craters are named after famous deceased artists, musicians, or authors.

A crater is a natural depression that results from the high velocity impact of a projectile as it collides with a larger body. The term is widely used for the approximately circular depression in the surface of a planet, moon or other solid body in the Solar System. Impact craters provide the dominant landforms here.
Among those accorded the celestial honour is “sculptor and painter Benedict Chukwukadibia Enwonwu [1921-1994], the most renowned Nigerian artist of the 20th century,” according to a statement released by Messenger Science Team, the unit of IAU responsible for making recommendations.

Top are the newly designated Mercury craters. Enwonwu is left, middle

(Photo by NASA)

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) ratified the proposal from the MESSENGER (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging) Science Team to name 15 craters on Mercury. All of the newly named craters were imaged during the mission's first flyby of the solar system's most tucked-in planet back in January 2008.

"We're pleased that the IAU has again acted promptly to approve this new set of names for prominent craters on Mercury," says MESSENGER Principal Investigator Sean Solomon of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. "These latest names honour a diverse suite of some of the most accomplished contributors to mankind's higher aspirations. They also make it much easier for planetary scientists to refer to major features on Mercury in talks and publications."

The newly named craters (in alphabetical order) are: Amaral, after Tarsila do Amaral (1886-1973) of Brazil, considered one of the leading Latin American modernist artists; Beckett, after Clarice Beckett (1887-1935), recognized as one of Australia's most important modernist artists; Dali, after Salvador Dali (1904-1989), a Spanish painter and leader of the Surrealist Movement; Enwonwu; Glinka, after Mikhail Glinka (1804-1857), a Russian composer considered to be the "father" of genuinely Russian music; Hovnatanian, after Hakop Hovnatanian (1806-1881), an Armenian painter known for his portraits; Moody, after Ronald Moody(1900-1984), a self-taught, Jamaica-born sculptor and painter who found success in mid-20th-century London and Paris; Munch, after Edvard Munch (1863-1944), a Norwegian Symbolist painter, printmaker, and draftsman, perhaps most well-known for his painting “The Scream”; Navoi, after Alisher Navoi (1441-1501), a 15th century Uzbek poet, considered by many to be the founder of early Turkic literature; Nawahi, after Joseph Nawahi (1842-1896), a self-taught artist, lawyer, educator, publisher, member of the Hawaiian legislature for many years, and principal adviser to famous Hawaiian Queen Lili'uokalani; Oskison, after John Milton Oskison (1874-1947), a Cherokee author who served as editor and editorial writer for the New York Evening Post; Poe, after Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849), American poet, critic, editor, and author, best known for his tales of mystery and the macabre; Qi Baishi, after Qi Baishi (1864-1957), a renowned Chinese painter known for his whimsical water colours; Raden Saleh, after Raden Saleh (1807-1880), a 19th century Javanese naturalist painter considered to be the first modern artist from what is now Indonesia, and Sher-Gil, after Amrita Sher-Gil (1913-1941), an eminent Indian painter, today considered an important female painter of 20th-century India.

"It was quite enjoyable to consider candidate names from among the world's most accomplished people in the arts and humanities," says MESSENGER Participating Scientist Dave Blewett, of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, in Laurel, Madison, USA. "Having names for many of the prominent craters will help us to remember and discuss specific locations in this previously 'undiscovered country,'" Blewett adds. The addition of these craters, along with the 12 features named in April, brings the total to 27 newly named surface features for Mercury in 2008.

MESSENGER is a NASA-sponsored scientific investigation of the planet Mercury and the first space mission designed to orbit the planet that snuggles closet to the Sun. The MESSENGER spacecraft launched on August 3, 2004, after flybys of Earth, Venus, and Mercury, will start a yearlong study of its target planet in March 2011.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

InterAction Members Respond to the Crisis in Zimbabwe

11 Dec 2008 01:07 Africa/Lagos

InterAction Members Respond to the Crisis in Zimbabwe

WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Basic government services are not being provided in Zimbabwe. The public health system has collapsed and cholera and other communicable diseases are rampant. Staggering inflation and unemployment have resulted in shortages of food and fuel. Estimates are that 300,000 people remain at risk of cholera, which is being spread by a shortage of clean water and a lack of functioning sanitation services. To date, the outbreak has claimed over 600 lives.

InterAction members, along with their partner agencies, are providing numerous humanitarian interventions focusing on water, sanitation, hygiene, food distributions, medicine procurement and distribution, health services, education and relief to communities displaced by violence.

A regularly updated list of agencies responding is available at:

InterAction has also developed guidelines on the most appropriate ways to help those affected by overseas disasters:

InterAction is a coalition of more than 170 U.S.-based private relief, international development and refugee assistance organizations. InterAction members have agreed to abide by a set of standards to ensure accountability to donors, professional competence and quality of service.

Source: InterAction

CONTACT: Nasserie Carew, +1-202-552-6561,, or
Tawana Jacobs, +1-202-552-6534,, both of InterAction

Web Site:

5 Dec 2008
Foreign Secretary statement on Zimbabwe

4 Dec 2008
USAID Increases Assistance for Zimbabwe Cholera Outbreak

"Bye, Bye Mugabe" by Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima.
Available on Amazon