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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Want to Ban Vuvuzelas at World Cup? There's an App for That!

22 Jun 2010 11:02 Africa/Lagos

Want to Ban Vuvuzelas at World Cup? There's an App for That!

LONDON, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The millions of soccer fans worldwide calling for an end to those annoying vuvuzela horns at the World Cup should take the do-it-yourself approach and banish these pesky horns in the virtual world.

Fans who think the vuvuzelas give South Africa an undue competitive edge, or who just can't stand the noise, have a great way to vent their anger and disappointment by playing a newly-released game on an iPhone app called Vuvuzaga - the 'parody'.

Vuvuzaga takes players on a ride through a soccer stadium to banish the long, noisy vuvuzela horns that South African fans love to blow during a football game. And the best news is that soccer fans can vent their anger, frustration and disappointment for only 99 cents by downloading Vuvuzaga at

"The game takes frustrated soccer fans out of their misery in a humorous way by using such characters as the Fat Banker, a WAG or a chav," says Chuck Edward of London, developer of this fun and whacky iPhone game. "While the vuvuzela will be present at the World Cup games, livid soccer fans at least can get the satisfaction of blotting out the horns in the virtual world."

The sound of the vuvuzela, which is louder than a chainsaw, has been compared to the drone of a thousand bees. Public health officials have warned that the playing of thousands of vuvuzelas in the World Cup 95,000 seat Soccer City stadium is louder than a referee's whistle at 121.8 decibels.

Vuvuzelas are creating a worldwide stir on internet discussion boards, Facebook and Twitter, even Jay Leno weighed in. Now soccer fans can vote to ban or keep Vuvuzelas at where a whopping 87% of the visitors want em banned.

Nevertheless, World Cup officials respond that vuvuzelas are "ingrained in the history of South Africa" and will not be banned.

"Vuvuzaga is definitely something that is fun to play when there's a break in the game," says Jerad Hill, host of the Daily App Show "The game, suitable for all ages, is simple to use."

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