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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No apologies my dear, You are an expendable idiot

My dear, I have no apologies for calling you an expendable idiot, because I will call a spade a spade.
And I will not flatter you.

She was faithful and was happy with me, but it was an ordeal tolerating her ignorance in conversation and her fake accent in her attempt to impress guys. She could not comprehend the raison d'être of my cause and work. All that mattered to her was having a good time. So, going out with her was really a waste of quality time, except you are one of them. After making love twice, I ended the relationship, because there was nothing she could offer me intellectually. She turned nasty when I ended it months ago. But weeks later she breezed into my office all made up to impress me.
She was swinging her long weave on like Willow Smith in her debut music video, "Whip My Hair", but this typical Nigerian hottie comes with a lower IQ than the 9-year-old daughter of Hollywood superstars Will Smith and Jada Pinket Smith. She is the typical Nigerian wannabe with all the airs and graces. My associate , a notable filmmaker and writer was with me and said he thought she was the character like Kenya Moore in my short romantic pulp fiction The Thing Around Your Waist.

She is just one of the hordes of an intellectually bankrupt generation who are contributing little or nothing to the collective intelligence of the black race, except engaging in their philistinism.

Of course, majority of them are liabilities we call flotsam and jetsam in the ocean of life.
They are all expendables in the black comedy of Nigeria.

Is it not pathetic that majority of Nigerian girls display and portray themselves as sex objects in order to get laid to get paid in cash or kind. They are spongers posing and posturing as girlfriends and “wives”., but heaven knows they are not better than prostitutes. Almost every one of them sponges on one man or another and their greatest ambition is to hook a rich guy to fool for life and desperately they will do whatever they can to achieve it. But ask them what have they done to make a positive impact in life?

No wonder millions of them are jobless and milling about on the street.
Many of them get jobs, but they still go moonlighting at clubs where pimps get them unscrupulous men for part time prostitution.

Of course, there are the special breed of brilliant, intelligent and smart Nigerian girls and women who are ambitious to pursue and fulfill the Nigerian Dream. But they are a minority, like gems in a rubbish dump. And when you discover or come across them, they are the best companions at home and at work. Like the one I call "Total Package", because she is black, beautiful and brilliant. And when she shares her dreams, you cannot help but give thanks to God and ask for more of such blessings in our life. With more like them, more Nigerian bachelors will no longer be looking far for brides of substance. But we have to separate the sheep from the goats.

My dear, is it not tragic that the best assets you can offer are just your mammary glands and vagina, without any intellectual property upstairs?
It is a waste of quality time dating you, and it is more beneficial reading a good book than forking you.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nigerian women have better taste than Nigerian men in romance

Photo Credit: The Serene Bride

Nigerian women have better taste than Nigerian men in romance

If you take time to examine the relationships of Nigerian women and men, you will find out that the women are more intelligent and sophisticated in their choices than the men.

Nigerian husbands are the most likely to be caught sleeping with their housemaids to catching Nigerian wives sleeping with their houseboys or servants. Meaning Nigerian men can sleep with any girl or woman, but Nigerian women cannot sleep with just any boy or man.

A Nigerian male executive with all the "Big Boy" status and swagger can rush to pull down his pants to have sex with the impressionable "Agege Bread" seller or Orange hawker even if she is dirty. But the Nigerian "Big Girl" will not even be caught flirting with any boy or man beneath her status or the class of her peers.

I have seen Nigerian "Big Boys" chasing what we call “bush meat” or half educated girls and women they can intimidate for cheap sex.
They resort to these cheaper options when the "Big Girls" bluff or rebuff them. So, they look for the poor secondary school leaver or undergraduate they can easily get with their cheap gifts and treats.

If the Big "Nokia" or "Blackberry" babies are playing hard to get, they might as well go for the poor babes who have little or no choice.

Like in Lagos city in Nigeria, the poor pretty ones from the ghettos of Mushin, Ajegunle and Shomolu are cheaper and easier for the "Big Boys" than dating the rich pretty babies in the upscale middle class Surulere, Ikeja, Anthony and upper class Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki.

You can pose for the poor ghetto babies they can impress and brag about travelling to America or the UK, but not to the rich babies who spend their holidays and go for shopping trips in America, the UK, Spain, Italy and other fashionable destinations.

Nigerian "Big Girls" are more informed on the latest trends in vogue and have acquired more highbrow sophistication than the Nigerian "Big Boys" who in most cases are upstarts anyway. You see "Big Boys" who cannot even speak good English. So, they would prefer "toasting" the less educated poor girls to bending backwards to impress the more cultured "Big Girls".

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima