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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How do French entrepreneurs see Africa?

15 Feb 2011 14:20 Africa/Lagos

How do French entrepreneurs see Africa? / Results of a survey commissioned by the organisers of the Africa France Business Meetings

BORDEAUX, February 15, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- The results of the qualitative study of French entrepreneurs' perceptions of doing business with Africa have just been presented by the organizers of the AFRICA FRANCE BUSINESS MEETINGS. The purpose of the study was to check that the event corresponded to the expectations of French entrepreneurs. From 23 to 25 May 2011, on the occasion of the 3rd edition of the event, it will be the turn of African entrepreneurs to give their view of doing business with France.

The study of the perception of business relations with Africa, conducted among French entrepreneurs by the organisers of the Africa France Business Meetings, reveals that doing business in Africa is a question of human relations above all else: the spoken word comes before the contract. Having a local partner therefore seems essential to establish efficient relations.

Most of the entrepreneurs surveyed added that it is easier to work with North Africa (except Algeria) and with West Africa, thanks to their common history and language. They also say, however, that the language barrier is tending to disappear in the English-speaking countries.

The entrepreneurs are familiar with the growth rates (5% on average in Africa) of the countries they are working with. They consider that the level of training of Africans is excellent among management, but that qualified technicians are harder to find.

Among the prerequisites for doing business with Africa, in addition to having a trusted partner locally, they recommend that companies should be sufficiently well structured and should be familiar with exporting before they start. The only real obstacle is the insecurity of people and property.

On the subject of payment risks or instability, the entrepreneurs with the most extensive experience of business in Africa play these issues down considerably. For them, it is much easier to get paid in Africa because the goods are dispatched once payment has been made. Finally, they also emphasise the role of the media which often give certain events greater importance than they actually merit.

West Africa comes out top among the zones where French businesspeople want to work. Then come North Africa, Southern Africa, Eastern and finally Central Africa.

This survey has given the Bordeaux CCI a better understanding of the factors that prevent French entrepreneurs from doing business with Africa, and of their needs and expectations to develop their activities in this part of the world.

An edition focused on 5 sectors of activities and on target African countries

In the light of these results, the Africa France Business Meetings 2011 have been focused on 5 sectors of activity: ICT, Eco-Industry, Agriculture and Food, Health and Capital Goods.

Among the African countries, prospecting will be intensified in Algeria and Libya for the North-African countries, in the French-speaking countries of West Africa, in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa for the English-speaking nations and finally in Angola and Mozambique for Portuguese-speaking Africa. The business meetings that form the backbone of the event will be held over 3 half days, with each one-on-one appointment lasting 30 minutes.

A survey backed by collaboration between French CCI

The survey was commissioned by the organisers of the AFRICA FRANCE BUSINESS MEETINGS and carried out by Bordeaux firm Quota Sud (Stratégir Group). The survey was conducted in December 2010 on a sample of 20 companies selected in collaboration with several French CCIs.

The sample comprised establishments of different sizes - half of them SMEs - based in 8 cities in France and working in 9 different sectors of activity.

The only “multisector” French-African event of its kind held nationally, the Africa France Business Meetings will be held for the 3rd consecutive year in Bordeaux on 23, 24 and 25 May 2011. Over 200 entrepreneurs are expected, of whom half from Africa.

* AFRICA FRANCE BUSINESS MEETINGS partners: Bordeaux Africa Business Club, Bordeaux City Authority, Aquitaine Regional Council, DIRECCTE Aquitaine, CIAN, MEDEF international, Aquitaine Foreign Trade Advisors, Ubi France, Total, Fayat, Le Moci, Young Africa Group, African Press Organization.

Preliminary programme available on

Media contacts:


Philippe GARCIA / Florence RICO-FAYAD / +33 5 56 79 52 48

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bookmakers Fear Octopus

Oracle Octopus Paul predicts Spain to win World Cup‎ -

8 Jul 2010 18:33 Africa/Lagos

Bookmakers Fear Octopus

MANCHESTER, England, July 8, 2010/PRNewswire/ -- The likes of Ronaldo, Rooney and Messi may have failed to hit the heights this World Cup, but an Octopus called Paul with psychic powers has emerged as one of the real stars of this tournament.

Paul's accuracy at predicting match results is gaining him a cult following and the Octopus has the bookies running scared.

Paul, who resides in a tank at Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, has correctly predicted all of Germany's World Cup results - including their 1-0 defeat against Spain.

The two-year-old octopus - who was actually born in Weymouth in England, predicted Germany's wins against England and Argentina, and even Serbia's defeat of Germany in the group stage.

The eight-legged tipster makes his selection by choosing food from two containers, one marked with the flag of Germany and the other their opponents. However the Octopus is also turning tipster for the World Cup final between Spain and Holland.

On line sports betting firm are offering odds of 4/6 that he will come down on the side of Germany in Saturday's match and 11/10 he again risks incurring the wrath of his home country by picking Uruguay.

The same firm can't split Spain or Holland and they are both 10/11.

Punters can also get 15/8 he picks out two winning teams, 11/8 he gets just one of his selections right and 2/1 his amazing run comes to an end and he sides with a pair of losing nations this weekend. spokesman Mark Pearson,

"The punters are now backing Paul's selections and if his run continues he will cost us a few squid. The bookmakers will want this tipster to become Calamari."

For those who think the Psychic Octopus Paul has more to offer than just football predictions, the talented octopus is 8/1 to star in the next James Bond film!

For all the odds on the World Cup go to

Contact - Mark Pearson;


Contact - Mark Pearson;, +44(0)7702-851-425

Monday, March 9, 2009

Speak Like a CEO: Secrets for Commanding Attention and Getting Results: Secrets for Communicating Attention and Getting Results

Speak Like a CEO: Secrets for Commanding Attention and Getting Results: Secrets for Communicating Attention and Getting Results

Product Description
An award-winning news anchor presents methods for better communication in any business environment
During her 20 years in broadcasting, award-winning news anchor Suzanne Bates conducted more than 10,000 interviews, during which she witnessed business leaders, politicians, and celebrities at their best and worst. Now a top CEO communication coach, Bates is renowned for her uncanny ability to transform even the shyest oratorical mouse into a public-speaking lion. In Speak Like a CEO, Bates:
• Reveals the secrets for communicating in any situation .
• Describes simple techniques for acing speeches, presentations, media interviews, QAndA sessions, business meetings, and more .
• Outlines self-improvement plans that can easily be customized to your needs .
• Shares secrets from top leaders, including Mario Cuomo's technique for overcoming stage fright and Colin Powell's secret for projecting authenticity .

From the Back Cover
On your rise to the top, hard work and experience are important, but they can take you only so far. To lead in your industry or profession, you must be ready to assume the leader's speaking role. In survey after survey, the number-one skill determined to be indispensable to leaders is communication. Must you be born with this talent, or can you learn how to command a room?
In Speak like a CEO Suzanne Bates proves that you don't have to be a natural-born speaker to develop a compelling communication style all your own. Whether you're in the corner office or the Oval Office, at the dining room table or before an audience of millions, you'll find a blueprint to speak like a leader and get results. Not another one-size-fits-all guide to better presentations or public speaking, Speak like a CEO is a sophisticated approach based on the philosophy that successful leaders have their own unique communication styles. Its self-assessments, exercises, and customizable self-improvement plans let you zero in on your strengths as a communicator and discover your natural abilities.
As an award-winning news anchor, Bates interviewed more than ten thousand business and political leaders, celebrities, and newsmakers--and she saw them at their best and worst. Now a sought-after executive trainer with national and international clients, she is renowned for her ability to transform leaders who avoid the spotlight into bold, confident, natural speakers. In Speak like a CEO, she arms you with the same techniques that have helped her clients become communicators extraordinaire. You'll find tricks of the trade, whether speaking in front of crowds and cameras or one-on-one.
Speak like a CEO also offers you a chance to learn from the masters. You will be inspired by the advice and experience of leaders including Rudolph Giuliani, Mario Cuomo, Colin Powell, Oprah Winfrey, Jack Welch, and Richard Branson. You'll learn techniques of Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and even Abraham Lincoln. Speak like a CEO shows you how to:
• Overcome pressure and project a relaxed, comfortable presence .
• Warm up any meeting and keep your audience engaged .
• Discover your own authentic way to communicate .
• Handle difficult conversations, interviews, and questions with confidence .
• Ace the most challenging situations, including speeches, presentations, media interviews, QAndA sessions, business meetings, public debates, and more .
• Create a simple, step-by-step plan so that you master every aspect of speaking .
. .
Your guide to handling any communication challenge like a pro, Speak like a CEO is one resource you don't want to be without. Whether you're on your way to the top or you've already arrived, you'll refer to it again and again.
. . .
"Speak like a CEO is a must-read for any professional who recognizes the key to success: building relationships. Whether you're giving a speech, meeting with employees, or networking with potential customers, this book will teach you how to master the art of communication so you can convey your message with warmth, authenticity, and conviction. If you want a big edge over the competition, you need to read this book!"
. --Cheryl Richardson, author of Take Time for Your Life
"In Speak Like a CEO Suzanne Bates provides clear and wise advice on how to find our authentic voice. This is a truly valuable book."
. Ken Blanchard, Co-author The One-Minute Manager� and The Secret
"It is neither the smartest nor the hardest working CEOs who succeed in business. It is the ones who best.