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Friday, April 24, 2009

'Saving Captain Phillips' – Online Game captures the High Sea Rescue Mission

'Saving Captain Phillips' – Online Game captures the High Sea Rescue Mission

New York - Tuesday - 21st April' 2009 /PRNewswire/ — -, a global Top 50online games' company, announced the release of its real life inspired online game titled 'Saving Captain Phillips' on The thrilling game is inspired by the courageous and dangerous high sea rescue mission of Captain Richard Phillips, who was captured by rogue Somali Pirates and rescued by the crack team of US Navy SEALs.

Captain Richard Phillips was captured by Somali pirates from his ship, the Maersk Alabama and had a harrowing experience of being held captive until the US Navy stepped in and deployed the Sniper team of the Navy SEALs to rescue him. The online game recreates the actual episode and allows players to become Navy SEAL Snipers and embark on a life threatening mission to help rescue the captain.

Saving Captain Phillips:
The game begins with a scene of Captain Richard Phillips surrendering himself to the pirates in order to save his ship's crew members. The game play area is the recreated scene of Navy SEAL snipers taking positions and expertly shooting the pirates in order to save the captain. In this high stakes action game, users take on the role of Navy SEAL Snipers and shoot the enemy pirates who are in moving boats without compromising Captain Phillips' Safety.

Alok Kejriwal – Co- founder and CEO of Games2win commented: "Games2win wanted to honor the incredibly brave US Navy SEAL snipers and the heroic Captain Richard Phillips by producing an online game that recreates the events and the action that actually happened. The game is our attempt to involve the youth in this incident and make them play a personal role in helping rescue the captain. We believe that since online games play an important role in the lives of this segment of players, they (games) can be cleverly crafted to communicate global problems, their consequences and get young people involved in solving or at least in building awareness about these issues. has several similar online games in the pipeline, involving political, historical and global themes. creates and publishes online games for global audiences and is ranked amongst the top 50 global online gaming portals as ranked by comScore.

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CEO and Co-Founder

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