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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Italy troubled by religious intolerance in Nigeria

A scene from the December 24, 2010, Jos terrorist bombings in Plateau state of Nigeria. Photo Credit: Gnaija.

28 Dec 2010 04:41 Africa/Lagos

Nigeria / Italy / Minister Frattini expresses concern over episodes of religious intolerance in Nigeria

ROME, December 27, 2010/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- Foreign Minister Franco Frattini is following with great concern the dramatic news from Nigeria, where the recent serious episodes of religious intolerance have produced a sad toll of bloodshed.

“As the violence is linked to the profession of a religious creed, those universal principles of peace and goodwill which are the essence of each and every religion are being painfully undermined”, stated Fratttini.

“The firm condemnation of all forms of violence and intolerance is a crucial element of Italy's commitment to freedom of religion and religious tolerance”.

Minister Frattini concluded: “My profound sadness for the victims goes hand in hand with a strong appeal for moderation and peaceful co-existence between different faiths to prevail in Nigeria”.

Ivory Coast, Italian Development Cooperation sends kits

Foreign Minister Franco Frattini is following the situation in Ivory Coast very closely. His concern can be set against the effort by the international community, and the European Union in particular, to ensure that the grave tensions sweeping the country are dampened down. The only legitimate solution to achieve this end is the unconditional acceptance, without further delay, of the outcome of the presidential election held on 28 November.

The humanitarian crisis that has emerged in the wake of the political turmoil and which affects those who have sought refuge in the neighbouring countries of Liberia, Ghana and Guinea is a source of great concern. To make a concrete contribution to tackling the emergency, Minister Frattini has issued instructions to Italy's Development Cooperation to send medical kits to the region. These will support the response plan currently at an advanced state of preparation by the World Health Organisation.

The Development Cooperation medical kits were delivered recently to the United Nations Humanitarian Depot in Brindisi, and from there were shipped to the Depot in Accra. They will be distributed over the next few days to relieve the hardships of the local populations. The operation is worth about 300,000 euros in total.

Source: Italy - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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