Sunday, November 14, 2021

Lagos in Motion! It's A Wrap?


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It's A Wrap?
The moment I told my đź“· cameraman that he should stop, but the leading ladies still wanted to have more shots taken during the first phase of the principal photography of my documentary film, "Lagos in Motion" at the Elegushi beach in Lekki in 2016.
This screenshot and others are included in the photo book, 
LAGOS in MOTION: A Photo Album of Africa's Largest Megacity (Volume 1): Ekenyerengozi, Michael Chima: 9781536934922: Books

I am working on a revision of the photo book for the second edition with more screenshots from the second phase of the principal photography using Drylab Set Reports and Dolby Atmos. And I want to have some footage in Dolby Vision. The most significant advantage of Dolby Vision HDR over HDR10 is the addition of dynamic metadata to the core HDR image data. This metadata carries scene-by-scene instructions that a Dolby Vision-capable display can use to make sure it portrays the content as accurately as possible.  

All the documentaries on Lagos produced by the @CNN , @BBC and other foreign film and TV producers have not been well researched. The most important parts of Lagos have been forgotten or left out. A documentary film on Lagos without Isale Eko is like a documentary on #London without the Westminster!

Producing a documentary film on any object or subject without comprehensive research on it is shallow and unacceptable.
I spent four years on the location of my proposed first feature film, "Naked Beauty" in the Agaja Village on Bonny Island in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. I studied both the demography, topography and also the physiognomy of the villagers before writing the screenplay with Dr. Chika Christian Onu, the multiple award winning director of "Living in Bondage" part two, "Glamour Girls" and over 80 other movies that are now classics of #Nollywood.

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