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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coming Soon: 30 Day Rule, a fantastic romantic comedy

Ambitious young African American director Rahiem Shabazz is excited about his his first romantic feature the 30 Day Rule. The romantic comedy tests the premise that 'a man's lies come with an expiration date of thirty-days'.

Rahiem has directed special music videos in the US and worked on projects involving Russell Simmons, the co-founder, with Rick Rubin of successful hip-hop label Def Jam, and Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men.

He was an Executive Producer of the award winning SAG-accredited short film "The Sun Will Rise" and film consultant and casting director on "The Kissing Bandit", a full-feature film currently touring the film festival circuit. He worked as a production assistant for Tyler Perry’s "Why Did I Get Married", "Why Did I Get Married Too" and "For Colored Girls".

Rahiem Shabazz and Writer Christal Jordan

Rahiem has won 5 awards so far, including the 2007 Atlanta Hip-Hop Film Festival for his Short Film and the YGEA Award in 2010 for Video Director of The Year and he has been a notable speaker at several film festivals and received international coverage on BET, MTV and Starz In Black.

“Every hurdle I've surpassed has been leading up to this film. Over the years I've taken compliments and accolades on my writing style coupled with my cinematic vision to heart and I believe that I have a voice that needs to be heard in film, “said Rahiem Shabazz on his upcoming film 30 Day Rule.

Rahiem's company Rasha Media Group Inc specializes in filmmaking, screenwriting talent relations and strategic marketing.

View the exclusive Photo Shoot Directed by Rahiem Shabazz.

The Synopsis of 30-Day Rule

How long can a player truly get away with a lie?

30-day rule is a romantic comedy with a message that nothing in life comes without a cost. Rome, a good-looking smooth-talking brother in his mid-twenties feels he is on top of the world. He believes he can talk any woman he meets into doing what he wants them to do. He lies, schemes and cheats all in the name of scoring and feels no guilt about his actions. Best friend Trent advises Rome that there is a 30 day expiration date on the lies he tells woman and that no good will come of his evil ways and eventually he will meet his match. Enter Katina, the beautiful vixen Rome is captivated by simply because of her beauty. Unbeknownst to Rome, Katina is the female version of himself, however her feline ways give her the unfair advantage as he under estimates her agenda because of her beauty.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as both Rome and Katina learn some very important lessons that have comedic consequences and repercussions for both sides.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima